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A classic cartoon with Tom, Jerry and Nibbles

Author: Antzy88 from Thatcham, United Kingdom
6 November 2005

This classic, Oscar-winning cartoon has the little grey orphan mouse Nibbles visit Jerry. Nibbles has a little note asking Jerry to feed him, as he's always hungry. A veritable banquet has just been prepared by Mammy Two Shoes, the black maid, and Nibbles starts to go into overdrive at the sight of so much food! It's not long, however, before Tom, dressed up as an Indian (as in Cowboy enemy, rather than person from India), gets in on the act.

This cartoon is so cool, has plenty of laughs, especially when Nibbles' appetite gets out of hand.

The version of 'The Little Orphan' that I am reviewing here is the uncensored original that I have been fortunate enough to see and appreciate before the political-correctness brigade supposedly forced the distributor to cut a scene where a candle scorches Tom and turns him black. The cut is very clumsy and the result is that this section of the cartoon no longer makes much sense. (Some versions have Mammy Two Shoes' fleeting appearance removed for similar racial reasons).

Great cartoon, but definitely preferable in the uncut version.

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'Nibbles' Does A Lot More Than That

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
19 December 2006

Jerry is relaxing in his little house reading "Good Mousekeeping" magazine when someone knocks on his door (to the outside of the house). It's a little gray mouse with a note attached to it. It reads: "This is Nibbles, the little orphan you agreed to have as your guest for dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Thank you, Bide- A-Wee Mose Home. P.S. He's always hungry."

Jerry's cupboards are bare so he and Nibbles wander outside the hole to cat (Tom) country, looking for food and drink.....and the trouble begins. All I can say is that this little creature has an appetite that's unbelievable!

Nothing super, but an entertaining short.

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White-washing history AGAIN

Author: movieman_kev from United States
31 May 2005

Nibbles, the little orphan mouse from "The Milky Waif" returns to celebrate Thanksgiving with Jerry, and he's very VERY hungry. It's up to Tom to navigate past the sleeping Tom and get Nibbles something to quench his unsatisfiable appetite. This animated short is one of the classics, but again censorship rears it's ugly head again under the guise of trying to be PC, as one of the gags of Tom getting burnt by a candle is cut out. Whenever they censor old cartoons like that it really gets my goat. This award winning cartoon (minus the one gag) can be found on disc one of the Spotlight collection DVD of "Tom & Jerry"

My grade for the original: A+

My grade for the bastardized version on the DVD: B-

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Good Mousekeeping

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
11 October 2008

Despite winning an Oscar the PC Brigade still managed to have this short censored to keep us sheltered people in the 21st century safe from whatever material was appropriate in 1948.

Jerry babysits little Nibbles for Thanksgiving, trouble is the baby mouse likes to eat a bit too much, and after they help themselves to Tom's milk a small war begins with Nibbles and Jerry dressed as settlers and Tom dressed as an Native American. The dinner table (set for guests unknown) is their battleground and the cutlery are their weapons.

The cuts made to this cartoon are very noticeable, but it doesn't distract too much from the overall enjoyment.

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One of the first appearances of the little mouse, called Nibbles here

Author: Robert Reynolds ( from Tucson AZ
15 May 2001

This cartoon, an Oscar winner (with good reason, as it's marvelous) features one of the early appearances of the little mouse named Nibbles primarily (although sometimes called Tuffy), he is rather cute and endearing. But I'd hate to pay his grocery bills! Nibbles became a very frequent and popular character and this was his second cartoon appearance, after The Milky Waif. Most highly recommended.

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One of the best Tom & Jerry Movies

Author: Eric Roeller from Saarland, Germany
19 May 1999

The Academy are doing right to give an OSCAR to this picture.

Jerry´s nephew is coming to Thanksgiving Day and he is very, very, very, very hungry !

The "little orphan" is fearless and eat all things on Thanksgiving-Day-Table. One of the best scenes is when Jerry and the orphan are Pilgrim Fathers and Tom is an Indian. There weapons are forks and spoons and all other things at home Tom & Jerry need to make a strong life to another.

There´s a remake of the film on the Sixties done by Chuck Jones with the same story and choreography, but in his own style. Look the Original !!!

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cutesy Tom and Jerry short

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
10 June 2006

This short features Nibbles as Jerry's nephew. In some other cartoons he's referred to by other names and is generally SUPER-cutesy, but in this case the little white mouse is a little more entertaining and less cloying. This time, the white mouse has an amazing appetite--eating a whole orange at once! Well, after getting him to cough it up, Jerry takes Nibbles for some real food. And, being Thanksgiving, they dress up in costumes and raid the humans' feast. But, these cute little mice dressed as pilgrims are foiled by Tom who appears in Indian head dress. And, the rest of the cartoon consists of Tom trying to kill the little rodents. An exceptional cartoon with some good laughs and excellent animation.

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Oscar winning Tom and Jerry cartoon has Thanksgiving theme...

Author: Neil Doyle from U.S.A.
12 February 2008

You can't say the Hanna/Barbera people didn't have imagination with their Tom and Jerry cartoons. This is an especially appealing one with great animation and an amusing plot about an orphaned mouse called Nibbles from the Bide-A-Wee Mouse Home who arrives on Jerry's doorstep with a note reading that he's always hungry.

This sets up a string of sight gags in which the tiny critter demonstrates his enormous appetite by eating every edible in sight on the Thanksgiving table prepared by Mammy Two Shoes. Of course their biggest chore is keeping out of sight of Tom after stealing sips of his milk, but he's soon roused out of sleep when a smack on Nibble's face sends food flying toward the sleeping Tom. Thereafter, the trio get involved in some madcap chases with some inventive touches involving the Pilgrim decorations and Tom wearing a feather duster turned into an Indian headdress.

Very amusing and richly deserving of the Academy's award.

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Nibbles and WW

Author: theoden-12090 from Asleep
15 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thanksgiving Day. A rich of food table. Nibbles has an endless appetite and Jerry is taking care of him. See how Nibbles is a potential candidate for eating the whole table. However, his intentions didn't come true, because Tom wanted to join, but in his own manner, as a provocator... At first,Tom tries to get the mice individually, but when they prove to act together, he starts attacking both of them, and loses. Notice how Jerry takes care of Nibbles, but they both get into trouble twice. Nibbles might be naive and stupid, but he surely can destroy this table, as opposed to Jerry. We can see how both sides progress from a decorative gun to these burning things. We see Nibbles crossing the line way too far by burning Tom with a candle and rocketing the champagne, though Tom is no longer trying to eat the mice, he is scared, but Nibbles won't stop, he doesn't even look. Finally, Tom destroys the cupboard, and raises the white flag, being buried in the ruins. There's barely anything left of the food, except for the turkey they then want to share and some leftovers. When I am watching it, I first think about why is Tom trying to fight on the table that he is probably supposed to guard, then why Jerry is overreacting. When Nibbles goes crazy, I pity Tom... Notice how while Jerry is saying the prayers and Tom is listening, Nibbles is only concentrated on being the first to get to the interesting part. And yes, he gets it as soon as the other two only touch the cutlery. Who wins this fight? Nibbles, because he gets the prize, and he does so because that's all he cares about :) The cartoon ends with finally full and happy Nibbles. He is the winner, and what matters to him matters to everyone in the end. Poor unsung hero Jerry. Notice how the music changes and always "defends" the mice team. Poor loser Tom. To me this is a 1948 lesson from WW I/II explained in a way that is possible to understand as a child. That's how I understand it, and I think it deserves 10/10. I really enjoyed this.

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A fun, if not particular daring, T&J caper.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
5 November 2011

Poor Tom: as if one mouse giving him hassle wasn't enough, he now has to deal with Jerry's ward, little orphan Nibbles, whose insatiable hunger leads into the house where a Thanksgiving dinner awaits.

Little Nibbles is a little overly cutesy for my liking, but the fact that he is always hungry does lead to some satisfyingly sadistic violence with the dinner table as battleground, including Tom getting a fork rammed into his butt and Jerry almost being decapitated when he runs into a knife. It's all a little predictable perhaps, and doesn't really do anything that hasn't been done before, but by the end of the cartoon, a satisfying amount of chaos has ensued.

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