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One of the early anthologies on TV
fandbnoir4 February 2007
I have fond memories of this show, which starred Paul Tripp and his wife who played various roles with other actors making guest appearances. This was one of the earliest anthology-type shows on TV. The show was geared to children in grade school and each week they would make a trip to a different part of history or the world with the appropriate historical figures being encountered. They began each trip on a small improvised train. By today's standards it would be crude, but back then it was entertaining even in B&W and was somewhat educational to boot. The show opened with a jingle about Mr. I. Magination and for kids it was enchanting. Too much time has passed and I can't recall any of the episodes, but if anyone knows whether this show is available on DVD or VHS, please leave a message. I know they made kinescopes back in those days, but whether they were preserved is another question.
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Mr. I. Magination
Anthony Virgilio22 January 2011
Too many years have passed since Mr. I. entertained me and my peers. I do remember anxiously awaiting, but not anticipating, the theme of the next show. It was always a surprise to see the inventiveness of the writers although the only thing clear in my memory is the miniature train, with Mister Tripp as the engineer, disappearing into whatever scenery was deemed appropriate for the evening's telecast. Through the years of adolescence and on into adulthood the show's theme song, lyric and melody, have perpetually haunted my memory

Now, I may be wrong, but if memory serves I believe the lyric to the song went as follows:

I wish I were I wish I were I wish I were just tell me, I promise you it will come true whatever you wish you wish you were.

Someone in the cast would say, "I wish I were Abraham Lincoln", or "I wish I were George Washington", and then Paul Tripp and company would segue into whatever theme was appropriate for that particular show. Very entertaining for a nine year old with a vivid imagination.
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A delightful children's show which is a bit like Mister Roger's Neighborhood
robin-4518210 October 2017
I gave this a 5 as an adult looking back. The child I remember myself as being would give it a 10. I was fascinated by trains so the set-up of the show was perfect. As an adult I am a big fan of Fred Rogers and see similarities between Mister Roger's Neighborhood and this show. The train as a device to signify a change of mood, direction, etc is similar to Mister Roger's trolley. Also, I remember the hosts manner as being very calm, warm and comforting - as with Mister Rogers. The conclusion, as I remember it, was not unlike Mister Rogers - a song and an affirmation of the child viewer's worth. Might have included an assurance that he would be back which would have been the Mister Roger's Trifecta. As I remember the song: Time is a wastin' and so I must hasten to go now. It's been a pleasure, a very great pleasure to be with you today. (and the phrase - same as at the beginning - "Mister I-Magination: the man with the magic reputation.")
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