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Year: 1949 | 1950 | 1951 | 1952 | 1953 | 1954

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 0: Goodbye New York


Gage Clarke ... Mysterious Man

Philip Coolidge ... Mr. Mason
Meg Mundy ... Mrs. Gardner
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer (uncredited)

Ray Walston ... Ticket seller (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 1: Revenge

1 March 1949

Eddie Albert

Rex Marshall ... Auto-Lite pitchman

Season 1, Episode 2: Suspicion

15 March 1949
Everyone's in a tizzy over the arsenic poisoner who's still at large; police think the murder might be a woman. In the Thomas household, doting old George acts surprised to find his weed poison (with arsenic) under the kitchen sink. His wife, a delicate woman with bad nerves, defends their cook, a woman they hired who came with no references. George becomes suspicious of their employee and has the hot cocoa she left for him analyzed. When the results come back positive, he races home to save his wife before it's too late.

Ernest Truex ... George Thomas
Sylvia Field ... Ethel Thomas
Viola Roache ... Mrs. Sutton, Cook
Dorothy Sands ... Clara

Ruth McDevitt ... Liz

Lea Penman ... Mrs. Dean
Robert Clark ... Bob Dean
Donald Foster ... Doctor Brill
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 1, Episode 3: Cabin B-13

29 March 1949

Season 1, Episode 4: The Man Upstairs

5 April 1949

Season 1, Episode 5: After Dinner Story

12 April 1949

Season 1, Episode 6: The Creeper

19 April 1949

Season 1, Episode 7: A Night at an Inn

26 April 1949
Three merchant sailors and their enigmatic leader hide out at a British inn. They've been followed from India after stealing the priceless ruby eye from a holy statue. The grimy sailors ambush and kill the men who've come to retrieve the gem, unaware of how badly the statue wants its eye back. It arrives at the inn and, one by one, makes the thieves pay for their offense.

Boris Karloff ... Toff
Anthony Ross ... Albert
Jack Manning ... Bill
Barry Macollum ... Sniggers
Joan Stanley ... Maid
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 1, Episode 8: Dead Ernest

3 May 1949
Ernest Bowers suffers an attack of catalepsy while crossing the street, lapsing into a coma that resembles death. Believing he was killed by a passing car, his body is sent to the city morgue. His coat, with a note in the pocket describing his medical condition, is swiped by a owner of a second-hand clothing store and quickly sold. The couple who purchase the jacket finds the note and begins a race to save Ernest from a premature embalming.

Margaret Phillips ... Margaret Prince
Tod Andrews ... Henry Prince
Barry Macollum ... Jerry Murdoch
Joshua Shelley ... Tony

Fred Stewart ... Al
Will Hare ... Ernest Bowers
Patricia Jenkins ... Margaret Bowers
Mac McLeod ... Cop
Harry Davis ... Driver
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 1, Episode 9: Post Mortem

10 May 1949
Following the sudden death of her husband, Josie marries Doc Archer, the man named beneficiary of her husband's life insurance policy. Investigator Westcott is suspicious after learning the doctor has a history of collecting such payouts. Westcott informs Josie that she is in danger of becoming her husband's next heavily insured "accident." She doesn't believe him--until she's almost killed when Doc "accidentally" knocks a sunlamp into the tub while she's bathing.

Sidney Blackmer ... Dr. Steven Archer

Peggy Conklin ... Josephine Archer
Richard Coogan ... Investigator Westcott
Julian Noa ... Old Investigator
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 1, Episode 10: The Monkey's Paw

17 May 1949

Season 1, Episode 11: Murder Through the Looking Glass

24 May 1949

Season 1, Episode 12: The Doors on the Thirteenth Floor

31 May 1949
Elderly Agatha Leighton returns from a trip to find her apartment on the thirteenth floor has been robbed. As she attempts to call the police, someone grabs her. Sally, who lives down the hall, attempts to visit the old lady as she'd promised, but finds she's been locked in her apartment and the phone is dead. Through the door's peephole, she sees the building's desk clerk leaving Agatha's apartment. Sally realizes something bad has happened to the old lady.
Louisa Horton ... Sally Turner
Anthony Ross ... Andy Barnes

Russell Collins ... Mr. Crane
Nell Harrison ... Agatha Leighton
Douglass Watson ... George (as Douglas Watson)
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 1, Episode 13: The Yellow Scarf

7 June 1949
In 1897 London, mysterious Mr. Bronson gives boarding to an attractive young woman from the streets. Hettie's purpose is to do housework and distract attention from his odd medical work. Bronson has two demands: she must not go out alone and must stay out of his laboratory. Restlessshe strikes up a romance with Tom, a handsome young mission worker. Suddenly, the cold Bronson turns jealous.

Boris Karloff ... Bronson
Felicia Montealegre ... Hettie

Russell Collins ... Tilson
Douglass Watson ... Tom Weatherby (as Douglas Watson)
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 1, Episode 14: Help Wanted

14 June 1949
An elderly man who's barely getting by looks for employment to continue giving his daughter the institutional help she requires. He receives an offer from a "Mr. X" that turns things around for him. That is, until he finds out that he must kill "Mr. X"'s wife's first husband who is blackmailing them.

Otto Kruger ... Chester Crabtree
D.A. Clarke-Smith ... Mr. X (as Douglas Clark-Smith)
Peggy French ... Mrs. X

George Mathews ... Police Detective

Ruth McDevitt ... Mrs. Griffin
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 1, Episode 15: Stolen Empire

21 June 1949

Season 1, Episode 16: The Hands of Mr. Ottermole

28 June 1949

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Lunch Box

6 September 1949

Season 2, Episode 2: Collector's Item

13 September 1949
Evans, an older man, walks into a record store, slips the young clerk, Fred, a huge bill and pleads for him to come to his hotel to discuss something important. He goes and finds Evans beaten and mumbling something about a record. Fred gets knocked out and awakens to find Evans now dead and himself set-up to take the rap for his murder. Fred races back to the store, hoping to find the record the dead man was talking about.

Lon McCallister ... Fred
Ann Thomas ... Millie
Julian Noa ... Mr. Brockman
King Calder ... Tony
Adelaide Klein ... Mrs. Broder
Bernard Cates ... Marty
Al Ramsen ... Joe
Charles Mendick ... Clerk
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 2, Episode 3: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

20 September 1949

Season 2, Episode 4: The Comic Strip Murder

27 September 1949
Julia, the model for a character in her husband's comic strip, informs a police detective that her spouse is going to murder her. He bumped off her "twin" in that morning's strip and she's sure he's going do get rid of her in the same grizzly way that evening.

Lilli Palmer ... Julia

Donald Briggs ... Mark (as Don Briggs)
King Calder ... Handley
John Hudson ... John

Eva Marie Saint ... Francie (as Eve Marie Saint)

Henry Lascoe ... Waiter
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 2, Episode 5: Dr. Violet

4 October 1949
A college student studying abnormal psychology thinks the owner of a wax museum dedicated to murderers can teach her a few things. Police lock down Dr. Violet's exhibit after an actual corpse is found in the museum. unfortunately, this traps the co-ed alone with the murder expert.

Hume Cronyn ... Dr. Violet
Evelyn Varden ... Mrs. Violet

Anne Francis ... Lois

Ray Walston ... Mousey

Frankie Thomas ... Art (as Frank Thomas Jr.)
Jack Overman ... Detective

Mike Kellin ... Policeman

Floyd Buckley ... Texan
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 2, Episode 6: A Cask of Amontillado

11 October 1949
In World War II Italy, Count Montressor has watched with horror as his former stable boy became a powerful Nazi general. In the process, General Fortanato has murdered the Count's sister and stolen his wife. Knowing the General plans to murder him, Count Montressor lures him into the palace's catacombs to taste the rare cask of Amontillado he has procured.

Bela Lugosi ... Gen. Fortunato
Romney Brent ... Count Montressor
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer
Frank Marth ... Major (uncredited)

Ray Walston ... Sergeant (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 7: The Serpent Ring

18 October 1949

Season 2, Episode 8: The Murderer

25 October 1949
Detained by the side of the road where his wife Mollie was found murdered, John explains to a deputy the events leading up to that moment. Their busybody neighbor Lillybelle had made accusations about Mollie's infidelity, as had a mysterious stranger who traveled the road near their home. Realizing John was wise to her, Mollie tried to flee but Lillybelle blocked the door.

Jeffrey Lynn ... John Bantreagh
John McQuade ... Roy Clade
Larry Fletcher ... Frank

Eileen Heckart ... Mollie
Marilyn Erskine ... Lillybelle

Don Hanmer ... Mac
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 2, Episode 9: Black Passage

1 November 1949
An American lover of architecture is escorted to a crumbling Mexican castle by the local padre. He warns the visitor to keep his room door locked and avoid the family that lives there--especially the maniacal mother when the black wind blows. Eventually, the curious American learns the horrible truth about the family's history of blood lust.

Stella Adler ... Mother

William Prince ... Cunningham
Mary Sinclair ... Lola
Morton Stevens ... Padre

Peter Fernandez ... Miguel
Rex Marshall ... Announcer

Season 2, Episode 10: Suspicion

8 November 1949

Season 2, Episode 11: The Thin Edge of Violence

15 November 1949

Season 2, Episode 12: The Third One

22 November 1949
A self-absorbed couple takes their daughter on a vacation, unaware that the child is urgently wanted by health officials. The little girl was afraid to tell them she'd been bitten by a dog, and the animal turns out to have been rabid. The child hears on the radio that authorities are searching for the dog bit victim, panics that she could die, and tells her parents the truth.

Margaret Phillips ... Grace
Theodore Newton ... Robert
Iris Mann ... Jane

Martin Balsam ... Abramson

Henry Lascoe ... Lieutenant Urey
Frieda Altman ... Mrs. Sheperone
Joseph Walsh ... Mike
Bobby Rick ... Jackie
Laura Weber ... Girl
John Martone ... Intern
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 2, Episode 13: Man in the House

29 November 1949
Emily has moved back home to care for her battle-ax old mother and it has placed her marriage in jeopardy. Arriving home from work, she finds an escapee from a mental hospital with the old bitty tied up and gagged; she was so irritating he couldn't stand her talking anymore. While he hides at their house for a few days, Emily is supposed go to work as usual, but not utter a word of his presence to anyone or it will be curtains for the old lady.

Alan Baxter ... The Intruder

Kim Hunter ... Emily

Ruth McDevitt ... Mrs. Barret
Boyd Crawford ... Ted
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer
Jay Eastman ... Teen in Library
Lores Lambert ... Teen in Library
Joan Lawrence ... Teen in Library

Season 2, Episode 14: The Scar

6 December 1949

Season 2, Episode 15: The Gray Helmet

13 December 1949

Season 2, Episode 16: The Seeker and the Sought

20 December 1949

Season 2, Episode 17: The Case of Lady Sannox

27 December 1949
Lady Sannox, the toast of London society, carries on an obvious affair with Douglas Stone, an arrogant, young surgeon. Lord Sannox, a retired star of the stage, is thought to be a clueless old man unaware of the liaison. After discussing with the Lady his plan to murder her husband so they can marry, Stone is hired by a desperate man to perform a questionable operation on his wife. Lord Sannox, we learn, is not as oblivious to his wife's infidelity as he appears.

Stella Adler ... Lady Sannon

Henry Brandon ... Dr. Douglas Stone
Berry Kroeger ... Lord Sannox

Season 2, Episode 18: Morning Boat to Africa

3 January 1950

Season 2, Episode 19: The Bomber Command

10 January 1950
Former bomber pilot D.P. Bradford and his wife Zita host a reunion for D.P.'s World War II crew. In the midst of the celebration, the Bradfords's daughter Susan is kidnapped and held for ransom by a mysterious German. The bomber crew joins forces to track down and rescue the little girl.

George Reeves ... D.P. Bradford

Susan Douglas Rubes ... Zita Bradford (as Susan Douglas)
Joseph Holland ... Hans
Ed Bryce ... George (as Edward S. Bryce)
Robert Gallagher ... Andy
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Betty Garde ... Cleaning woman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 20: Summer Storm

17 January 1950
A father and son moving out of a boarding house get into a tussle with the sleazy landlord who promptly drops dead on the floor. Since the father has a past record, the two hide in the attic while the police investigate, waiting to make their escape.

E.G. Marshall ... Eddie Hunt
Jack Dimond ... Jimmy Hunt
Morton Stevens ... Mr. O'Farrell
King Calder ... Mr. Waters

Ruth McDevitt ... Mrs. Waters

Royal Dano ... Policeman
Joe Boland ... Mr. Graham (as Joseph Boland)
Leslie Litomy ... Casey
Martin Greenlee ... Mike
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 21: The Horizontal Man

24 January 1950

Season 2, Episode 22: The Distant Island

31 January 1950

Pat Kirkland (as Patricia Kirkland)

Season 2, Episode 23: Escape This Night

7 February 1950

Season 2, Episode 24: The Suicide Club

14 February 1950
Prince Florizel and his cohort, Gerard, masquerade under false identities and hit the city in search of adventure. One night in a bar, they encounter a young man who says he does not wish to go on. Claiming to feel the same way, the prince and his friend soon find themselves at the Suicide Club, an organization whose members want to die. Each evening using a deck of cards, the "lucky" next victim is decided, as is the member who must commit the deed and make it look like an accident. Florizel and Gerard's charade ceases to be entertaining when a club member is actually killed.
Ralph Bell ... Prince Florizel / Theophilus Goode
Ralph Clanton ... Col. Gerard / Alfred Hammersmith
Donald Buka ... Mr. X
Richard Fraser ... Club President
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 25: Roman Holiday

21 February 1950

Season 2, Episode 26: The Man Who Talked in His Sleep

28 February 1950
Teenage practical joker Jerry pretends his new stepfather revealed something incriminating while talking in his sleep. Rather than laughing it off, Henry Lord gets very defensive and becomes threatening. After suffering a suspicious accident, Jerry is convinced his stepfather has something in his past he's willing to kill to keep secret.

Donald Briggs ... Henry Lord (as Don Briggs)

Edith Atwater ... Louise Lord

Ben Cooper ... Jerry
Peter Griffith ... Joe Murphy
Elmer Lehr ... Mr. Clark
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 2, Episode 27: The Ledge

7 March 1950

Season 2, Episode 28: The Parcel

14 March 1950
Tommy, an errand boy, hangs around a hot dog stand when he's not in transit. The stand, a front for criminal enterprises, proves dangerous when he's hired by a shady character to deliver a package at exactly 5PM that evening. With time to kill, he goes to a baseball game. Tommy doesn't realize that the package contains 20 grand from a payroll heist and that a pair of criminals know it's in his possession.

Conrad Janis ... Tommy

Ray Walston ... Herbert the Hook (as Ray Wallston)
Ann Thomas ... Sally

Harold J. Stone ... Eagle Moran (as Harold Stone)

Lee Marvin ... Barrow

Royal Dano ... Marvin the Push

Peter Capell ... Gunner
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Len Lesser ... Man at Baseball Game (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 29: My Old Man's Badge

21 March 1950
Officer Malone is murdered outside a "gay 90s"-themed nightclub simply by buying a seemingly harmless gift from one of the showgirls. His son, a rookie cop, takes a vacation from the force to find the murderer himself. At the club, he uncovers the deadly secret that got his father shot -- they're selling illegal drugs.

Barry Nelson ... Johny Malone

Steven Hill ... Dolph Romano (as Steve Hill)
Will Hare ... Tony Grisalla
Charles Mendick ... Herman (as Charlie Mendick)

Philip Sterling ... Ciro (as Phil Sterling)
Ann Thomas ... Billie
Julian Noa ... Captain
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 30: The Second Class Passenger

28 March 1950

Season 2, Episode 31: 1000 To One

4 April 1950
Detective Sam Cragg goes to meet a client in the "Little Serbia" section of the city and finds the man murdered. Everyone in the neighborhood lives in fear of the unseen C. W. Roberts, a mysterious loan shark who keeps the poor permanently in debt. Cragg send a book to Roberts and watches to see who picks it up.

Paul Stewart ... Sam Cragg

Betty Garde ... Mamie Kelly

Robert H. Harris ... Prince Peter (as Robert Harris)

Cara Williams ... Betty Marshall
Anna Minot ... Anna

Harold J. Stone ... Max (as Harold Stone)
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 2, Episode 32: Steely, Steely Eyes

11 April 1950
The notorious criminal Ma Barker and her gang of four sons blaze a murderous path from beginnings in Missouri to their final showdown with FBI agents and their machine guns in Florida.

Season 2, Episode 33: Murder at the Mardi Gras

18 April 1950
Dan Bedell, an up-and-coming actor, has come to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and he has fallen in love with Connie Williams. Gambling boss Morgan Nelson warns Dan that Connie is in league with her friend Bill Reed to blackmail Dan. When Nelson's bodyguard turns up dead in Dan's apartment, Connie enlists Reed to help her and Dan dispose of the body. But can Dan trust Connie and Bill, or are the pair up to no good as Nelson warned?

Tom Drake ... Dan Bedell
Mary Sinclair ... Connie Williams

George Reeves ... Bill Reed

Robert Emhardt ... Morgan Nelson
John Marriott ... Tom

Jack Klugman ... Louie
Howard Wierum ... Policeman

Season 2, Episode 34: The Gentleman from America

25 April 1950
An American bets two London friends that he can spend the night alone in a "haunted house."

Season 2, Episode 35: Death of a Dummy

2 May 1950

Season 2, Episode 36: Red Wine

9 May 1950

Season 2, Episode 37: One and One's a Lonesome

16 May 1950

Season 2, Episode 38: Photo Finish

23 May 1950
The former medical examiner who had falsified information in a murder case years earlier returns to town. Lawyer Robert Quartermain, who was involved in the trial, kills the ex-examiner, careful to leave no clues behind. But, he hadn't planned on having his picture taken by a street photographer when he was leaving the scene of the crime. Realizing the shutterbug possesses the only evidence against him, Quartermain is frantic to find the man and retrieve that picture.
Ralph Clanton ... Robert Quartermain

Eileen Heckart ... Margaret Quartermain

Richard Boone ... Mercer
Don Appell ... Willy Fergus
Lou Herbert ... Mack
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 39: Listen, Listen

30 May 1950

Season 2, Episode 40: Black Bronze

6 June 1950

Season 2, Episode 41: I'm No Hero

20 June 1950
Dr. Joe Parker and his family are awakened by a gun-wielding criminal demanding treatment for his brother. The man's in serious condition after a bullet pierced his lung. With a pistol pointing at their daughter, the doctor and his wife are forced to perform surgery despite his protests that the patient requires hospital treatment to survive.

Hume Cronyn ... Sig

Mark Roberts ... Dr. Joseph Parker

Cara Williams ... Babe
Charlotte Keane ... Ellen

Arthur O'Connell ... Grady
Sandra Ann Wigginton ... Kathy

Dennis O'Keefe ... Vince
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 2, Episode 42: Wisteria Cottage

27 June 1950
A disturbed young man with a murderous background latches onto an older woman and her daughters. He worms his way into their family by charming the mother, even accompanying them to their summer cottage. One daughter's attempt to break off her flirtatious affair with the volatile man, whose true colors begin to show.

Conrad Janis ... Richard
Marjorie Gateson ... Florence Hackett

Joan Copeland ... Louisa Hackett
Carlotta Sherwood ... Elinor Hackett
James MacDonald ... Jeff

Mark Roberts ... Ned Bassett

Ruth McDevitt ... Jenny
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Poison

29 August 1950
A Britain in India awakens from a nap to discover a poisonous snake on his belly. The slightest movement on his part would mean death. It was placed on him by his hysterical wife.

Season 3, Episode 2: A Pocketful of Murder

5 September 1950
Cocky newspaper reporter Turk Wilson has made it clear in articles and in person that he believes druggist Max Hensig murdered his wife. When Hensig is acquitted, he puts Wilson on notice that there are many undetectable ways to kill a man. Wilson's swagger turns to panic when a fellow reporter who borrowed his coat dies from a drug-resistant strain of flu.

Barry Nelson ... Turk Wilson

Don Hanmer ... Max Hensig

Cara Williams ... Myra Wilson
Elliott Sullivan ... Senator Burke
Patrick McVey ... Whitey (as Pat McVey)

Jack Warden ... Reporter
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 3, Episode 3: Edge of Panic

12 September 1950
Harry Martin is an insurance agent with an alcohol problem. In a drunk stupor he apparently murders a flirty blonde who was trying to buy a large annuity. He returns to his wife Alice a few minutes before the police arrive. Harry hides while his wife is taken to the police station. The police allow Alice to see the scene of the crime since she is desperate to find her husband innocent. Alice talks to the woman's doctor and later finds a note that convinces her it was a frame up. The police arrest Harry as he is trying to board a ship out of the country. Alice becomes convinced that the someone else was behind the murder. Eventually she figures out that the woman Harry met wasn't murdered at all. She was the murderer setting Harry up.
Louisa Horton ... Alice Martin
Patrick McVey ... Harry Martin
Haila Stoddard ... Jean Mulligan
Morton Stevens ... Capt. King
Lou Herbert ... Wallace (as Lew Hebert)
John Boruff ... Dr. Earl
Frank Rolenger ... Detective (as Frank Rollinger)
Stan Slorance ... Bodyguard
Joe Sullivan ... Policeman
Richard Robbins ... Ted Anderson
William Hawley ... Reporter
Joe Dooley ... Reporter
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 4: Dark Shadows

19 September 1950
I. B. Trane lost his sight at the hands of brutal criminal Takama while he was in Japan on military duty. Trane's sixth sense tells him the barbarian is now in New York and that has him panicked for his life. The police and the FBI tell Trane that Takama died in a prison break over a year ago, but his gut tells him otherwise.

William Redfield ... I. B. Trane

Robert H. Harris ... Takama (as Robert Harris)
Gene Lyons ... Tom Peyser

Robert Allen

Ruth McDevitt ... Sister of Mercy
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 3, Episode 5: Six to One

26 September 1950

Season 3, Episode 6: The Monkey's Paw

3 October 1950

Season 3, Episode 7: Criminals Mark

10 October 1950

Season 3, Episode 8: The Man Who Would Be King

17 October 1950

Season 3, Episode 9: Breakdown

24 October 1950

Season 3, Episode 10: Halloween Hold-Up

31 October 1950

Season 3, Episode 11: Nightmare

7 November 1950

Season 3, Episode 12: The Brush Off

14 November 1950
Ralph Farley, a struggling actor, overhears a plot to kill Roger Sherman, a powerful Hollywood agent. Ralph attempts to prevent the murder, but is thwarted by everyone from the police to Sherman himself.

Leslie Nielsen ... Ralph Farley
Mary Sinclair ... Paula

George Reeves ... Roger Sherman
Gene Lyons ... Steve

Royal Dano ... Lucky
Rex Marshall ... Announcer

Season 3, Episode 13: The Death Cards

21 November 1950

Season 3, Episode 14: The Hands of Mr. Ottermole

28 November 1950

Season 3, Episode 15: The Guy from Nowhere

5 December 1950

Season 3, Episode 16: The Mallet

12 December 1950
A bellicose huckster travels the fairs of England shilling his magic elixir. The "doctor," as he's called, is befriended by a couple in a local tavern who proceed to get him intoxicated. The husband tells Dr. Potteton that he'd love to kill his greedy brother and asks him how he could go about it without being caught. The sideshow charlatan launches into a elaborate step by step instructions on how to get away with murder.

Walter Slezak ... Dr. Potterton / Richard Morley

Cara Williams ... Nellie

Michael Shepley ... Scotland Yard Inspector
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 3, Episode 17: Dancing Dan's Christmas

19 December 1950
In the days of prohibition, jewel thief "Dancing Dan" is taken with the gorgeous speakeasy hostess. In the holiday spirit, he makes like Santa for the woman's elderly grandmother.

Season 3, Episode 18: The Tip

26 December 1950
Elaine Court recently had a heart attack and needs relaxation, but she's stressed over a strange man she claims has been lurking about. With her husband at work, she walks into the apartment one afternoon to find that stranger waiting for her. Elaine is held hostage by the armed man who says he's just waiting for her husband to get home so that he can kill him.

Stanley Ridges ... The Stranger
Felicia Montealegre ... Elaine
Theodore Newton ... George (as Ted Newton)
Julian Noa ... The Doctor

Ben Cooper ... Michael

Don Hanmer ... Salesman
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 3, Episode 19: Death in a River

2 January 1951

Season 3, Episode 20: Tough Cop

9 January 1951
Rookie cop Eddie Stone takes out his anger on suspects after Ruth, his fiancé, tells him she's fallen for another man. For two years he seethes, just hoping for the day the "other man" is brought into the police station. He finally comes face to face with the scoundrel who stole his girl--right after he's been dismissed from the force for brutal conduct.

Barry Nelson ... Eddie Stone
Katharine Bard ... Ruth Ferguson
Alan Stevenson

Robert Emhardt ... Scotty
Joe Bushkin ... Piano Player
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 3, Episode 21: The Fool's Heart

16 January 1951

Season 3, Episode 22: Dead Fall

23 January 1951

Barry Nelson ... Paul Weston

Signe Hasso ... Marilyn Roth

Robert Emhardt ... Louis
June Dayton ... Jane
Gene Lyons ... Richardson
Jack Allen ... Mr. French
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 23: The Rose Garden

30 January 1951

Season 3, Episode 24: Night Break

6 February 1951

Season 3, Episode 25: Double Entry

13 February 1951
Bookkeeper Horace Maybee has been skimming money for years from the small finance company where he works. With auditors coming in to examine the books, he's desperate to come up with $25,000 in a hurry. He goes to a bookie, puts $500 on a dog race, and wins. As he's about to get his cash, the police stage a raid and Horace runs off with a huge sack of the criminals' cash.

Robert Emhardt ... Horace Maybee
Virginia Gilmore ... Cora Maybee

Royal Dano ... Barney the Bookie
Sidney Armus ... Eddie
Julian Noa ... Mr. Rogers
Gene De Santis ... Auditor
Ruth Mundy ... Miss Arliss
Gene O'Donnell ... Auditor
Jack Allan ... Detective 'Red'
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 3, Episode 26: The Victims

20 February 1951

Season 3, Episode 27: Margin for Safety

27 February 1951

Season 3, Episode 28: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

6 March 1951
What is the connection between the eminently respectable Dr. Jekyll and the ruthlessly murderous and cruel Mr. Hyde?

Season 3, Episode 29: On a Country Road

13 March 1951
Running out of gas on a foggy back road in Maine, a couple become frightened by news reports of a murderous woman who's escaped from an asylum. Searching for help, the two take refuge in an abandoned shack. When an hysterical woman appears at the window wanting refuge, they're convinced she's the lunatic that's on the loose.
Parker Fennelly ... The Sheriff

John Forsythe ... David

Mildred Natwick ... Suspicious Woman
Mary Sinclair ... Marge

Season 3, Episode 30: Telephone Call

20 March 1951
The Haskells are throwing a drunken New Year's Eve party in their New York apartment. Next door, Everett Kelsey has had enough of tending to the bitter supposedly invalid wife who treats him like dirt. He's just poisoned the shrew when he gets an unnerving phone call; the female on the line says that she saw what he did to his wife through the window. Kelsey doesn't realizes it's a prank call from one of the Haskell's tipsy party guests.

Russell Collins ... Everett Kelsey
Phyllis Povah ... Myrtle Kelsey

Eileen Heckart ... Mrs. Haskell

Robert Emhardt ... Mortimer. Haskell
Sidney Armus

Hollis Irving
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 3, Episode 31: The Three of Silence

27 March 1951
Racketeer Frank Cadwallder isn't allowed to play cards at the speakeasy because of the huge debt he currently owes. He recruits a nobody off the street to play poker on his behalf, win their "sucker money," and split the take with him. The three gambles at the table have other plans for Frank; he's shot by one of them under the table.

Walter Slezak ... Frank Cadwallader

Betty Garde ... Eve
Mark O'Daniels ... Johnny Clay
Lawrence Fletcher

Robert Emhardt ... Arnold Sachs
Lewis Charles ... Will
Elizabeth York ... Lily
Bernard Burke
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 3, Episode 32: Go Home Dead Man

3 April 1951
Williams is a pilot who works for Scandinavian Export, flying by night to deliver unknown shipments to somewhere in the Arctic. Feeling something's fishy, he tries to quit but is strong-armed into making another flight. His bosses are smugglers and they plot his "accidental" death. When their attempt to murder him on a train fails, they plan an explosion with the help of the woman he believes is in love with him.

Jackie Cooper ... Williams
Maria Riva ... Cecilia
Barry Macollum ... Wormy
Louis Hector ... Harriman
Joseph Holland ... Mulligan

George Mathews ... Jug (as George Matthews)

James Doohan ... Peters
Viola Roache ... Old Maid
Ralph Sumpter ... Attendant
A.J. Herbert ... First Bowler
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 3, Episode 33: The Foggy Night Visitor

10 April 1951

Season 3, Episode 34: The Juiceman

17 April 1951
A committee investigating racketeering and political corruption in Chinatown fails to get Chan Sou, a local leader to cooperate. The district attorney convinces a detective and a newspaper reporter to probe further and the two men convince the old man to testify. Before Chan Zu can meet with the investigators he's murdered and his daughter becomes the target of the criminals because they believe her father confided in her before he died.

Cloris Leachman ... Margaret Sou
Edmon Ryan ... District Attorney

Robert H. Harris ... Louie Wong

Robert Emhardt ... Michael McDermott

Robert Webber ... Salty Jones

Kim Chan ... Li Po
Julian Noa ... Senator
Harry Shaw Lowe ... Chan Sou (as Harry Lowe)
Khigh Dhiegh ... Tim (as Kaie Deei)
Shizu Moriya ... Waitress

Season 3, Episode 35: Murderers' Meeting

24 April 1951
The thief who just robbed and murdered a jeweler is trying to escape the office building when the police arrive. Sneaking down the hallways, he stumbles across a meeting of the International Association of Assassins, a group of mystery writers. They mistake him for famous author Bothwell Anderson, a writer who has come to speak to the group about his newest novel.

Jackie Cooper ... Murderer

Mildred Natwick ... Nadia Demarest

Wally Cox ... Ace McCoy
Philip Tonge ... Duncan Dixon
Morton Stevens ... Policeman
Sally Hester ... Betsy Lyons
Truman Smith ... Night Watchman
Elmer Lehr ... Wilson Kittredge
Harry Mehaffey ... Bothwell Anderson
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 3, Episode 36: No Friend Like an Old Friend

1 May 1951

Season 3, Episode 37: Murder in the Ring

8 May 1951

Season 3, Episode 38: Too Hot to Live

15 May 1951
Jefferson meets Rachel, an enigmatic young waitress. One moment he has a drink with her and the next moment she's dead. Jefferson doesn't think that he did it, but if he didn't do it; who did?
Olive Deering

William Redfield (as Billy Redfield)

Season 3, Episode 39: Escape This Night

22 May 1951

Season 3, Episode 40: Vamp Till Dead

29 May 1951

Season 3, Episode 41: The Call

5 June 1951

Season 3, Episode 42: De Mortuis

12 June 1951

Season 3, Episode 43: A Killing in Abilene

19 June 1951

Season 3, Episode 44: The Greatest Crime

26 June 1951

Season 3, Episode 45: Blood on the Trumpet

3 July 1951

Season 3, Episode 46: Tent on the Beach

10 July 1951

Season 3, Episode 47: Wisteria Cottage

17 July 1951

Season 3, Episode 48: The Incident at Story Point

24 July 1951

Season 3, Episode 49: A Vision of Death

31 July 1951

Season 3, Episode 50: Killers of the City

7 August 1951

Season 3, Episode 51: Death Sabre

14 August 1951

Season 3, Episode 52: This Is Your Confession: Part 1

21 August 1951

Season 3, Episode 53: This Is Your Confession: Part 2

28 August 1951

Season 3, Episode 54: This Way Out

4 September 1951

Season 3, Episode 55: Strange for a Killer

11 September 1951

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Merryman's Murder

18 September 1951

Season 4, Episode 2: Doctor Anonymous

25 September 1951

Season 4, Episode 3: Santa Fe Flight

2 October 1951
An espionage agent on the run.

Season 4, Episode 4: High Street

9 October 1951

Season 4, Episode 5: The Fifth Dummy

16 October 1951

Season 4, Episode 6: The Train from Czechoslovakia

23 October 1951

Season 4, Episode 7: Court Day

30 October 1951

Season 4, Episode 8: Moonfleet: Part 1

6 November 1951

Season 4, Episode 9: Moonfleet: Part 2

13 November 1951

Season 4, Episode 10: Frisco Payoff

20 November 1951
Postal inspector Winters has infiltrated a criminal gang and their big plan is about to go down. A postal employee drops a $120,000 in bonds out a back window to Winters waiting in an alley. Needing time to switch the real bonds with phonies, he makes up a story about being robbed and knocked unconscious. The boss, Cruze is not amused and gives Winters two hours to find the bonds and bring them back, or be rubbed out.
Anthony Ross ... Cruze

Paul Langton ... Winters

Russell Collins ... Andrews

Harry Bellaver ... Farolo

Royal Dano ... Strang
William Greaves ... Desk Clerk
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 4, Episode 11: Mikki

27 November 1951

Season 4, Episode 12: The Far- Off House

4 December 1951
Mrs. Collins arrives at the train station in town after a long stay with her mother. Despite the storm that's raging, her husband being away, and, she learns, a killer on the loose, she's determined to get back to her isolated house. Once home, the phone goes dead, the lights go out, and she realizes she's not alone.

Judith Evelyn ... Mrs. Collins
Douglass Watson ... Charlie (as Douglas Watson)

Henry Jones ... Man at Train Station
Kathleen Comegys ... Charlie's Mother
Allen Tower (as Allan Tower)
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 4, Episode 13: Mediation in Mexico

11 December 1951

Season 4, Episode 14: Pier 17

18 December 1951
The dock workers who load nitroglycerin onto freighters at Pier 17 are on edge. A recent explosion at the harbor killed four men and the FBI believes it was sabotage by an insider. Dave Delaney and his foreman, with their eyes peeled for trouble, have decided the new guy is really a G-man working on the case. The true saboteur initially goes unnoticed.

Paul Langton ... Dave Delaney
Lawrence Fletcher ... Crandall
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

James Gregory ... Al Bonner (uncredited)

Joe Mantell ... Happy (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 15: The Lonely Place

25 December 1951

Season 4, Episode 16: Routine Patrol

1 January 1952

Season 4, Episode 17: Flare Week

8 January 1952

Season 4, Episode 18: The Spider

15 January 1952
Scientists Bob and Muriel Torres honeymoon in rural Florida. Despite being warned that a professor and his son had gotten lost in the nearby swamp and were never seen again, Muriel goes exploring alone. With night approaching, she stumbles upon a shack inhabited by a blind former explorer. Muriel's fear escalates when the doctor shows off the two shrunken heads he made himself; he learned the skill directly from jungle natives.
Olive Deering ... Muriel Torres

Arnold Moss ... Dr. Roger Entwistle

Season 4, Episode 19: The Red Signal

22 January 1952
A supposedly fake medium is hired to a conduct a séance so Sir Alington, a psychiatrist, can observe a patient under stress. She warns the doctor, Clair and her husband Jack to avoid their homes because they are in danger. Her premonition turns out to be true because of insanity, murder, and secret loves.

Tom Helmore ... Dermot West

Beatrice Straight ... Claire Trent
Peter Cookson ... Jack Trent
Noel Leslie ... Sir Alington West
Isobel Elsom ... Mrs. Cattermole
Ian Martin ... Inspector Verall
Philippa Bevans ... Violet Everleigh
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 4, Episode 20: Death Drum

29 January 1952
The mayor of a French town reveals the identities of underground members, he says, to save the country from destruction by the invading Nazis. Having been moved to a neutral country, he's quickly kidnapped by allies and carried to the home of an English gentlemen to be executed as a traitor.
Herbert Berghof ... Durand

Ian Keith
Wright King ... Harvey Johnson
Maria Riva ... Liza

Season 4, Episode 21: Betrayal in Vienna

5 February 1952

Claude Dauphin ... Redl
Ernest Graves ... Aide

Robert H. Harris ... Ramovsky
Irja Jensen ... Trinka
Herbert Ratner ... Prisoner

Season 4, Episode 22: North of Shanghai

12 February 1952
American medical missionaries Dr. Paul Morgan and his wife are told to leave China as the Communists advance on the city. When he refuses, a Communist general kills his own wife who's under the doctor's care, then charges Morgan with murder and sentences him to death. The surgeon's execution is unexpectedly postponed when he's ordered to perform an emergency operation.

Thomas Mitchell ... Dr. Paul Morgan

Robert H. Harris ... General Chu
Dorothy Peterson ... Mrs. Morgan
Shizu Moriya
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 4, Episode 23: Summer Night

19 February 1952

Season 4, Episode 24: Night Drive

26 February 1952
Mrs. Haley takes her horse to blacksmith Bob to have its shoes checked since she'll be traveling alone by buggy to meet her husband at the train station. She's delighted when Dr. Tabor, whose wife was one of two women murdered in the woods along the way, asks if his sister can ride along. As they approach the spot of the two unsolved crimes, the behavior of Mrs. Haley's passenger becomes unsettling.

Robert H. Harris ... Dr. Tabor

Brian Keith ... Bob (as Robert Keith Jr.)
Neva Patterson ... Mrs. Haley

Season 4, Episode 25: Day of Infamy

4 March 1952

Season 4, Episode 26: Four Days to Kill

11 March 1952
Johnny, a professional assassin with a hair-trigger temper, is sent by his boss to Havana to do a job. His target is his former mentor, Barney Moyer, the man who taught him everything he knows about killing. That's why the intended victim knows Johnny will spend three days watching him and move in for the kill on the fourth; Barney anticipates Johnny's every move.
Joseph Buloff ... Jose Diante

Brian Keith ... Johnny (as Robert Keith Jr.)

Robert Emhardt ... Bruce
Lewis Charles ... Barney Moyer
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer
Madeleine Sherwood ... Sally (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 27: The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Part 1

18 March 1952

Season 4, Episode 28: The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Part 2

25 March 1952

Season 4, Episode 29: Black Panther

8 April 1952
A criminal uses a rare doll store as the front for his diamond smuggling racket. A detective stars snooping around after a man carrying a doll is shot in the subway and the murderer steals the doll's arm. The mobster gets wise to the cop, and to an inside job being pulled by people he trusts.

Chester Morris ... Edwards
Olive Deering ... Mrs. Edwards

James Gregory ... Jerry
Allen Tower ... Pops (as Allan Tower)
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 30: Night of Evil

15 April 1952

Pat Crowley (as Patricia Crowley)

Skip Homeier

Henry Hull

Season 4, Episode 31: Alibi Me

22 April 1952
Ex-con Georgie Lennox has been tormented his entire life by Leo Whaley who's now out and moving in on his punch-board racket. Finally pushed too far, he stabs Leo to death. Knowing he'll be the prime suspect when Leo doesn't check in with his parole officer, Georgie goes in search of an airtight alibi. Desperate, he turns to the wife he'd walked out on earlier. Despite her cooperation, Georgie is undone by a delivery boy bringing a giant sucker from Leo.

Don Hanmer ... Georgie Lennox
Lawrence Fletcher ... Det. Harkin

Gaby Rodgers ... Joanie Lennox

Rod Steiger ... Leo Whaley
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 32: The Purloined Letter

29 April 1952
In 1880 France, wealthy Danielle is determined that her husband, Victor, becomes a success in politics. She pays 2 million francs to the elderly Premiere Marcord to name Victor the minister of justice and, in exchange, he writes her a note guaranteeing the job. The unscrupulous Marin, who presently holds that title, steals the letter and threatens to make it public and destroy Marcord. It is up to Danielle to find the letter and save the government.
Mary Sinclair ... Danielle

Arnold Moss ... Paul Marin

Edgar Stehli ... Premiere Marcord
Douglass Watson ... Victor (as Douglas Watson)

Leon Askin ... Ramon

Henry Beckman ... Aide
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Joseph Campanella ... (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 33: The Mandarin Murders

6 May 1952

Season 4, Episode 34: The Corsage

13 May 1952

Brian Keith ... Lt. Jim Connor (as Robert Keith Jr.)
Brandon Peters ... Sgt. Spivac
Lawrence Fletcher ... Captain Merriman
Celia Johnson ... Kathy (as Elizabeth Johnson)
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Joseph Campanella ... Townsman (uncredited)
Wesley Lau ... Frank Orbach (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 35: Hunted Down

20 May 1952

Season 4, Episode 36: The Debt

27 May 1952
A young drifter is robbed by two other hobos after hopping off a train. Making his way to a country store, he's offered refuge from the rain by the young woman and her father who run the business. During the night the store is robbed and the old man is murdered. The drifter's first instinct is to run, but he quickly figures out who the real murderers are.

Conrad Janis ... Sprad

Brian Keith ... Idaho (as Robert Keith Jr.)
Rusty Lane ... Jesse

Paul Ford ... Allison
Connie Clausen ... Martha
Allen Tower ... Ellis (as Allan Tower)
William Sharon ... Sheriff
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 37: Murder of Necessity

3 June 1952

Season 4, Episode 38: House of Masks

10 June 1952
Anna, a delicate and unstable young woman, despises having her life controlled by her older, practical sister. The sister is ready sign the papers to have Anna committed after she hires a mysterious young poet to be the gardener and plies him with cash. Billy has a history of being involved with young women who suddenly die.

Geraldine Fitzgerald ... Anna

William Redfield ... Billy

Ann Shoemaker ... Anna's Sister

Hollis Irving ... The Maid
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 4, Episode 39: Phantom of the Riveria

17 June 1952

Season 4, Episode 40: Night of Reckoning

24 June 1952

Season 4, Episode 41: Fifty Beautiful Girls

1 July 1952

Season 4, Episode 42: For the Love of Randi

15 July 1952
Dr. Ted Larson's engagement to head nurse Randi Sloan is getting under the skin of Dr. David Bonnell, her ex-lover and current roommate of Ted. When a box of candy arrives one morning, supposedly from Randi, David and a neighbor kid try a piece and both become extremely sick from arsenic poisoning. Accusations of attempted murder fly between the members of the love triangle as each accuses the other of poisoning the candy.

Darren McGavin ... Ted Larson
Jack Manning ... David Bonnell
Rita Lynn ... Randi Sloan
Martin Newman ... Walter

Edwin Cooper ... Sheriff Vreeland
Mimi Strongin ... Daisy
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 4, Episode 43: The Crooked Frame

29 July 1952
Kelly Davis, the unscrupulous creator of "Sally Forth" comic books, announces she's retiring the character. This move puts her resentful staff of cartoonists out of work. She offers Webb the chance to write the stories for her "new idea"--an idea she's stealing from him. Kelly is found dead the next morning, and Webb is the obvious suspect.

Richard Kiley ... Webb Wilson
Neva Patterson ... Kelly Davis
Dean Harens ... Johnny
Lois Wheeler ... Ann
Kurt Katch ... Boris
Harold Gary ... Sam Holmes
Gene Anton ... Lieutenant
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 4, Episode 44: Death Cargo

5 August 1952

Season 4, Episode 45: Remember Me?

12 August 1952
A former high-school basketball star, now broke and reduced to committing small-time hold-ups, kills an old man. With the police after him, he hides out in the apartment of a lonely woman who once had a crush on him in his high-school days.

Cloris Leachman ... Ruth Shaw

Martin E. Brooks ... Harry Raymond (as Martin Brooks)
Frieda Altman ... Mrs. Liebowitz
Henry Sharp ... Mr. Liebowitz
Eva Condon ... Mrs. Dooley
Rex Marshall ... Rex Marshall - Host

Season 4, Episode 46: Her Last Adventure

19 August 1952
Eva, a wealthy middle-aged woman, marries a man she barely knows and moves into his family estate, a dark, run-down mansion on the Massachusetts coast. She learns James was recently engaged to a young woman, but he dismisses it as an unimportant mistake. Investigating noises in the cellar, she finds the corpse of a young woman, half-buried in the coal pile.

Arlene Francis ... Eva

Lloyd Bridges ... James
Rex Marshall ... Announcer

Season 4, Episode 47: Woman in Love

26 August 1952
A female secret agent operating in 1952 Budapest is preoccupied with her upcoming marriage. In her thoughtlessness, she loses a valuable document resulting in her life being in jeopardy.

Season 4, Episode 48: The Old Lady of Bayeux

2 September 1952
Cécile Ledru, the companion of a rich widow, Joséphine Crozier, calls the police when she finds her dead body at the estate of her nephew, where they were staying. Mrs. Crozier has apparently died of a heart attack but Maigret, the investigating police inspector is not convinced...

Season 4, Episode 49: Call from a Killer

9 September 1952

Season 4, Episode 50: The Return of Dr. Bourdette

16 September 1952

Season 4, Episode 51: Set-Up for Death

23 September 1952
Mobster Kip Caley is released from prison after serving ten years and proclaims he's "going straight." His old criminal cronies, however, intend to involve him in a hold-up after breaking his resolve to stay honest. Boss McLean gets him a greeters job at a hotel restaurant where he falls for a woman who works there. Her intention to help Kip by warning the police about the impending robbery put Kip's life on the line.
Mary Sinclair ... Julie

Brian Keith ... Kip Caley (as Robert Keith Jr.)

Robert Emhardt ... Mr. McLean

John Marley ... Joe Foley
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 4, Episode 52: The Beach of Falesa

30 September 1952
Wiltshire is the third man sent by a trading company to work on a small Polynesian island; the previous two had strangely died. Upon arriving he encounters his competitor, Case, a man determined to keep the island to himself. Months later after Wiltshire marries a native woman, the natives refuse to trade with him because Case has convinced the superstitious people that the woman is "taboo" and cursed. Wiltshire refuses to leave the island as Case wants and takes him on in the jungle.

John Forsythe ... Wiltshire

Russell Collins ... Case

Robert H. Harris ... Captain Randall
Rosemary Pettit ... Anna
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 4, Episode 53: The Man in the Mirror

7 October 1952

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: Blue Panther

14 October 1952
Detective Ben Shaley has been hired to guard The Blue Panther, a valuable painting on loan to a gallery. During the invitation-only preview, both the painting and the necklace of a society art patron are stolen. The gallery's owner, Drexel Courtney, is willing to pay $15,000 for the painting's safe return. Shaley's attempts to negotiate with the thieves becomes an ordeal beach each is trying to double-cross the other.

Phyllis Brooks ... Marjorie Standish
Erik Rhodes ... Drexel Courtney

Michael Strong ... Ben Shaley

Bruce Gordon ... Edward Malloy
Gene Anton ... Lenny (as Gene Anton Jr.)
Michael Garrett ... Bannerman
Tom Avera ... Walsh

Michael V. Gazzo ... Handler (as Michael Gazzo)
Gina Petrushka ... Baroness (as Gina Petroushka)
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 2: The Man Who Had Seven Hours

21 October 1952

Season 5, Episode 3: All Hallow's Eve

28 October 1952
In 1880s London, Mr. Markheim stabs to death a pawnbroker whose wealth he has long envied. Markheim says he intends take some of the businessman's riches, marry, and become a saintly man. An otherworldly visitor who knows Markheim intimately informs him that he will never change his evil ways and therefore should kill again.

Franchot Tone ... Markheim
Romney Brent ... Friendly Visitor
Francis Compton ... Dealer
Penny Hayes ... First Urchin
Patricia Byrd ... Girl
Douglas Jay ... Second Urchin
Bobby Catanio ... Urchin
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 4: The Moving Target

11 November 1952
Based on the true story of a Hungarian sharpshooter at the 1952 Olympic Games, this episode focused on an athlete whose father is held as collateral so that the athlete will not try to defect to the west. At the end of the program, a public service announcement for Radio Free Europe is heard.
Joseph Anthony ... Zevich
Wolfe Barzell ... Mr. Darvas
Rudy Bond ... Stephan
Irja Jensen ... Maria

Bert Remsen ... Guard
Kalle Ruusunen ... Hans
Jamie Smith ... Peter Darvas

Season 5, Episode 5: Monsieur Vidocq

18 November 1952
A series of thefts at France's national museum threatens to become an international issue. Scotland Yard sends Williams to Paris to request help from the city's renowned, retired police commissioner, Monsieur Vidocq. Vidocq sets up a meeting with a highly-placed criminal who can lead them to the guilty, while also arranging for Williams to be killed when they all meet at a dangerous, seedy bar.
Luis Van Rooten ... Monsieur Vidocq

Jacques Aubuchon ... Monseiur Henri

Nigel Green ... Mr. Williams
Francis Bethencourt ... Marquis De Villiers

Henry Lascoe ... George
Diane De Brett ... Countess Bari
Alfred Leberfeld ... Gendarme
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 6: The Whispering Killer

25 November 1952

Season 5, Episode 7: A Time of Innocence

2 December 1952
Middle-aged Henry wants to divorce his London wife, Carol, and return home to America, but she intends to keep all of their savings. After striking up a romance with his young secretary, Henry sends out announcements saying Carol has unexpectedly died on an American trip. A friend of Carol's finds this suspicious and goes to Scotland Yard, forcing Henry and his secretary to hop a boat incognito and head across the Atlantic.

Thomas Mitchell ... Henry Brown

Patricia Hitchcock ... Esther Stone (as Pat Hitchcock)
Guy Spaull ... Inspector Palmer
Louise Larabee ... Carol Brown
Jock McGraw ... Sea Captain
William Roerick ... Monard (as William Roewich)
Harold J. Kennedy ... Policeman

Doris Roberts ... Woman
John W. Austin ... Printer
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 8: The Girl Who Saw Tomorrow

9 December 1952

Season 5, Episode 9: The Tortured Hand

16 December 1952

Season 5, Episode 10: The Deadly Lamb

23 December 1952

Season 5, Episode 11: The Invisible Killer

30 December 1952
Pilot Dan Crowley is grounded by his doctor for his intense behavior. A delusional man who's constantly trying to prove himself, he believes the doctor's daughter should be his, even though she is happily engaged to his boss. When the couple and the doctor go for a hunting trip in the woods, Dan follows and, at night, begins firing on their cabin using a rifle with an infrared scope.

Jackie Cooper ... Dan Crowley

John Dall ... Jim
Anne Sargent ... Mary

Roy Roberts ... Doc
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 5, Episode 12: Little Camorra

6 January 1953

Season 5, Episode 13: Mr. Matches

13 January 1953
An arsonist-for-hire dubbed "Mr. Matches" has been been torching buildings all around the city. Bernard Frank, head of the fire bureau, knows who he's looking for because he's spotted in the crowd at each of his jobs admiring his work. To catch "Mr. Matches" in the act, the department has an ex-con hire him to take down a building they're monitoring. His capture becomes personal after Frank's son is killed in one of the arsonist's fires.

Warren Stevens ... Bernard Frank

Henry Jones ... Mr. Matches
Eleanor Wilson ... Betty Frank
Bert Thorn ... McBride
Archie Smith ... Weasel
Arthur Marlowe ... Wilson
Donald Harris ... Joey Frank
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 14: Vacancy for Death

20 January 1953
Clara and Sam Warren own a run-down boarding house which acts as a front for their real business: arranging for their boarders to have "accidents." One particular evening, Sam and a partner bring home a renter, knock him out cold and turn on the gas. It finally becomes clear to Clara what type of man her husband really is.

Joan Blondell ... Clara
Steven Elliott ... Sam

Dorothy Hart ... Miss Barry
Oliver Thorndike ... Jojo
Douglas Taylor ... Addams
Elliott Martin ... Intern
Don Kennedy ... First Cop
George McCoy ... Second Cop
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 15: Career

27 January 1953

Fay Bainter ... Natalie MacLaird

Martin Brandt ... Mr. Forelich
Miriam Goldina ... Mrs. Froelich
Nina Hansen ... Janitress
Christopher Kane ... Man at newstand

Murray Matheson ... Harry Spencer
Tonio Selwart ... Hans

Season 5, Episode 16: Mutiny Below

3 February 1953
After saving the chief engineer's life, Danny and Snow are hired as watch officers on a rusty steamer traveling the Indian Ocean. Reading a newspaper story about a stolen diamond being smuggled into Australia, the boiler room crew becomes convinced that Danny and Snow have the jewel. They stage a mutiny, even though the old ship is about to sink.

Eddie Albert ... Danny Maguire

Murray Hamilton ... Snow Pearson
Cameron Prud'Homme ... McBeth
Basil Howes ... Slops
Lee Madden ... Buck Wales
Glen Gordon ... Crew Mate (as Glen Charles Gordon)
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 17: A Study in Stone

10 February 1953

Season 5, Episode 18: The Quarry

17 February 1953
After preventing a stranger from being shot outside of his hotel, widower Don Ashley realizes why a pair of thugs have been trailing him for days--the goons had the two similar-looking men confused. The man he saved, Gorden, had the misfortune of witnessing a mob hit and they want to silence the only man who saw what they did. With the deadly duo staking out the lobby, Don hides his face and races past the pair. Again mistaking Don for their actual prey, the two give chase. This should give Gorden the chance to contact the police and tell his story.

Jeffrey Lynn ... Don Ashley

James Daly ... Gorden

Robert Middleton ... Bill West

Andrew Duggan ... Det. Lewis

Tige Andrews ... 1st Thug
Richard Garth ... 2nd Thug
Maurice Manson ... Bartender
Adnia Rice ... Fat Woman
James Reese ... Hallman
David Kerman ... Policeman
John Farrell ... Drunk
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 19: They Haven't Killed Me Yet

24 February 1953

Season 5, Episode 20: The Kiss-Off

3 March 1953
Tom Walker, an ex-convict who was wrongly convicted and just released, holds up a tax office and leaves behind an obvious clue as to his identity. He gives the bag of money to his patient girlfriend and sends her ahead to Florida saying he'll join her soon. Soon enough, he gets the expected visit from the DA and cop who wrongly convicted him. Tom intends to make fools of his former persecutors.

Jack Palance ... Tom Walker
Virginia Baker ... Ellen
Peter Hobbs ... Cooper
Victor Thorley ... District Attorney
Allen Tower ... Bennett (as Alan Tower)
Janet Fox ... Miss Taylor
Leonard Barry ... Cabbie
Harry Davis ... Blind Man
Joey Fallon ... Little Boy
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 5, Episode 21: The Legend of Lizzie

10 March 1953

Season 5, Episode 22: The Black Prophet

17 March 1953
Convinced that the sinister "Mad Monk" Rasputin will bring about the fall of Russia with his growing power over the royal family, a group of noblemen take action. Serge Soudekine invites Rasputin to his home and fills the prophet with a enough poisoned wine and cakes to kill twenty men. This succeeds only in making him tipsy. In desperation, Serge pulls out his gun and fires repeatedly. That should put an end to the madman.

Boris Karloff ... Rasputin

Leslie Nielsen ... Serge Soudekine
Howard Ledig ... Grand Duke Nicholas
Carl Don ... Doctor

Season 5, Episode 23: Portrait of Constance

24 March 1953
A newlywed accompanies her detective husband on the search for a long-missing woman, whom he once was madly in love with. A reported sighting takes Burt and Sally Hastings to a resort town where a bust of Constance awaits them in their cabin. As Burt races to see the sculptor, Sally realizes her husband's still mesmerized by the young lady. The artist confesses that the model was indeed Constance, his wife, and that he jealously murdered her.

Ann Rutherford ... Sally Hastings
Hugh Reilly ... Burt Hastings

Murvyn Vye ... Arthur Clymer
Doro Merande ... Mrs. Harriet Willman
Morton Stevens ... Higgins
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 24: Death in the Cave

31 March 1953

Season 5, Episode 25: Kiss Me Again, Stranger

14 April 1953
A serial killer is on the loose in 1946 London with five victims so far. Elderly Mrs. Thompson rents a room to a secretive young Tim Matthews and is convinced he's the murderer. She calls police after discovering a knife in his room. Meanwhile, Tim has taken a young woman he's obsessed with on a picnic in the country. Having been discharged from the Royal Air Force for physical reasons, he's insanely jealous of her former boyfriend, a strapping man who had served during the war.
Maria Riva ... Anna Hoffmann

Richard Waring ... Tim Matthews
Esther Mitchell ... Emma Thompson
Denis Green ... Chief Inspector Dale
J.P. Wilson ... Harry Thompson

Stephen Courtleigh ... Police Sergeant
Rex Marshall ... Himself

Season 5, Episode 26: The Duel

21 April 1953
Madeleine does not care for Raoul, the officer her father intends for her to marry. Instead, she loves Lt. Andre Duport. Her father intends to send her back to Paris and put a stop to their affair. The jilted Raoul challenges Andre to an unusual duel--only one of the pistols will be loaded and each aimed just three inches from the heart. When the time comes to prove he's more than just words, Raoul proves to be a crafty coward.

Eva Gabor ... Madeleine De Rochefort
Roger Dann ... Lt. Andre Duport

Arnold Moss ... Col. De Rochefort
Harold Gordon ... Lt. Raoul Stamm
Charles Andre ... Major Longville
Rene Paul ... Capt. Tourel

Peter Mark Richman ... Young Officer (as Mark Richman)
Rex Marshall ... Announcer

Season 5, Episode 27: F.O.B. Vienna

28 April 1953
Lawrence Stevens, an American engineer, accompanies a shipment of lathes to an electrical factory in Vienna. A female reporter tells him about the huge black market for industrial machinery from the West. Corrupt businessmen are only too happy to sell products to the Communists and that his lathes are heading behind the iron Curtain to Poland.
Clement Fowler ... Kremer (as Clem Fowler)

Mike Kellin ... Herr Wohler
E.A. Krumschmidt ... Herr Ploss

Walter Matthau ... Lawrence Stevens

Jayne Meadows ... Helen Brady

Robert Webber ... James Forsythe

Season 5, Episode 28: The Suitor

5 May 1953

Season 5, Episode 29: The Death of an Editor

12 May 1953

Season 5, Episode 30: Come Into My Parlor

19 May 1953

Season 5, Episode 31: The Adventure of the Black Baronet

26 May 1953

Season 5, Episode 32: The Queen's Ring

2 June 1953

Season 5, Episode 33: The Man Who Cried Wolf

9 June 1953
An attaché working at the Russian embassy in Mexico is about to be called home for becoming too friendly with the freedom-loving locals. In exchange for asylum, he frantically tries to interest a newspaper and the Justice Department in papers showing a communist conspiracy involving some in the Mexican government. No one believes him because of the propaganda he tried to peddle them the year before.

Martin E. Brooks ... Meros Leckow (as Martin Brooks)
Marian Winters ... Lilja
David J. Stewart ... Cardozas (as David Stewart)
Logan Ramsey ... Rivera
Gilbert Green ... Editor
Jack Carron ... Pepe
Fred Sadoff ... Zapotin
Joe Abdullah ... Alvarez
Darryl Richard ... Ivan
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 34: See No Evil

16 June 1953

Season 5, Episode 35: The Signal Man

23 June 1953

Season 5, Episode 36: The Fury of Señorita Gomez

30 June 1953

Season 5, Episode 37: The Mascot

7 July 1953

Season 5, Episode 38: The Dutch Schultz Story

14 July 1953

Season 5, Episode 39: Pigeons in the Cave

21 July 1953

Season 5, Episode 40: The Dance

28 July 1953
Joan Hale first sees the Charleston performed at a society party on a visit to the South. During her stay, she and Charlie fall in love despite his engagement to the scheming Marie. Gunshots interrupt the dance and Marie is found upstairs--murdered. Though Charlie is the prime suspect, several others has ample motivation to pull the trigger.

John Baragrey ... Charles Kincaid
Katharine Bard ... Joan Hale
June Walker ... Aunt Kate
Sally Gracie ... Catherine Jones
Elizabeth York ... Marie Bannerman
G. Albert Smith ... Sheriff

William Smithers ... Joe Cable
Rex Marshall ... Himself - Announcer

Season 5, Episode 41: Vial of Death

4 August 1953

Season 5, Episode 42: Point Blank

11 August 1953

Season 5, Episode 43: Nightmare at Ground Zero

18 August 1953
The Nevada Proving Ground is set for another nuclear bomb blast at 4AM. A harried artist is rushing to finish the mannequins he's been hired to construct that will populate a house at ground zero. His nagging wife, who does nothing but complain about his work, finally pushes him over the edge. As contracted, he delivers five "people" to the house that's about to be destroyed.

O.Z. Whitehead ... George Vance
Louise Larabee ... Helen
Calvin Thomas ... Colonel
Lonny Chapman ... Tom (as Lonnie Chapman)

Pat Hingle ... Ted
Ken Buckridge ... Radio Announcer
Robert Willey ... Joe
Henry Garrett ... Frank
Cy Chermak ... Moe
Norman Shelley ... Butch
Mort Marshall ... Electrician
Wyrley Birch ... Painter (as Wyrly Birch)
Rex Marshall ... Announcer

Season 5, Episode 44: Death in the Passing

25 August 1953

Season 5, Episode 45: Paradise Junction

1 September 1953

Season 5, Episode 46: Reign of Terror

8 September 1953

Season 5, Episode 47: The Darkest Night

15 September 1953

Season 5, Episode 48: The Riddle of Mayerling

22 September 1953

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1: The Sister

29 September 1953

Season 6, Episode 2: Death at Skirkerud Pond

6 October 1953

Quentin Reynolds ... Narrator

Season 6, Episode 3: The Accounting

13 October 1953

Season 6, Episode 4: The Valley of the Kings

20 October 1953

Season 6, Episode 5: The Others

27 October 1953

Season 6, Episode 6: The Interruption

3 November 1953

Season 6, Episode 7: Needle in a Haystack

10 November 1953

Season 6, Episode 8: The Newcomer

17 November 1953

Season 6, Episode 9: My Short Walk to Freedom

24 November 1953

Season 6, Episode 10: Laugh It Off

1 December 1953

Season 6, Episode 11: The Dance

8 December 1953

Season 6, Episode 12: Cagliostro and the Chess Player

15 December 1953

Season 6, Episode 13: The Gift of Fear

22 December 1953

Paul Hartman

Dennis O'Keefe (as Bud Flannagan)

Season 6, Episode 14: Mr. Nobody

29 December 1953

Season 6, Episode 15: Diamonds in the Sky

5 January 1954

Season 6, Episode 16: The Scrap Iron Curtain

12 January 1954

Season 6, Episode 17: The Haunted

19 January 1954

Season 6, Episode 18: An Affair with a Ghost

26 January 1954

Season 6, Episode 19: The Man Who Wouldn't Talk

2 February 1954

Season 6, Episode 20: The Moonstone

9 February 1954

Season 6, Episode 21: The Execution

16 February 1954

Season 6, Episode 22: Death on the Screen

23 February 1954

Season 6, Episode 23: I Do Solemnly Swear

2 March 1954

Season 6, Episode 24: Before the Act

9 March 1954

Season 6, Episode 25: The Fourth Degree

16 March 1954

Season 6, Episode 26: The Tenth Reunion

23 March 1954

Season 6, Episode 27: Torment

30 March 1954

Season 6, Episode 28: Open Transom

6 April 1954

Season 6, Episode 29: Operation: Barracuda

13 April 1954

Frank Marth ... Lt. Captain Richter

Otto Preminger ... Captain von Weissenborn

Dana Wynter ... Patricia Richter

Season 6, Episode 30: The Return Journey

20 April 1954

Season 6, Episode 31: The Terror Begins

27 April 1954

Season 6, Episode 32: Smoke

4 May 1954

Bart Burns ... Virginius
Kenny Delmar ... Doc West

Pat Hingle ... Young Raineford

E.G. Marshall ... Gavin Stevens
George Mitchell ... Granby Mardis
G. Albert Smith ... Judge Dukinfield

Season 6, Episode 33: Operation Nightmare

11 May 1954

Season 6, Episode 34: Breakout

18 May 1954

Season 6, Episode 35: Fingerprints

25 May 1954

Season 6, Episode 36: Race Against Murder

1 June 1954

Season 6, Episode 37: North Side

8 June 1954

Season 6, Episode 38: The Pistol Shot

15 June 1954

Season 6, Episode 39: String

22 June 1954

Season 6, Episode 40: The Hunted

29 June 1954

Ward Bond ... Bill Meeker

John Kerr ... Derek Howard
Jane Dufrayne ... Sylvia Mason (as Jane Du Frayne)
Steve Parker ... John Mason

Season 6, Episode 41: The Girl in Car Thirty-two

6 July 1954

Edie Adams (as Edith Adams)

Gene Barry

Season 6, Episode 42: Conversation at an Inn

13 July 1954

Season 6, Episode 43: Once a Killer

20 July 1954

Season 6, Episode 44: Main Feature: Death

27 July 1954

Season 6, Episode 45: The Last Stand

3 August 1954

Season 6, Episode 46: The Iron Cop

10 August 1954

Season 6, Episode 47: Barn Burning

17 August 1954

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