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Season 2

20 Sep. 1951
The Case of the Miracle Mud
Jim Edwards' supposedly crippled leg heals after he begins soaking it in a mineral spring located on a run-down property that he bought for a bargain price.
4 Oct. 1951
The Raccoon Hunt
A recently released convict demands money from a man he has tricked into believing he has accidentally shot another man while hunting raccoons.
11 Oct. 1951
The Case of the Old Flame
Captain Braddock's former girlfriend Mary comes to ask him to assist her husband Pat, an insurance investigator. A Mr. Xavier has had a 5 warehouse fires in 3 years without finding arson. Braddock decides to lend a hand in the latest case.
15 Nov. 1951
The Salted Mine
An old mining engineer swindles a mining company by lacing its samples with gold chloride. Just how he pulled it off is a mystery. The police set up a sting and the friendly old guy takes the bait.
27 Dec. 1951
The Knockout
A wealthy band leader is pulled into an elaborate confidence scheme involving a supposed boxer on the take and a heavily wagered prize fight.
3 Jan. 1952
Accidentally on Purpose
A young couple buys a used car from a slick salesman, but soon afterwards the car's brakes fail, and the resulting accident nearly causes their death. Capt. Braddock begins to suspect that this "accident" was more the result of criminal negligence than happenstance, and sets out to prove it.
24 Jan. 1952
Desperate Money
In immigrant tailor is severely beaten by a brutal loan shark. His terrified family turns to Capt. Braddock for help.
21 Feb. 1952
The Case of No Questions Asked
Forced to return to work following her husband's untimely death, a struggling young mother's custody of her 3-year old daughter is challenged after the child suffers injuries while left at a substandard day care facility.
28 Feb. 1952
The Case of the Hearse Chaser
An ex-convict's sudden interest in the details of a deceased man's life arouses the interest of Capt. Braddock, who believes that the man's former cellmate, an artist who is now a washed-up alcoholic, may know the motive for the ex-con's suspicious actions.
25 Mar. 1952
The Case of the Matchmaker
A wealthy young widow begins to date a suave European man. A mutual friend tells her that the European has trouble clearing his fortune with customs, so he needs a certain amount of money. She makes a large loan to the European man, keeping his valuable stamp collection as collateral. Eventually, the European and his collaborators disappear, leaving the young widow to discover that her boyfriend was a fraud, and the stamp collection is almost worthless.
27 Mar. 1952
The Staff of Life
The Racket Squad aids farmers who were swindled.
24 Apr. 1952
Serenade for a Sucker
Johnny is studying engineering in college. But what he really wants to do with his life is be a songwriter. He sends out his songs to hundreds of publishing companies. All of which turn him down. Except for one that asks him for a $50 fee.
8 May 1952
Small Town Racket
Local businessmen take instantly to John Riley, a geologist who's moving to town from Cleveland. They do their research and find he's a geologist who's made a fortune in locating oil deposits. Simply by acting like a low-key businessman, Riley has the town's leaders happily forking over $100,000 to start drilling on his next well. The investors find out too late that their man is only passing himself off as a real geologist named John Riley.
12 Jun. 1952
A Place for Grandma
Feeling she's always in the way living with her son's family, an old widow moves into a seemingly warm and welcoming boarding home, but when the landlady swindles her out of her money, the atmosphere changes fast.
3 Jul. 1952
The Long Shot
An elderly gambler has finally hit the big time - she holds a winning lottery ticket. However, a stranger suddenly inserts himself into the woman's life, and when the winning ticket turns up missing, the Racket Squad is called in to investigate.
31 Jul. 1952
Anyone Can Be a Sucker
In order to prevent a murder, small-time crook Smiley Gibbons squeals on a major gangster who's running a gambling ring, thereby putting his own life in danger.
7 Aug. 1952
The Strange Case of James Doyle
Two con artists hit upon an ingenious scheme: they pose as city Fire Marshals and conduct phony inspections of local businesses, fining the owners for nonexistent "violations" and pocketing the money.
21 Aug. 1952
The Family Tree
A husband thinks his wife is being taken by a genealogical professional but is really being set up as the mark of a con game.
28 Aug. 1952
One More Dream
The con artist Stitch discovers two weak spots in the character of the eccentric millionaire Titus Meely: a greed for earning lots of money with small investments and a passion for clairvoyance. Stitch gives himself out as being a famous expert in clairvoyance, who has invented an apparatus for projecting the inner visions of clairvoyants on a film screen. He persuades Meely to invest a huge sum of money in a project, where a clairvoyant will project information for new, epoch-making inventions on a screen.

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