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6 Jan. 1955
Dan Reid's Sacrifice
The Lone Ranger and Tonto become increasingly frustrated over a series of horse rustling incidents in the area. After two weeks they are no closer to identifying the gang responsible.
13 Jan. 1955
Enfield Rifle
Mr Vale, the local Indian agent at Fort Manning gets word an Army pay shipment is arriving the next day. He alerts the local Indians and arranges for them to steal the money and use it to buy guns. The Lone Ranger must stop Vale and the Indians if he wishes to avoid a full blown Indian War.
20 Jan. 1955
The School Story
The town of Rugged Gap has raised money for a new school. Tonto is wrongly accused of stealing the money when a group of men disguised as Indians steal the funds. The Lone Ranger is outraged at the theft and realizes he needs to clear Tonto's name.
27 Jan. 1955
The Quiet Highwayman
The town of Bakerville has been terrorized by the "Quiet Highwayman' The local law is powerless to to stop the attacks. The Lone Ranger is called in by the United States Marshall to try and apprehend them.
3 Feb. 1955
Heritage of Treason
Ace Martin and Windy, two confidence men approach a local land owner Mr Halsted with a scheme that could see Mr Halsted owning the entire Arizona territory. The Lone Ranger must stop the scheme before Mr Halsted loses everything he owns.
10 Feb. 1955
The Lost Chalice
The Lone Ranger and Tonto stop to visit their old friend 'The padre' to see what they could do to help with a lack of water. While there, an old chalice is stolen from the Church. As the Lone Ranger tries to discover who stole the cup, it becomes apparent there is something far more valuable at stake.
17 Feb. 1955
Code of the Pioneers
A ruthless town boss arranges a wave of robbery and murder to discredit the town marshal and steals the printing equipment of an unsupportive newspaper to get his candidate for sheriff elected.
24 Feb. 1955
The Law Lady
The Lone Ranger discovers that the sheriff of Gunstock has been murdered and his widow has taken his place. Tonto and the Lone Ranger head for town to try and solve the murder.
3 Mar. 1955
Uncle Ed
The Lone Ranger and Tonto encounter and old man, uncle Ed and explain he needs to keep an eye out for Lefty Mott's gang. Uncle Ed feels there is a chance for him to prove his usefulness again and goes after the gang.
10 Mar. 1955
Jornada Del Muerto
The Lone Ranger come across a scout wounded and dying from an Indian attack. Before he dies he tells the Lone Ranger that a white man who has gone native and now called Crazy Wolf was responsible.
17 Mar. 1955
Sunstroke Mesa
Dan rides into Mesa City to make a donation to the local town for their irrigation project. Before the money is secured it is stolen. Dan rides after the outlaws to try and get the money back. The Lone Ranger realizes the danger Dan is in and the need to catch the criminals.
24 Mar. 1955
Sawtelle Saga's End
The Lone Ranger on the trail of two slippery masked robbers find they are the nephews of a ostensibly law abiding woman who cynically manages the nephew's criminal activities.
31 Mar. 1955
The Too-Perfect Signature
A change in railway planning makes the ranch owned by Tom Tabor extremely valuable. A number of people heavily invested in where the railway is to run become extremely interested in purchasing Tom's ranch.
7 Apr. 1955
Trigger Finger
The Lone Ranger and sheriff John Trent find a stage with a dead driver and the gold on board missing. Following the trail left by the outlaws, they find and shoot Hook Mason. The local newspaper begin a campaign against the sheriff accusing him of shooting an innocent man.
14 Apr. 1955
The Tell-Tale Bullet
While visiting the town of Jarvis, the Lone Ranger learns that the outlaw Cash Nasby has been released from jail. The Lone Ranger does not believe Nasby could by reformed in just two years and decides to follow him and see what he is planning.
21 Apr. 1955
False Accusations
The Lone Ranger gets word that the town of Rock Point New Mexico is being terrorized by a strange midnight rider who has been staging hold ups all over New Mexico. The Lone Ranger decides to investigate.
28 Apr. 1955
Gold Freight
Dan reports a freight line war between two agents is developing in Eagle City. The Lone Ranger fears one of them might abuse their monopoly further damaging the economy of the area.
5 May 1955
Wanted: The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger and Tonto have been involved in an ongoing action against the inhabitants of Windgate City. A town set up as a refuge for any outlaw seeking sanctuary.
12 May 1955
The Woman in the White Mask
The Lone Ranger and Dan encounter a stage drive who'd been shot. He explains he was attacked by the Woman in the white mask gang. The Lone Ranger decides to investigate and try to break up the gang.
19 May 1955
Bounty Hunter
The Lone Ranger intercepts Glen Bolton's gang when they attempt a holdup of a stage. Bolton is wounded and seeks help from one of the local people.
26 May 1955
Showdown at Sand Creek
The Lone Ranger is on the way to Sand Creek to see Sheriff Clay Huston when they receive news the sheriff's been killed. The Lone Ranger does not think it is a coincidence that long time outlaw Willie Brady has also arrived in town.
9 Jun. 1955
Heart of a Cheater
Dan, while collecting supplies from Dravis witnesses a bank hold up. The Lone Ranger follows the trail and come across a farm, the two are connected and the Ranger needs to figure out how.
16 Jun. 1955
The Swami
The Lone Ranger visit an old friend Hardrock Hazen, only to discover the man has been shot and wounded. Meanwhile Dan has a strange encounter with Swami Yoganto while traveling through Rockville.
23 Jun. 1955
Sheriff's Sale
The Lone Ranger hears that an old friend sheriff Jack Morrison is having trouble with an outlaw Hutch Conant who has been slowly taking over a local town by applying economic pressure to the locals and forcing them to stay quiet.
30 Jun. 1955
Six-Gun Artist
The Lone Ranger and Tonto hear of a string of stage coach robberies in the area. They head for Mesa Junction where the Lone Ranger thinks the gang is located.
7 Jul. 1955
Death Goes to Press
The Lone Ranger and Tonto get word that Sheriff Hubbard is under pressure from the press in Cactus City about his performance and morals. The Lone Ranger knows the sheriff well and decides to go to the town to see what the truth is.
14 Jul. 1955
Return of Dice Dawson
Dice Dawson, a well known outlaw to the Lone Ranger has become active again around Elliot City. The Lone Ranger goes to investigate, but he has doubts about Dawson's activity and wants to uncover the real truth.
21 Jul. 1955
Adventure at Arbuckle
The Lone Ranger gets news that the town of Arbuckle has been over run by outlaws and is now being used as a sanctuary. Using a disguise he decides to infiltrate the town and see what the situation is.
28 Jul. 1955
The Return
The Lone Ranger saves a woman from outlaws only to discover he'd recently jailed her brother for murder. She goes to her brother to find out what the real situation is.
4 Aug. 1955
Framed for Murder
Jim Blake strikes it rich with a gold claim. He insists a local shop keeper be declared a partner. Unknown to Jim, the shop keeper has a dark past and is being blackmailed.
11 Aug. 1955
Gaff Morgan and Jack Hall escape from a local prison. The Lone Ranger and Tonto decide to track the two down and bring them to justice, but Morgan and Hall are following their own plan.
18 Aug. 1955
The Bait: Gold!
The Lone Ranger and Tonto see a stage being robbed and ride to intercept the bandits. After securing the situation, the Lone Ranger realizes the holdup is part of a string of such robberies and decides to get to the bottom of the mystery.
25 Aug. 1955
The Sheriff's Wife
The Lone Ranger and Tonto gets word that Parkersburg is being threatened by two violent criminals, the Miles brothers. The Lone Ranger and Tonto decide to go to Parkersburg and capture the two criminals.
1 Sep. 1955
Counterfeit Redskins
Three men dress as Indians to try and intimidate local homesteaders into moving out or attacking the real local Indians. Either way the land owners run the risk of losing their land.
8 Sep. 1955
One Nation, Indivisible
Two brothers, working their way west after they lose their farm because of the Civil War, encounter the Lone Ranger and learn about what a future can be if they can let go of the past.

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