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Season 6

3 Oct. 1955
The Burnses and Mortons Go to New York
While on a train to New York, Gracie confuses a salesman with a famous nuclear scientist. Gracie also plays cards with the scientist -- and wins every time.
10 Oct. 1955
Ronnie Arrives
Ronnie Burns arrives in New York, determined to shun comedy for dramatic acting.
17 Oct. 1955
Ronnie Meets Sabrina
A beautiful young gold digger woos Harry Von Zell and then sets her sights on Ronnie, who perceives a date with this slightly "older woman" as the exact life experience that he needs to effectively portray a character in his latest play.
24 Oct. 1955
Changing Names
As part of his plan to become a dramatic actor, Ronnie changes his name to Cobb Cochran, so Gracie changes her name to Lola Benedict, but a misunderstood phone call leads everyone to believe George is cheating on Gracie with Lola.
31 Oct. 1955
Harry Morton's Cocktail Party
While visiting the book store to push George's autobiography, Blanche wallops a man whom she mistakes for a masher, not knowing he's the same guy that Harry has made business-dinner plans with. Meanwhile, Ronnie decides to get a motorcycle.
7 Nov. 1955
The Musical Version
There are plans for George's autobiography to be adapted as a stage musical, and everyone is eager to invest - not knowing that George wants to star as himself. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Velma endlessly rehearse their own play.
14 Nov. 1955
Ronnie Moves to the Village
Gracie plots to disrupt Ronnie's plans to move to Greenwich Village with his actor friend, Jim Boardman.
21 Nov. 1955
Gracie Helps Lola
Lola is down in the dumps because her boyfriend won't propose marriage. Gracie comes up with a plan to make it happen.
28 Nov. 1955
Anniversary Party
It's George's and Gracie's anniversary, and a party is planned. However, Mr. Boardman and his wife start having an argument, and in Gracie's effort to "fix" it, she winds up "unfixing" everyone else.
5 Dec. 1955
George Becomes a Dictator
Everyone gets involved in Ronnie's acting dilemma: he must choose between a comedic and a dramatic role.
12 Dec. 1955
Ronnie's Elopement
Marie, the hotel's new cigarette girl, attracts the attention of all the men in the building. When she gives Gracie a vague message about Ronnie's tickets for a trip to Connecticut, Gracie assumes her son is planning to elope with her.
19 Dec. 1955
Company for Christmas
For Christmas, Harry Morton invites his father and Blanche invites her brother. Unfortunately the hotel is booked solid - so Gracie attempts to create a vacancy. Meanwhile, Ronnie invites Jim so they can work on scripting a new play.
26 Dec. 1955
Gracie Pawns Her Ring
George refuses to fund Jim Boardman's play, so Gracie raises the money by pawning the diamond ring he gave to her for Christmas.
2 Jan. 1956
Appearances Are Deceiving
Mary Brewster's puritanical father arrives, finds her rehearsing a love scene with Ronnie and mistakes it for the real thing, so Gracie concocts a scheme to catch him in a compromising situation too.
9 Jan. 1956
Let's Dance
Gracie takes out an expensive ad in Ronnie's charity dance program without telling George, and then she uses Marie as bait to boost ticket sales.
16 Jan. 1956
George Goes Skiing
After Mr. Boardman takes Jim and Ronnie skiing, Gracie tells George that he needs to take more of an interest in Ronnie's life, so George hits the slopes.
23 Jan. 1956
Ronnie Gets an Agent
A fight erupts between George and his son when an unscrupulous talent agent with ulterior motives offers Ronnie a contract. Meanwhile, Ronnie dreads embarrassment when his latest girlfriend's high society parents come to dinner.
30 Jan. 1956
Politeness Never Pays
Gracie and Blanche want their husbands to be gallant, as they were during their courtship.
6 Feb. 1956
Alice Gets Married
When Alice, Harry von Zell's old girlfriend, comes to see him in New York, he believes that she plans to propose marriage. Gracie manages to complicate matters by spreading a rumor that he secretly wed Marie, the cigarette girl.
13 Feb. 1956
George Needs Glasses
Gracie catches George in a lie and concludes his vision is deteriorating. When he refuses to visit the eye doctor, she presumes he's afraid glasses will hinder his appearance, so she insists that all of their friends to sport spectacles.
20 Feb. 1956
The Indian Potentate
An Indian Maharajah and his "retinue" have checked into the St. Moritz Hotel, and Gracie and Blanche cannot contain their curiosity, so they attempt to sneak onto his private floor. Meanwhile, Ronnie goes out with the Maharajah's daughter.
27 Feb. 1956
The Ladies' Club
Harry Morton is so terrified that his career will be ruined if Gracie joins an elite women's club that Blanche makes a fool of herself. Meanwhile, Ronnie and his parents baffle everyone when they practice the Stanislavski acting method.
5 Mar. 1956
Cyrano De Bergerac
Ronnie lands the lead in a production of Cyrano de Bergerac but worries that he lacks the talent to play the part, so his parents go to great lengths to boost his confidence. Meanwhile, Blanche's niece arrives for a visit.
12 Mar. 1956
The Stolen Plants
After Gracie walks off with some plants from Central Park, Harry Morton declares she has committed a crime, so she decides to turn herself in. Meanwhile, Ronnie takes up fencing for his latest stage outing.
19 Mar. 1956
The English Playwright
Gracie tracks down playwright Raymond Curtis to get Ronnie a role, and during their conversation she claims to be a widow. George gleefully complicates matters when Mr. Curtis asks Gracie to his apartment for a romantic dinner.
26 Mar. 1956
A Weekend on Long Island
When Ronnie makes plans to hold a party for his class in the family's suite, Gracie decides to accept Blanche's invitation to Mrs. Sohmers' party at Oyster Bay. The problem is that neither Blanche nor Mrs. Sohmers invited her.
2 Apr. 1956
The Newlyweds
When Emily Vanderlip arrives in Manhattan after eloping with Airman Second Class Frank Foster, the newlyweds and Burns men attempt to keep Gracie from finding out about their nuptials, fearing that she'll blab to Emily's parents.
9 Apr. 1956
Night of Vaudeville
Ronnie's drama school is losing money and decides to put on its usual production of "Othello" to raise funds. However, Gracie talks them into doing a variety show instead, the type of vaudeville skits that she and George used to do.
16 Apr. 1956
Everyone praises George for his performance at Ronnie's school the previous evening, but when he graciously accepts their compliments he's accused of having an inflated ego. Meanwhile, Jim and Ronnie try out for jobs in a burlesque theater.
23 Apr. 1956
The Right People
When Ronnie takes out Pat Sohmers, Gracie concludes that they're planning to wed, but this news doesn't sit well with status-conscious Mrs. Sohmers - or Pat, who's contemplating marrying another man.
30 Apr. 1956
The Magic Act
When Ronnie is offered a movie contract, Gracie misunderstands a phone call and thinks that George is taking on a side-job without her, so she takes a job as a magician's assistant.
7 May 1956
A Paris Creation
After insisting that Gracie take her defective new dress to its designer for repair, George finds himself on a flight to Paris, France.
14 May 1956
Back from Paris
Ronnie's in love with Yvette; Harry von Zell's in love with the stewardess; and Gracie's in love with the two dozen dresses that she's flying with back to New York.
21 May 1956
The Twenty-Four Dresses
Gracie plans to open a dress shop with the wardrobe she bought in Paris, but George insists on sending the dresses back, so she enlists Harry Von Zell and Ronnie to intercept the inventory and Mrs. Sohmers to finance the store.
28 May 1956
Ronnie Is Lovesick
When Ronnie locks himself in his room to rehearse a role, Gracie thinks he's heartbroken because Yvette has gone back to Paris, so she hires a beautiful model to pose as George's new secretary in hopes that Ronnie will fall for her.
4 Jun. 1956
The Night Out
George falls asleep on the massage table at the Friar's Club and gets locked in for the night. When the hat-check girl from The Stork Club later drops off his coat, which Harry Von Zell borrowed for a date, Gracie seeks a divorce.
11 Jun. 1956
Questions and Answers
Blanche threatens to resign from The Ladies of Oyster Bay if Gracie isn't permitted membership, but first she must pass a literary quiz, so Mrs. Sohmers decides to help Gracie cheat. Meanwhile, Harry Von Zell offers to teach Ronnie judo.
18 Jun. 1956
The Triple Surprise Party
To prevent Gracie from ruining Harry Morton's birthday party, George tells her he's throwing a party for Ronnie. To ensure he shows up, Gracie tells Ronnie the party's for George. Meanwhile, Harry Von Zell presumes he's the guest of honor.
17 Sep. 1956
Mrs. Sohmers Needs a Psychologist
Mrs. Sohmers is finding it difficult to live in a world containing a Gracie Allen, so she consults a psychologist who believes Gracie is a figment of her imagination. Meanwhile, Von Zell tries to shock Gracie by pouring water in his pocket.
24 Sep. 1956
The Switchboard Operator
When Harry Morton is offered a new position which would require him to stay on the road for two years, Blanche and Gracie hijack the hotel's telephone switchboard to prevent him from placing a call to accept the job.

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