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7 Jan. 1957
Gracie and the Bullfighter
When Ronnie expresses an interest in bullfighting, Gracie and Harry Von Zell head to Tijuana to bring back a bullfighter, but Ronnie's interest quickly wanes. Meanwhile, the Mortons try to dupe George into believing Gracie has left him.
14 Jan. 1957
The Ugly Duckling
Gracie decides to give Ronnie's brainy friend Mildred a makeover and send them to the prom together. Meanwhile, a fight ensues when Harry Morton unintentionally insults his wife's looks; and George shows off his magic Genie.
21 Jan. 1957
The Aptitude Test
After Ronnie explains the aptitude test that he has recently taken, Gracie decides showbiz is the wrong career for George and he would be much happier being a farmer.
28 Jan. 1957
Going to Palm Springs
Ronnie Burns and his friend, Ralph, make plans to get away to Palm Springs with seven girls - and without adult supervision. Meanwhile, Harry Von Zell comes down with laryngitis.
4 Feb. 1957
The Matrimonial Bureau
Gracie learns that when Ronnie reaches age 21 in four months, he can get legally get married without first asking her permission, so she becomes desperate to pick out a wife for him before that time comes.
11 Feb. 1957
The Fortune Teller
Gracie visits a fortune teller who claims George is about to acquire vast wealth, so Gracie goes out and buys Ronnie a convertible.
18 Feb. 1957
Fighting for Happiness
Gracie and Blanche fight with their husbands for the joy of making up.
25 Feb. 1957
The Termites
Gracie wants to hire a high-priced decorator to redo the bedroom, but she doesn't want George to find out until after the work is done. In order to get George out of the house, she and Ronnie pretend the house must be fumigated to rid it of termites.
4 Mar. 1957
$15,000.00 Error
The Burns' decorator tells Gracie that he has an opportunity to buy an art collection for $15,000, and asks if he can receive payment early - but Gracie misunderstands and thinks she owes him 15 grand.
11 Mar. 1957
The Ring
Gracie is worried that George will find out that she's given her engagement ring to Ronnie for his girl, so Blanche convinces her to tell George that it fell into the kitchen sink drain.
18 Mar. 1957
The Plumber's Friend
Gracie agrees to watch Mr. Jantzen's four daughters while he goes to San Francisco. Meanwhile, Kathy's jealousy threatens to destroy her engagement to Ronnie.
25 Mar. 1957
Going to Houston
When Brian McAfee's father decides to take him out of college, Gracie, Blanche and Ronnie hop a plane to Texas to change his mind. Once George realizes what's happened, he leaves with Von Zell on his heels, convinced there's an oil deal.
1 Apr. 1957
The Stray Dog
While staying in a hotel in Houston, the hotel manager's French poodle follows Gracie to her room. She assumes it's a stray and wants to keep it. Guests are not allowed to keep animals in the hotel, so she and Blanche decide to hide the dog from George and the hotel staff.
8 Apr. 1957
Ronnie Gets a Movie Role
When Ronnie accepts a role in the film "Bernardine," Gracie fears George will be furious that their son is putting his education on the back burner, so everyone bends over backwards to cover for Ronnie.
15 Apr. 1957
The Plumber's Union
Gracie arranges to find a wife for Mr. Jantzen via correspondence, but she was less than truthful in her description and can't get George out of the house so the pair can meet. Meanwhile, Ronnie approaches George for acting advice.
22 Apr. 1957
Harry Returns Early
When Harry Morton returns from his business trip a day early, George convinces him to don a beard, sport a French accent and romance Blanche, who plays along with the gag. Gracie catches them and concludes Blanche is having an affair.
29 Apr. 1957
The Publicity Romance
When the publicity department sends Ronnie on a date with a new Italian movie star, it causes a rift in his relationship with Kathy, so Gracie runs interference with the movie studio.
6 May 1957
The Texan Lady MacBeth
When Bonnie Sue comes to California to pursue an acting career, her brother Brian begs Gracie to find a way to get her to return home to Texas. Meanwhile, Ronnie's friends rib him about his movie career.
13 May 1957
Ronnie's Boat
Ronnie wants to buy a 22-foot cabin cruiser but he needs his father's credit, so Gracie enlists her friends to convince George that it's a wise investment. Meanwhile, a man from the BBC comes to town to renew the contract for the show.
20 May 1957
A Trip to Tahiti
Ronnie and Ralph are all set for a trip to Tahiti on Ronnie's new boat. However, when the two beautiful Jansen girls stop by, the boys realize what they'll be missing out on if they go. Since Gracie has already figured out an excuse to tell George after the boys had left, Ronnie tries to talk George into persuading Gracie that they shouldn't go.
27 May 1957
The Home Graduation
Brian's McAfee's family arrives for his college graduation, but he mistakenly thinks he hasn't earned a diploma, so he turns to Gracie for advice and she convinces him to fake a broken leg so they can hold a phony ceremony in her home.
3 Jun. 1957
Blanche's Mother Arrives
Harry's business trip is canceled at the last minute, so Blanche's visiting mother is forced to stay with the Burns'. Meanwhile, Ronnie tries to impress a beautiful foreign exchange student by misspeaking the language of love.
10 Jun. 1957
A Marital Mix-Up
Gracie plays Cupid by trying to find a wife for their plumber, Mr. Jansen.
17 Jun. 1957
The Wading Pool at Acapulco
Ronnie and Ralph apply for jobs as lifeguards at an Acapulco resort, but when they learn they'll be working the kiddie pool, they decide to back out. Meanwhile, Blanche and Gracie decide Acapulco would be a perfect vacation destination.
24 Jun. 1957
A Pain in the Back
When Blanche tries to force Harry to take George on a fishing trip, the men mutually agree that George should fake a backache. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Ralph prepare for a calypso-themed party.
1 Jul. 1957
Ronnie's Twenty-One
On his 21st birthday, Marie Bordeau asks Ronnie to marry her so she can stay in the country. Meanwhile Gracie goes to get Ronnie's birth certificate changed; and George tricks Harry Von Zell into doing his chores.
30 Sep. 1957
The General
Identity confusion abounds when Gracie meddles in the lives of a stoic general and his son, who's about to be enlisted in the military. Meanwhile George and Harry shamelessly jump aboard the TV western bandwagon.
7 Oct. 1957
Too Much Pot Roast
Gracie intervenes when she learns Ronnie's been gawking at pretty classmates and ignoring his teachers. Meanwhile, Harry von Zell pleads with George to let him do a western skit; and the Mortons quarrel over their redundant meals.
14 Oct. 1957
The Texan Italian
Ronnie's girlfriend, Bonnie Sue, fears her Texan drawl will hinder her from landing a movie role, so Gracie reshapes her image into that of an Italian starlet named Tina Cacciatore.
21 Oct. 1957
An English Tea
Gracie passes off Harry Morton as her husband to impress the mother of an English girl whom Ronnie is dating. Meanwhile, Harry Von Zell makes another attempt to sell George on the idea of doing a western skit.
28 Oct. 1957
September and May
After June Jantzen seeks advice about her father, whom she mistakenly thinks is dating a woman half his age, Gracie concludes that Ronnie's newest girlfriend is cavorting with all of the older men in the neighborhood.
4 Nov. 1957
The Star Maker
Gracie attempts to raise Bonnie Sue's brother's grades by getting the smartest boy in class to take his name.
11 Nov. 1957
The African Hunter
When a swooning Gracie invites a game hunter to spend the week at the house, George concocts a bizarre scheme to scare him away.
18 Nov. 1957
One Little Fight
Ronnie and Ralph have a brief falling out over a girl, so Gracie, oblivious to the fact that the boys have already made up, stages a huge fight with Blanche to show him how silly it is to quarrel with one's best friend.
25 Nov. 1957
With or Without Glasses
Gracie convinced Alfred that his glasses were ruining his movie-star looks, but his refusal to wear them has disrupted his studies, so she attempts to set things right. Meanwhile, Ronnie thinks he's flunking out of school.
2 Dec. 1957
A Box of Cigars
To win votes for Ralph's homecoming queen girlfriend, Gracie decides to give away George's cigars, so she enlists a hapless Harry Von Zell as an accomplice. Meanwhile, a befuddled repairman works to fix George's broken TV.
9 Dec. 1957
Misery Loves Company
Gracie manages to complicate matters when she meddles in Ralph's and Ronnie's love lives.
16 Dec. 1957
A Hole in the Carpet
After Gracie suffers a fall in public, the department store is eager to make restitution, but she thinks that she has to pay for their damaged carpet.
23 Dec. 1957
The Old Mink Coat
Gracie and Blanche are upset when they find out what their husbands are getting them for Christmas, so they scheme to get mink coats. But George gets wind of their plan and makes sure that an old raccoon coat is part of the plot.
30 Dec. 1957
Invitation to the Party
Gracie uses her talent for deception to finagle an invitation to a swank New Year's Eve party for the Mortons. Meanwhile, Ronnie decides to attend a costume ball; and Harry Von Zell becomes convinced that George is trying to dupe him.

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