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  • Sam Wilson is having a hard time making ends meet. When he asks his boss for a raise, he finds out that the company is closing down and he'll be out of a job. His boss decides to commit suicide so that his family can benefit from his insurance. He asks Sam to help make it look like murder. Sam thinks he has convinced the boss not to commit suicide. But the boss does it anyway, so Sam follows the instructions the boss had given him, to make it look like murder.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • This does NOT contain spoilers! I'm writing this because the plot information has a big mistake.

    Sam's boss does NOT ask him to murder him.

    The boss plans to commit suicide (so that his family has money from his insurance), and he wants Sam to help make his death look like murder. Sam tries to convince his boss not to kill himself, and thinks he has succeeded.

    But Sam gets a call from his boss later that night, telling him he's going to do it. Sam quickly goes to the boss's home to try to stop him, but it's too late. He finds the boss dead. So Sam decides to do what the boss had asked him to do - make it look like murder. He follows the exact instructions the boss had given him.

    These are to get the weapon (a gun) and go outside and shoot two bullets into the window. He is then to throw the gun into the ocean.

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