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In the time of the 'nifty nineties,' Donald is riding his penny-farthing bicycle to a date with Daisy. However, while passing through the park, Chip and Dale see him and poke fun at his happy-go-lucky attitude. A small war between the two takes place that in the end leads to Donald's bicycle being destroyed.

Enraged, he grabs the two chipmunks and runs back to his home, creating a new penny-farthing bicycle using a hamster-wheel set-up for the two wheels, which have Chip and Dale providing the power to make the bike move.

Upon arriving at Daisy's, she is shocked to see what Donald has done. When she asks the two chipmunks if Donald was mean to them, they make him out to be the villain of the whole situation. Daisy angrily tells off Donald ('23 skidoo to you!'), and heads back into her house, but not before Dale grabs the box of candies from Donald and follows along. Donald angrily begins to protest, before throwing down his hat and storming off.


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