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film I saw when I was 12 or 13 years of age

Author: gonuguay from Uruguay
13 March 2006

This may not be regarded as a review on any film, but just a comment on a film I saw when I was a youngster. I remember coming home of an evening all full of wonder at what I had seen. I tried to retell my parents part of the story but they listened without understanding well what was so strange about two kids stranded on an island who fall in love and grow together and have a son. As you must have guessed by now I'm referring to The Blue Lagoon (1949) which has kept me bewitched and bewildered through the years (almost 50) and now wonder full of anxiety and disgust who or what has prevented the film from being available in cassette or DVD or whatever. I've spent a lifetime chasing the opportunity to get hold of it one day and nobody knows anything about it. What a waste indeed! Sorry if my English is not at all technical or scientific, but my mother tongue is Spanish. I'm doing my best to make myself understood. Thank you, My name is Juan and I'm writing from Uruguay in S.America.

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The original is always better.

Author: saltednut from West Coast
19 February 2000

I first saw this film on the late, late, late show in 1978 when I was seventeen. I actually videotaped it on our new '78 RCA VCR and showed it to everyone. Everybody enjoyed it. I, myself, thought it was a very good movie and when I heard of it's remake a couple of years later I thought, "Oh, no! They're going to ruin it!" which they did. The original with Jean Simmons was so innocent and left to the imagination. In the Brooke Shields/Christopher Akins version, I didn't exactly want to see them "do it." That took away the innocence of the story of two kids shipwrecked on an island.

The film was shown again on late night television in 1980, but that was the last time it was ever broadcast in the Los Angeles area. I later taped over my original taping not realizing that it would never air again. All these years later it still hasn't been released on video, nor have the cable channels picked it up. I hope others will continue to post their thoughts and comments on this film.

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Boring film NOT!!!

Author: landerj from Pleasant Hill, CA
5 December 1998

After seeing the movie twice in two days in 1949, I asked the opinion of a junior high school classmate who had also seen the movie. He said it was "boring". I shouted "are you kidding?!! This was a movie with the beauty of Jean Simmons, Fiji Island sunsets, the London Symphony Orchestra matching the sound of every pounding wave, a man versus octopus fight to the death, two criminals on the lam who savaged the island paradise and kidnapped the lovely Miss Simmons...and you call it BORING?!!"

I, too, am a little bit miffed that this movie has not been re-released to theaters, video or cable tv. We can only hope that someday the sea mist will lift to show the original Blue Lagoon sparkling in the sun, and to be remembered that way, always.

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This is not the original!

Author: screenwriter_rick from United States
31 July 2005

For the record, the 1949 version of "The Blue Lagoon" is not the original film, as many have stated.

This story was filmed in Great Britain, in 1923, just after the novel was written. As much as I'd love to see the 1949 version, I'd thoroughly enjoy an opportunity at seeing the true original release of this story on film.

Granted, the 1980 film with Christopher Atkins, Brooke Shields, and the two youngsters was filmed with beautiful cinematography. The acting didn't seem all that great when I first viewed this film, but after having viewed this a few times.... it becomes obvious that two children growing up on an island without adult guidance, would indeed have a simplistic way of approaching life.... whether it be in their language, appearance, or daily activities.

Although some have been fortunate enough to view the 1949 "Blue Lagoon", I cannot help but wonder if there is anyone living who can remember the 1923 release of this story to film.

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Never forgot the film.

Author: RCraig11 from Philadelphia, PA, USA
21 April 2001

When i saw the movie, it was the "B" movie, i.e. it had second billing of a two-movie presentation. But I loved the story, and the children, and I've always loved the name "Michael" because of this movie. I still love to hear the neighborhood children calling for their friend, "Michael"

The best part was when they discovered each other on the beach after he rescued her---when she (or he) says, "You're trembling."

I'm sorry to hear the movie is no longer available. I was wondering why there were no longer any re-runs.

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Very Good Film.

Author: sakliegel from Santa Ana (Red Hill), California
11 September 2004

This movie appears to have been overlooked by everyone. Someone should bring it out on VHS and DVD. It is an excellent film and far superior to the one with Brooke Shields, which was terrible.

Jean Simmons deserves more credit than she is getting now days. It would be nice if all her films were offered on VHS or DVD. Jean Simmons was, and still is, a very good actress. She certainly was a beauty. In fact, she is still a beauty. She also has done extremely well on T.V. She is so much better than many of the actors today.

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Praise to the original!

Author: anonymous
16 November 1998

I saw this movie years ago (on a snowy b/w portable before cable).

The remake is true to this original with the exception of the ending. The fate of the trio was left in the air, unlike the promise of a "happy ending" of the remake. Nudity was not as blatant in this version. It was natural and more innocent than the remake.

I loved it. A true classic original that I would love to see again! I was disappointed when I wrote to England to find out that this movie is indefinitely withdrawal from future viewing.

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How the movie effected me.

Author: rumbro from Orillia, ONtario, Canada
17 November 2003

One of my lifetime favourite movies. Saw it circa 1950 as a 10 year-old and it fired my imagination. Apart from causing me to fall in love with Jean Simmons, it's believability and innocence was mesmerizing. Of all of the movies I have ever seen, I think I remember this one the best.

Is there anywhere to purchase a copy of it on tape. Am not a movie collector, but would love to have this one.

Jean Simmons was truly one of the most beautiful and talented movie actresses of all time.

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Childhood memory

Author: Billiam-4 from Regensburg, Germany
10 July 1999

I saw this film as a kid about 30 years ago, and I haven't forgotten it to this day. I couldn't say whether it's a good picture. But in those days I instantly fell in love with Jean Simmons. The memories concentrate on the very erotic feel of the movie, but I still remember the plot. Simmons was very young then, and there is another film that gave me the same feeling: David Lean's GREAT EXPECTATIONS. And again it was the young Jean Simmons. It's a pity that BLUE LAGOON is not available on video; I'd like to correct my memories...

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My First Time

Author: Jeff_Hayford from Los Angeles, CA
6 August 2000

I remember it like it was last night because it was. Its

October 6th 2:00 in the morning ET I am flipping through channels (Basic Cable), and for some reason I stop on Channel 22 (TBS Superstation). There was a movie in progress. All I could see was two kids on a small row boat one of them was obviously female and not wearing a shirt. The other was a male with very curly hair. The commercial break came and they announced the name of the movie, The Blue Lagoon. I had never heard of this movie before. Knowing I had a 7 am meeting the next morning didn't stop me from staying up until 3:30 in the morning to watch the movie. Weather it was the interest to see nudity or the wanting to know what was going to happen to these two individuals, the story sparked my interest to watch it. The next day after work I went online to the Internet Movie Database and looked up the movie. Finding out more and more made me want to buy the movie. In reading the comments from other patrons I found out there was no movie available. Now I am on the verge of sending a letter to the Movie company and asking for the release of the original The Blue Lagoon of 1949. Whose with me??? P.S. Sorry I didn't tape the edited version on TV I didn't know how good the movie was

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