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Movie Poster of the Week: The Marx Brothers in Posters

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Above: 1960s French stock poster for Marx Brothers revivals.This weekend New York’s Film Forum begins a week-long series entitled The Marx Brothers & The Golden Age of Vaudeville which is as good an excuse as any to look at the representation of the greatest sibling comedy team in cinema through movie posters. It has long been a tradition in movie poster illustration to render comedy stars as caricatures—often with oversized heads on small bodies—and Groucho, Harpo and Chico were a caricaturist’s dream. (Zeppo, the straight man, less so, but he left the act after Duck Soup in 1933, and re-release posters for the films he appeared in tend to ignore him, as in the Belgian Duck Soup and the Danish Horse Feathers below). With their distinctive props—Groucho’s oversized greasepaint mustache and cigar, Harpo’s curly blonde wig and Chico’s Alpine hat—the threesome could
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The Top Ten Funny Ladies of the Movies

The recent box office success of The Boss firmly establishes Melissa McCarthy as the current queen of movie comedies (Amy Schumer could be a new contender after an impressive debut last Summer with Trainwreck), but let us think back about those other funny ladies of filmdom. So while we’re enjoying the female reboot/re-imagining of Ghostbusters and those Bad Moms, here’s a top ten list that will hopefully inspire lots of laughter and cause you to search out some classic comedies. It’s tough to narrow them down to ten, but we’ll do our best, beginning with… 10. Eve Arden The droll Ms. Arden represents the comic sidekicks who will attempt to puncture the pomposity of the leading ladies with a well-placed wisecrack (see also the great Thelma Ritter in Rear Window). Her career began in the early 1930’s with great bit roles in Stage Door and Dancing Lady.
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DVD, Blu-ray Release: Love Happy

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: May 6, 2014

Price: DVD $24.95, Blu-ray $29.95

Studio: Olive Films

The 1949 music-filled comedy Love Happy was the final film starring the legendary Marx Brothers (Duck Soup, Animal Crackers).

In the film, Harpo Marx is a true patron of the arts, taking from the rich to help feed a group of poor actors struggling to open a new musical without financial backers. He unknowingly makes off with the missing Romanoff diamonds when he shoplifts a tin of sardines from a classy Manhattan market. The diamonds have been smuggled into the country by a sinful yet sizzlingly beautiful jewel thief, Madame Egelichi (Ilona Massey). The Madame traces the tin back to the theater and becomes the show’s financial backer. Hoping to recover the missing diamonds, she and her henchmen nearly bring the whole house down in a madcap race to retrieve the jewels on opening night.

In addition to Harpo,
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Remembering the Blonde Blitz: One of Hollywood's Top Stars of the '40s

Betty Hutton bio: The Blonde Bombshell Energetic, electric, exuberant, effusive, brassy, spunky, hyper, manic — these are all qualities that could (and most likely have been) used to describe Betty Hutton, a top 1940s Paramount star also known as "The Blonde Bombshell," "The Blonde Blitz," and/or "The Incendiary Blonde." (Photo: Betty Hutton ca. 1945-1950.) Throughout the years, Betty Hutton’s fiery blondeness entertained some, while turning off others and leaving others yet exhausted. She seemed to be perennially in hyperkinetic mode, whether playing 1910s film serial heroine Pearl White in The Perils of Pauline or fretting about (possibly) being pregnant — without knowing which of several happy sailors is the baby’s father — in Preston SturgesThe Miracle of Morgan’s Creek. But she "wasn’t all just a zany comedian," as Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne recently remarked. "The thing about Betty Hutton was she could also sing a song and break your heart,
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Marilyn Monroe Porn Film Found?

Marilyn Monroe Porn Film Found?
Buenos Aires, Argentina — A Spanish collector plans to auction what he claims is a newly discovered 8-mm version of a film purportedly showing Marilyn Monroe having sex when she was still an underage actress known as Norma Jean Baker.

A Marilyn Monroe expert, however, says the actress in the film is someone else, considerably heavier and less feminine than the legendary film star.

"That's not Marilyn. The chin is not the same, the lips are not the same, the teeth are not the same," said Scott Fortner, who has a sizeable collection of Monroe memorabilia, including a belt he said proves how much more petite she was. "Marilyn was a tiny little thing. And I know that for a fact. I own her clothing."

Collector Mikel Barsa said in an interview Wednesday that he wants at least $500,000 for the sexually explicit 6 1/2-minute, grainy black-and-white film, which he says was made
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Retro Review 1981: Hardly Working

Hardly Working (Original Release Date: 3 April 1981)

I’ve been trying to think of some way to review this movie that doesn’t just involve me nitpicking through it scene by terrible scene. I’ll do my best.

Hardly Working works hard to convince you Jerry Lewis is funny. The movie opens with a montage of slapstick highlights from older Jerry Lewis comedies. I’m sure reviewers at the time made a point about how they were funnier than anything in the movie to follow. The more cynical of the reviewers might have pointed out that many of these clips are unfunny, and set a precedent for the rest of the movie.

There’s a deeper problem with starting the movie off with these clips. There’s no reason to have them there. They’re choppily edited together, and they’re thrown at the audience as a cold open. A person
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Old Ass Movies: The Marx Brothers Spend ‘A Night in Casablanca’

Your weekly fix of great movies made before you were born that you should check out before you die. This week’s Old Ass Movies celebrates the nonsense of the best American comedians of all time. Groucho, Harpo and Chico move in on Bogart’s territory by setting up camp at a hotel in Casablanca, mocking Nazis, playing with a toupee, and remembering to set their watches. A Night in Casablanca (1946) Directed By: Archie Mayo Written By: Joseph Fields & Roland Kibbee Starring: Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Sig Ruman, Lisette Verea, Lois Collier, and Charles Drake Selling someone on watching a Marx Brothers movie should be as easy as standing on the street corner offering free bacon, but A Night in Casablanca isn’t the typical Marx movie. It certainly shouldn’t be the first a newcomer should see, since that distinction goes to Duck Soup. It shouldn’t even be the second or third film
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The Untouchables Star Gordon Dies

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The Untouchables Star Gordon Dies
American actor Bruce Gordon has passed away just days after the death of his The Untouchables co-star Paul Picerni.

The 94 year old, who lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, died last Thursday after a long illness, according to Santa Fe Funeral Options, a local funeral home.

The news comes just a week after his TV colleague Picerni suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in Llano, California.

Gordon made his Broadway debut in 1937, playing several small roles in The Fireman's Flame. His other Broadway credits include Arsenic and Old Lace, Medea, Richard II, The Lark and Nowhere to Go But Up.

His television career kicked off in the 1940s, with guest appearances on several U.S. series, including I Spy, Have Gun - Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, Bonanza and Police Woman, among others.

In the late 1950s, he was the host of espionage docudrama Behind Closed Doors, and in the 1960s he enjoyed a recurring role on Peyton Place.

But Gordon will perhaps be best remembered for his role as mob boss Frank Nitti on classic 1960s U.S. TV series The Untouchables.

His feature film credits include Love Happy (1949), The Buccaneer (1958) and Tower of London (1962).

Information on Gordon's survivors was not made available as WENN went to press.

Cinema Retro Exclusive Interview With Bill Marx, Son Of Harpo Marx

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The legendary Harpo with his son Bill.

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Interview by Nick Thomas

It’s been 60 years since the Marx BrothersGroucho, Chico, Harpo – officially appeared together in their last feature film, Love Happy. Although fans have little “love” for it and the brothers were not “happy” making it, the film did provide some enjoyable moments showcasing Harpo’s silent talents.

Along with brothers Zeppo and Gummo, the five Marx Brothers grew up in New York. Gummo dropped out of the act and the four brothers traveled the country as stage performers before taking Hollywood by storm, starting with Cocoanuts in 1929. Straight man Zeppo eventually bailed too, and the three remaining brothers went on to become arguably the greatest comedy team ever.

Between them, the five brothers raised a dozen children and a few went into the entertainment business. Now 72, Bill Marx (one of
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