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  • Jane and Duke (alias Capt. Blake) accidently meet in Vera Cruz while chasing flim-flam man Fiske. Soon the local Inspector General (El Gato) is involved. Fiske races across Mexico, pursued by Jane and Duke, trailed by the real Capt. Blake. The crafty Inspector General is waiting for them in Tihuacan but they all give him the slip, just in time for the climactic finale. Very tight script and pacing.

    - Written by <timbo@netcom.com>
  • Duke Halliday and Joan Graham are on the same boat traveling to Veracruz, Mexico. They are unaware that after their antagonistic initial meeting on the Veracruz dock that they are in Mexico to track down the same person, Jim Fiske. Joan's fiancé, Jim absconded with $2,000 of her money, although he always said it was a loan despite he seemingly trying to ditch her at every turn. Duke is a lieutenant and payroll officer with the US Army. Jim robbed Duke of the latest payroll to the tune of $300,000. On the road in Mexico, Jim is able to get a head start on Duke and Joan, who form an unlikely and uneasy alliance to get their money back. Although they have a good idea that Jim is heading to Tehuacán, they have no idea where the $300,000 is, what he intends to do with it once there, or if they have to fight others who may also want that money from him. Meanwhile, Captain Vincent Blake is Duke's commanding officer, who didn't believe Duke's story of being robbed. As such, Vince is tracking Duke, Vince who will shoot Duke to kill if need be. And although they played dumb in their initial questioning when Duke, Joan and Vince arrived in Veracruz, the Veracruz police, led by Inspector General Ortega, are on all their tails trying to find out the big picture of what is going on with this group and Jim's ultimate contact.

    - Written by Huggo
  • An army lieutenant accused of robbery pursues the real thief on a frantic chase through Mexico aided by the thief's fiancee.

    - Written by Gabe Taverney (duke1029@aol.com)


Duke Halliday (Robert Mitchum) is an American Army Lieutenant on a boat to Mexico when he is confronted by Captain Blake (William Bendix) who says he intends on taking Halliday back to the United States but Halliday overcomes Blake and runs for it...

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