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When counterfeit money starts turning up around Los Angeles the Treasury Department recognizes the funny money as the work of Tris Stewart (Lloyd Bridges) who has been in prison for several years. Treasury Agents offer Tris a break on his jail time if he agrees to help them find out who is distributing fake money which is being printed fresh from 20-dollar plates he created. Tris ultimately agrees and gets out of jail, but escapes to his girl friend Laurie (Barbara Payton) with plans to go into business with a former associate who has the plates and will make more money. To get the money they need Tris and Laurie make a plan to rob the club where she works as a cigarette girl, but when the cops interrupt them and Laurie gets arrested Johnny Downey (John Hoyt) steps in and sets himself up as Tris's partner. Little does Tris realize but Downey is a Treasury agent and Tris and the crooks actions have been monitored consistently since he escaped and fled to Los Angeles. Things goes well until an old acquaintance blows Downey's cover and Tris plans to quiet him for good after obtaining the twenty-five thousand dollars for his plans. The confrontation includes a collection of shoot-outs and chases in a thrilling climax.


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