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5 Sep. 1950
Cisco and Poncho are being impersonated by two bandits who have committed robbery and murder, so they have to break jail to prove their innocence.
12 Sep. 1950
Counterfeit Money
Cisco and Pancho are asked by Marshal Ben Lane to track down a gang of counterfeiters in Durado. Cisco suspects the local banker and his clerk to be involved in the counterfeit, but cannot prove anything. He sets some traps for the gang. One of the traps involves arresting Pancho as an alleged bank robber.
19 Sep. 1950
Joe Dawson, foreman at a ranch in San Saba, asks his old friend Cisco to come and help them catch a gang of cattle rustlers. When the leader of the gang hears of this, he orders two of his henchmen to kill Joe and blame the murder on Cisco. Cisco and Pancho have to keep away from the sheriff at the same as they are searching for the gang and the missing cattle.
26 Sep. 1950
Big Switch
The Sheriff in Bonanza orders his assistant to bring the murderer Jim Hardy to the state prison, where Hardy is going to be hanged. On the way the assistant is killed by a shot from a man, who releases Hardy and brings him to his boss, Jim Holbrook. Holbrook plans to kill his employer, the ranch owner Henry P. Murdock, and replace him with Hardy, who resembles Murdock. Through this switch, Holbrook will get control over the ranch himself. The sheriff thinks that it is Cisco who has killed his assistant. Cisco and Pancho have to solve the whole mystery to prove that ...
3 Oct. 1950
Convict Story
Cisco is convinced by a beautiful woman that her brother, who escaped from prison, is trying to prove he was framed for a murder did not commit.
10 Oct. 1950
Oil Land
When a rancher discovers oil on his property, he is shot dead by one of his greedy workers, and Cisco and Poncho are accused of the murder.
14 Oct. 1950
Chain Lightning
A super fast on the draw, ex-con gets out of prison, and is bent on killing Cisco and Bill Shannon for sending him there.
17 Oct. 1950
Medicine Flats
Cisco and Pancho work with a sheriff and beautiful undercover female agent for the cattlemen's association, to break up a cattle rustling operation.
28 Oct. 1950
Railroad Land Rush
Cisco and Pancho come across the disrobed body of a railway inspector sent to a town to investigate shady real estate dealings in the name of the railway.
31 Oct. 1950
The Will
Cisco and Pancho come across Bob Drake being chased by two outlaws. After helping him, Cisco hears his story of being framed for a gold robbery. Cisco believes Bob and decides to investigate.
7 Nov. 1950
Cattle Quarantine
Cisco and Pancho stumble across a ranch where the owner is arguing with a number of farm hands. It appears some of the cows have died from disease, and the rest will need to be quarantined. Cisco always happy to help a pretty lady, decides to get to the bottom of the issue.
21 Nov. 1950
Renegade Son
Cisco and Pancho break a woman out of jail, after she has been sentenced to hang for a murder she did not commit.
28 Nov. 1950
False Marriage
Jasper King has asked his old friend Cisco to help him stop the marriage between his niece Nancy and the gangster Duke Ralston. Cisco and Pancho break the wedding ceremony and run away with the protesting bride. During a quarrel about this Duke kills Jasper. Nancy tells the sheriff that it is Cisco and Pancho who have killed her uncle. To prove their innocence Cisco and Pancho have to find the real murder and deliver him to the sheriff.
5 Dec. 1950
Wedding Blackmail
Cisco and Pancho try to help a young bank teller, whose marriage to the bank president's daughter is endangered by two gunmen who are blackmailing him about a secret from his past.
12 Dec. 1950
Lynching Story
When a bank president is murdered, the townspeople accuse the man's future son-in-law of the crime and a lynching party is formed. Cisco and Pancho must find out who the real killers are before the mob hangs the innocent man.
19 Dec. 1950
Newspaper Crusader
Cisco and Pancho arrive in the town of Sundance. The town is in turmoil with a local thug 'Judd' trying to take over. After Cisco sees the destruction of a local newspaper office, he decides to hang around and sort things out.
26 Dec. 1950
Dog Story
When a wounded dog tracks down the man who murdered his master, a gold mine owner, Cisco tries to get proof he is the killer.

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