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3 Jan. 1952
Gracie's Storeroom
Gracie has a storeroom built so she can store canned fruits and vegetables. When the project gets out of hand, George hires someone to pretend he's a building inspector to tell her she doesn't have a permit and will have to tear the storeroom down.
17 Jan. 1952
Blanche for President
Blanche enters the race for the presidency of the Beverly Hills Uplifters.
31 Jan. 1952
Dinner With the Vanderlips
George and Harry have some trouble when the Vanderlips are invited over to the Burns home for dinner.
14 Feb. 1952
Gracie and the Dented Fender
Gracie accidentally dents the fender on the family car, and decides to get it fixed without telling George about it.
28 Feb. 1952
Trip to Palm Springs
When George and Gracie take a trip to Jack Benny's Palm Springs home, Gracie has Blanche fake an illness so Harry Morton will let her tag along. Meanwhile, Harry Von Zell tries to worm out of his contract so he can accept a movie role.
13 Mar. 1952
Gracie's Engagement Ring
George finds Gracie's lost engagement ring and decides to keep it to teach her a lesson - but he loses it to a pickpocket. Meanwhile, Harry Von Zell devises a sneaky plan to prevent George from shaving time off his commercial.
27 Mar. 1952
Harry and the Gold Digger
To help Jane out of a tricky situation, Gracie sets up Harry von Zell with gold-digging Flossie Hardwick. Meanwhile, a pie promoter tries to sell George on a new gimmick to improve the show.
10 Apr. 1952
The Good Old Days of Vaudeville
George and Gracie recall the good old days of vaudeville to a producer who's making a documentary on the subject.
24 Apr. 1952
Jack Benny Steals George's Joke
Jack steals a joke from George when they're playing a benefit in San Francisco and as a result they feud.
8 May 1952
Gracie's Redecoration Scheme
Gracie wants to redecorate, and to get George out of the house she tricks him into taking Harry Morton fishing. However, when Harry declines to go fishing, Grace has to come up with another plan to get rid of George.
22 May 1952
The Speech Writer
Mamie Kelly and her obnoxious kids again park their trailer in George and Gracie's driveway and cause lots of trouble as they obstruct George's endeavor to write a speech.
5 Jun. 1952
Divorce Attorney
Gracie consults with a divorce attorney after a swami reads her palm and tells her that one day she'll have a second husband.
19 Jun. 1952
The Musical Scam
Harry von Zell and George get conned into investing money in a musical which George is promised the lead role in.
3 Jul. 1952
Dual Meanings
When George announces he's getting a new "secretary," Gracie mistakes the desk for a person and hires a detective to uncover the identity of this woman. The investigator mistakes Harry Morton for George, further escalating confusion.
17 Jul. 1952
The Great Gazatti
Gracie tells a record company exec she's married to a famous singer and promises to bring him in. In Gracie's mind, George IS a famous singer.
31 Jul. 1952
The $50,000 Lie
The Mortons invite George and Gracie to the Happy Time Lodge, but George doesn't want to go so he comes up with a story that he has to come up with $50,000 that night and he won't be able to go if he doesn't get the money. Gracie overhears this and, thinking that she and George are broke, plans to rent out their spare rooms to boarders.
14 Aug. 1952
The Stolen Racehorse
Gracie goes to the racetrack and winds up buying a horse. The horse's former owners accompany Gracie back to the house and wind up moving in. Meanwhile, the police have been looking for the horse because the animal's "owners" are actually horse thieves--and they track it to George's house.
28 Aug. 1952
The Spectacular Spectacle Debacle
George tells Gracie that he ran into George Jessel at the Friars Club, but Gracie somehow misinterprets it into thinking that George thinks he needs glasses. She gets an eye doctor to come to the house to give George an exam, but it turns out that the doctor needs glasses more than anyone else does.
25 Sep. 1952
Gracie and Blanche Want to Redecorate
Gracie and Blanche want to redecorate their houses, but they know that George and Harry won't go for it. Gracie comes up with a plan to get George out of the house--she invites her relatives to stay for two weeks.
9 Oct. 1952
Wardrobe Woman Wins Free Trip to Hawaii
Gracie tries to play cupid for Harry and her wardrobe woman, not realizing that the woman is married already and has two children
16 Oct. 1952
Gracie Giving Party for Atomic Scientist
Gracie gives a dinner party for a famous but somewhat eccentric atomic scientist, who never accepts invitations. However, the scientist hears that George was in Las Vegas at the time of the atomic testing and, thinking that George is a fellow scientist, accepts Gracie's invitation.
23 Oct. 1952
George Sneezing/Gracie Thinks He's Insane
George has been sneezing for a comedy routine, so Gracie takes a medical exam for him and the doctor concludes she's mentally ill. Meanwhile, a dieting Harry Morton hides food all over the house.
30 Oct. 1952
Gracie Buying Boat for George
Harry Morton and Harry Von Zell try to persuade George that he's overworked and needs to buy a boat so he can go sailing on the ocean and relax. Their main reason, however, is that THEY want to go sailing and figure they can trick George into buying the boat. In order to do that, they concoct a scheme to make him think he's going crazy under the "pressures" of work by making him think he's someone named "Charlie Cochran".
6 Nov. 1952
Gracie Having George's Portrait Painted
Gracie hires an artist to paint a portrait of George. But the painter is confounded when Gracie explains that she wants to give the portrait to George as a surprise gift.
13 Nov. 1952
Gracie and Blanche Hire Two Gigolos to Take Them Out
Blanche and Gracie want to have a night out on the town with their husbands, but the boys aren't having any part of it. Frustrated after the men continually ignore pointed hints, the wives decide to hire a pair of male "escorts" to take them out, thinking that might finally wake up their husbands. Complications ensue.
20 Nov. 1952
Sampter Clayton Ballet/Selling Tickets
Gracie's interest in sponsoring the ballet leads to her friends selling tickets and to jobs for two dancers who pose as the family's maid and butler.
27 Nov. 1952
Skating Pearsons Come to Visit
A couple from George and Gracie's vaudeville days, "The Skating Pearsons" drop by for a visit. They're worried that their son, Joey, wants to get into show business, and ask George and Gracie to talk the boy out of it.
4 Dec. 1952
Gracie Selling Swamp So Harry Will Buy TV Set
To get Harry to buy Blanche a TV, Gracie tries to get him to buy some swampland--but Harry gets the idea that there's oil under the property.
11 Dec. 1952
Silky Thompson/Gracie Writes 'My Life with George Burns'
Gracie fabricates a magazine article claiming George once beat up an infamous gangster who shows up at the Burns home in a very bad mood.
18 Dec. 1952
Gracie Thinks George Is Going to Commit Suicide
Gracie discovers a note in George's pocket, which she misinterprets to be a suicide note.
25 Dec. 1952
Von Zell Dates Married Woman/Jealous Husband
Gracie interferes after Harry Von Zell goes out with a married woman and the result is a mistaken-identity lawsuit against Harry Morton.

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