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1 Jan. 1961
Jack Casting for TV Special
Auditioning actors for a 1 hour show recounting his thrilling life provokes many emotions in Jack: lust for a young actress, vanity when an elderly woman from his hometown shows up, and especially greed. A young actor is perfect for Jack as a child, which the actor's 10 year old agent takes every advantage of.
8 Jan. 1961
Jack Goes to the Vault
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15 Jan. 1961
Don's Anniversary
On the anniversary of Don Wilson's 27 years of service with Jack, he and Jack recall the first day they met, when Don showed up for an audition and Jack put him through dance and elocution classes to "whip him into shape".
22 Jan. 1961
Jack at Supermarket
Jack winds up having to do all of Rochester's chores, after he loses a gin rummy bet.
29 Jan. 1961
Jack Is Hypnotized
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5 Feb. 1961
Jack Goes to Gym
Jack is infatuated with the new pretty receptionist, but she prefers rugged men, so Jack joins a gym to beef up his body.
12 Feb. 1961
Death Row Sketch
Mamie Van Doren and Dennis Day sing a duet of "You Make Me Feel so Young." Later, they play the roles of a condemned prisoner's wife and son. Of course, Jack plays the condemned man, who is about to be executed.
19 Feb. 1961
Jack answers a reporter's questions in his dressing room, with Rochester to heckle him. In a flashback, we see some of Jack's childhood. In a well furnished Victorian home, Jack was a money hungry brat, and his father loved getting the family together to play their instruments together, despite his ineptness with a violin.
26 Feb. 1961
Jack Becomes Surgeon
Rochester imagines what kind of surgeon Jack would have been, if he had gone to medical school as he planned during his youth.
5 Mar. 1961
Detective Story
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19 Mar. 1961
Jack Goes to Las Vegas
The Mills Brothers sing two songs. Jack and Don visit Las Vegas.
26 Mar. 1961
Dance Contest
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2 Apr. 1961
Variety Show
'George Burns' crashes Jack's variety show, which features two songs sung by Ann-Margret and juggler extraordinaire, Francis Brunn.
9 Apr. 1961
Main Street Shelter
Jack refuses to leave a homeless shelter until they give him back an ancient jacket Rochester donated, which had $200 sewed in the lining. Jack's just returned from a desert hike with the Beverly Hills Beavers, so due to his dirty clothes & 3 day beard, everyone at the shelter believes he's an extraordinarily picky homeless person, not the most generous man in show business.
16 Apr. 1961
English Sketch
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15 Oct. 1961
Season Premiere
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22 Oct. 1961
Waukegan Show
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5 Nov. 1961
Jack on Trial for Murder
Jack goes on trial for murder, defended by superstar lawyer Perry Mason (Raymond Burr). The women in the courtroom swoon over Perry, but his defense of Jack is feeble. When Jack asks how Perry always wins on his own show, Perry Mason sneers "because my writers are better than yours !"
19 Nov. 1961
Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
Tennessee Ernie Ford appears from a remote location via split screen television.
26 Nov. 1961
Jack Plays Golf
Jack demonstrates why he's an insufferable golf partner.
3 Dec. 1961
Jack Followed Home
Inside the studio, Bobby Rydell sings two songs. Outside the studio, Jack is haunted by a mysterious stalker.
10 Dec. 1961
Jack Goes to Cafeteria
Jack tries to wow guest songstress Jane Morgan by taking her to - a cafeteria? That's bad enough, but for Jack it's a war zone, with hostile attendants & personalized land mines at each counter awaiting their pickiest, least favorite diner. Will the hash slingers go easier on finicky Jack because he's with beautiful, blonde Jane?
17 Dec. 1961
Jack Writes Song
Jack has written a song, and he asks composer Dimitri Tiomkin to write an arrangement for it.
24 Dec. 1961
Christmas Party
Jack and Rochester give gifts to the cast. First TV appearance of Mel Blanc following his near fatal car accident in January of 1961.
31 Dec. 1961
New Year's Eve
Near the end of a new year's eve interview with a female reporter, Jack tells her the tale of that same night in 1953, when his plans for the evening did not go as expected. Leaving him with no one to be with at midnight and personal regrets.

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