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1 Jan. 1951
Kiss and Tell
An average American teen-aged girl, Corliss Archer, vows to keep her mouth closed about her brother's secret marriage.
15 Jan. 1951
Victoria Regina
Helen Hayes recreates her famed Broadway role in this adaptation of the Laurence Housman play. This dramatic biography offers insight into the life of the beloved Queen Victoria beginning with her ascension to the throne in 1837.
29 Jan. 1951
A young man finds himself sinking deeper in the "quicksand" of suspicion and fear.
12 Feb. 1951
A Star Is Born
Young unknown Esther Blodgett comes to Hollywood to be a star and marries matinée idol Norman Maine. As her popularity begins to rise, he follows a downward path into oblivion thanks to his alcoholism.
26 Feb. 1951
The Last Tycoon
A Hollywood film producer seems to be living the American dream. Though he has an impressive career, he suffers health problems and is not married to the woman he really loves.
12 Mar. 1951
The Young in Heart
The Carlton family are impostors--con artists who make their living with shady card games and mooching off of rich suckers. Traveling by train, they latch onto lonely and rich old Miss Fording, saving her life during a derailment. Full of gratitude, she invites them to live with her in London home. The Carltons believe they have finally struck it rich.
26 Mar. 1951
Dark Victory
A wealthy young society woman faces blindness and death when she's diagnosed with a brain tumor. Thinking she's cured, she falls in love with and marries the doctor who performed her surgery. Later, she suffers an emotional breakdown upon learning that she has just months to live.
9 Apr. 1951
Stairway to Heaven
In this fantasy, a pilot learns that his life has been predetermined to end at a certain time. He temporarily evades his fate because of a snafu on the part of his heavenly emissary and his love of a WAC.
23 Apr. 1951
The Bishop's Wife
A bishop has become obsessed with building a new cathedral and asks heaven for some help. The angel sent to Earth to help the bishop ends up falling in love with his wife.
7 May 1951
Ladies in Retirement
A retired actress' housekeeper also cares for her two deranged, older sisters. It's not long before the actress regrets allowing the loonies into her home as murder and blackmail follow.
21 May 1951
The House of Seven Gables
Fighting over an inheritance, one Pyncheon brother frames the other for murder.
4 Jun. 1951
For Love or Money
In this comedy, a young woman seeks shelter during a thunderstorm at the country home of middle aged actor Preston Mitchell. She stays on as his secretary and the two eventually fall in love.
18 Jun. 1951
Three O'Clock
Convinced that his wife is having an affair, a husband plants a bomb that will kill her and destroy the house. Before he can leave, a couple of burglars break in and tie him to a post in the basement as the clock on the bomb ticks away.
2 Jul. 1951
When We Are Married
In this comedy, a church organist has been a little too forward in his courting a young woman for three stuffy leaders of the church. They lecture the young man who, in turn, reveals a secret about each of the men's marriages.
10 Sep. 1951
A young girl is nervous about the return of her mother from a mental institution, so her father buys her a kitten to calm her. Unfortunately, when the mother arrives, the daughter pays more attention to Bubbles than to her.
24 Sep. 1951
I Am Still Alive
In this comedy of mistaken identity, a blonde knocks a driver unconscious when she rear-ends his car with hers. She can't find any identification on him; the only clue is a script that indicates he's a spy.
8 Oct. 1951
To Walk the Night
College friends Bark and Jerry discover their old friend Professor LeNormand dead in his observatory, burned to death from the inside out. Most shocking, the confirmed bachelor had just married an enigmatic woman who seems unfazed by his death. Within days, Jerry is engaged to marry the mysterious widow, leading Bark to believe she was somehow involved in the professor's death.
22 Oct. 1951
I Wouldn't Want to Be in Your Shoes
Unusual circumstances befall a hapless man who's missing a pair of shoes, leading to his involvement in a murder.
5 Nov. 1951
An Inspector Calls
A suspicious inspector investigates the murder of a young woman who was part of a respectable middle-class British family. He uncovers bizarre motivations among the family members before he's revealed to be an impostor.
19 Nov. 1951
The Kimballs
Steve LaFarge visits the small town of his childhood and meets the current residents of the house in which he played. He falls in love with the daughter, Ann Kimball, but is given the cold shoulder by her aloof father. Old man Kimball has been bitter ever since the murder of his wife 15 years earlier. Steve is shocked by the realization that he may have been involved in the woman's death.
3 Dec. 1951
Top Secret
A foreign service agent brings along his young adult daughter on a mission, traveling to a country on the verge of a revolution.
17 Dec. 1951
A Christmas Gift
This holiday love story set in war-torn Sognac, France involves a French underground fighter, an American lieutenant, and a lovely, young maiden.
31 Dec. 1951
Class of '67
Special episode, produced with the network's News and Special Events Department, opens in the maternity wing of a New York Hospital. An overview of the world into which a brand new baby has been born into will be presented, featuring film clips of national and world events with live inserts from around the Big Apple.

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