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Season 2

3 Sep. 1951
Performance Bond
Cisco and Pancho try to find who has been sabotaging a woman's company freight wagons, before she looses the $20,000 performance bond she put up.
10 Sep. 1951
Stolen Bonds
Cisco and Pancho are after a thief who stole $25,000 in bonds from a friend of theirs. They soon begin to suspect that a young woman who is a cook in a hotel is actually the thief's partner.
17 Sep. 1951
Postal Inspector
While in the town of Baxter Center, Cisco and Pancho stop by to drop a letter in the mail. To their surprise, they find themselves being arrested on suspicion of being part of a gang of mail robbers.
24 Sep. 1951
Jewelry Store Fence
A crazy old man tries to kill Cisco and Pancho with a crossbow.
1 Oct. 1951
Foreign Agent
Cisco and Pancho have to stop a gang of foreign agents from getting their hands on a vast tungsten deposit.
8 Oct. 1951
Medicine Man Show
After answering Chief Flying Cloud's smoke signal for help in preventing an Indian war, Cisco and Pancho go undercover as Professor Lorenzo Lombardi and Chief Waho's Cure-All Medicine Show, in an attempt to break up an arms smuggling ring.
15 Oct. 1951
Ghost Story
A pair of silver smugglers murder their partner, a local rancher, when he tries to back out of the operation. Cisco and Pancho set out to get them.
22 Oct. 1951
Protective Association
Cisco and Pancho help a rancher and his daughter who are victims of a gang running a "protection" racket.
29 Oct. 1951
Kid Sister Trouble
Cisco an Pancho get mixed up with a sharpshooting lady gambler and a gang of counterfeiters.
5 Nov. 1951
Water Toll
Cisco and Pancho come to the aid of a lady rancher who's fighting a greedy cattle baron who's making ranchers and drovers pay him for watering their herds.
12 Nov. 1951
The Bates Story
Cisco and Pancho are forced to switch clothes with two escaped convicts, and are later arrested when they are mistaken for the fleeing criminals.
13 Nov. 1951
Water Well Oil
Cisco and Pancho find themselves being shot at by a quick-tempered young man who's found oil on his ranch and thinks that they're trying to take it from him.
19 Nov. 1951
Ride On
Sally Emerson, believing that Black Lightning, a wild stallion, is stealing her mares, sets out to have him killed, and Cisco and Pancho come to the stallion's rescue to prove its innocence.
4 Dec. 1951
Vigilante Story
In order to break up a gang of vigilantes that's terrorizing the people of Buffalo Flats, Cisco and Pancho head into town disguised as a gambler and an organ grinder.
11 Dec. 1951
Hidden Valley
Cisco and Poncho are trapped by an ex-pirate who runs a slave camp, with Indian guards, in a secret valley with his gorgeous niece who wants no part of it.
18 Dec. 1951
Carrier Pigeon
Cisco and Pancho meet up with a woman who claims to be an insurance investigator tracking down a stolen diamond necklace.
25 Dec. 1951
Hypnotist Murder
Cisco and Pancho intervene when a woman tries to get her husband and his rich father killed, while later, she gets blackmailed by a another woman.
8 Jan. 1952
Romany Caravan
While at a gypsy camp, Cisco gets into an altercation over a woman and Pancho finds himself being on the receiving end of the unwelcome attentions of a large dancing bear.
15 Jan. 1952
Robber Crow
Cisco and Pancho find themselves in the middle of a feud between the guards at a gold mine and the mine's workers, whom the guards suspect of stealing gold from the mine.
22 Jan. 1952
Sleeping Gas
Cisco and Pancho go up against a gang of bank robbers who use a sleeping gas potion in their robberies.
29 Jan. 1952
Quarter Horse
Cisco takes part in an endurance race to help prove 4 quarter-horses can beat one thoroughbred, while the man entrusted to hold the race money, is planing to steal it.
5 Feb. 1952
Jewelry Holdup
Cisco and Pancho get involved when a gang of jewel thieves, who've mailed themselves part of their haul, are prevented from getting their package by a by-the-book postal clerk, and they then decide to take it by force.
12 Feb. 1952
Ghost Town
Cisco and Pancho find a woman near death in the desert and learn she is a target for murder because she is headed for a ghost town to prove an inheritance and upon accompanying her find an addled innkeeper and other characters.
12 Feb. 1952
Quicksilver Murder
A crooked prosecutor robs quicksilver shipments, then uses chemical weapons to commit murder. Cisco and Pancho investigate.
19 Feb. 1952
Buried Treasure
Cisco tries to save the cabin boy of famed pirate Jean Lafitte--now a wizened old man--from the hands of an ancient old crone and her evil sons, who are after Lafitte's lost treasure.
19 Feb. 1952
Spanish Dagger
Cisco rescues an old prospector from a mine explosion. He discovers an ancient jeweled dagger that places a curse on anyone who steals it.

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