The Honeymooners (TV Series 1955–1956) Poster



[repeated line]

Ralph: Bang, zoom!

Ralph: Hamana-hamana-hamana-hamana.

Ralph: One of these days... One of these days... POW! Right in the kisser!

Ralph: If any of the Racoons ever get sick, it'll be my responsibility to go and visit them.

Alice: Oh, that is a very important responsibility, Ralph. You better start now and find out what the visiting hours are at Bellevue.

Ralph: That did it, Alice - that did it. You have just broken the camel's back with that straw. You have ridiculed my brother Racoons. You have just made fun of something very big that's close to my heart.

Alice: The only thing big that's close to your heart is your stomach.

Ralph: I have - I've got an explanation. A perfect one. I'm a dope. Not a run-of-the-mill dope, the world's champ. For years I've been talking for granted the most wonderful thing tht's ever happened to me - you. I've never shown you the appreciation you deserve, Alice. You could walk outta that door right now and I wouldn't blame you. You deserve something better than me. There are a million guys who'd give you anything if they could have a girl like you.

Alice: Ralph, I don't want a million. There's just one guy I want: you.

Ralph: Baby, you're the greatest.

[repeated line]

Ralph: Har har, hardee har har!

[repeated line]

Ed Norton: Sheesh. What a grouch.

Ed Norton: Tough luck, Ralphie-boy.

Ralph: I've got a

[opens mouth wide]


Ed Norton: Heeey, Ralphie Boy!

Ed Norton: Well, if I was asked to describe your build, I'd say you have, uh, very well developed muscles, uh, a good bone structure, very good bone structure, fine frame... and the whole thing is covered with fat.

[repeated line]

Ralph: A mere bag of shells.

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