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  • In 1831, Irishman Charles Adare travels to Australia to start a new life with the help of his cousin who has just been appointed governor. When he arrives he meets powerful landowner and ex-convict Sam Flusky, who wants to do a business deal with him. Whilst attending a dinner party at Flusky's house, Charles meets Flusky's wife Henrietta who he had known as a child back in Ireland. Henrietta is an alcoholic and seems to be on the verge of madness.

    - Written by Col Needham <col@imdb.com>
  • Charles Adare arrives in Australia in 1831 with his uncle, the new governor. Unsuccessful in Ireland, Charles hopes to make his fortune in Sydney. He is befriended by Samson Flusky, a prosperous ex-convict. Sam's wife, Lady Henrietta, "Hattie", was a friend of Charles's sister in Ireland. Sam hopes that the young man will be able to cheer up his wife, who is a mentally unstable alcoholic. Meanwhile the attractive housekeeper, Milly, secretly loves Sam, and encourages Hattie's drinking. Sam has been sent to an Australian prison after he confessed to a killing that Hattie actually committed. She had followed him and waited for his release. Charles's efforts to rehabilitate Hattie conflict with Milly's intentions. Eventually, Sam becomes jealous, and in a rage, accidentally shoots Charles. This time Hattie accepts the blame for the shooting. Milly, seeing her chances to win Sam slipping away, attempts to poison Hattie.

    - Written by alfiehitchie
  • In 1831, the new Governor arrives in Sydney, Australia, with his noble but broken Irish cousin Charles Adare. On the next morning, Charles unsuccessfully goes to the local bank expecting to raise money to start a business and he meets the powerful landowner Sam Flusky, an ex-convict that has raised a fortune in the colony. Sam proposes a business with lands with him and invites Charles to have dinner with him at his farm. Charles learns that Sam is not accepted by the local society but he goes to the dinner party, where he meets Sam's wife Henrietta Flusky, an old acquaintance of his childhood in Ireland. Sooner Charles discovers that Henrietta is alcoholic and a totally unstable woman controlled by the housekeeper Milly, and Sam was the groom of her family in Ireland. They had fallen in love with each other and Henrietta elopes with Sam. However, her brother hunts them and Sam kills him and is deported to Australia. Charles stays in Sam's farm to help Henrietta and sooner he falls in love with her. Meanwhile Sam is manipulated by Milly and his jealousy gets him into trouble and discloses dark secrets from his past with Henrietta.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • A young gentleman goes to Australia where he reunites with his now married childhood sweetheart, only to find out she has become an alcoholic and harbors dark secrets.

    - Written by cupcakes


It is 1831. British King William IV has appointed a new governor ( ) for New South Wales in Australia...

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