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6 Oct. 1950
You Can't Take It with You
A man from a family of rich snobs becomes engaged to a woman from a good-natured but decidedly eccentric family.
13 Oct. 1950
The Canton Story
The editor of the Canton (Ohio) Daily News wages war on organized crime. He considers it his duty to expose wrong-doing, but worries for the safety of his family.
20 Oct. 1950
Abe Lincoln in Illinois
Humble Abraham Lincoln gains the respect of his Illinois neighbors, growing in stature and respect until he is elected President in 1860 and departs for Washington.
3 Nov. 1950
The Magnificent Ambersons
The spoiled young heir to the decaying Amberson fortune comes between his widowed mother and the man she has always loved.
10 Nov. 1950
The Raven
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17 Nov. 1950
Knickerbocker Holiday
It's 1650 in New Amsterdam, and Brom Broeck, a young outspoken newspaper publisher is arrested for printing advanced opinions on the undemocratic rule of Govenor "Peg-Leg" Stuyvesant. While Brom is in prison, old "Peg-Leg" goes on the make for Brom's sweetheart. But, when "Peg-Leg" is forced to release Brom... Watch-out!
24 Nov. 1950
The End Game
A rigid colonel wants his two sons to go to West Point. One son is just like his father; the other also wants a life on the side. Conflict develops when the father orders his son to drop his girlfriend and concentrate only on the military.
1 Dec. 1950
Our Town
Change comes slowly to a small New Hampshire town in the early 20th century. People grow up, get married, live, and die. Milk and the newspaper get delivered every morning, and nobody locks their front doors.
8 Dec. 1950
The Ponzi Story
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15 Dec. 1950
Bethel Merriday
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22 Dec. 1950
The Pharmacist's Mate
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29 Dec. 1950
Mrs. January and Mr. Ex
In this romantic comedy, the titular Mrs. January, while fabulously wealthy, is a Communist at heart. Sensing that the Revolution is looming, Mrs. January relocates to a small New England town to pose as an impoverished woman in preparation for the triumph of the Proletariat. As luck would have it, her landlord turns out to be a widowed Republican former president.

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