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1 Jan. 1953
Indian Charlie
The Lone Ranger and Tonto hear a young educated boy Indian Charlie seems to be falling afoul of the law. They go to try and talk sense into the lad, but discover something far more dangerous.
8 Jan. 1953
The Empty Strongbox
The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across a failed stagecoach hold up, a dying stage coach driver tell them who was responsible. Before the Lone Ranger can do anything a sheriff also stumbles onto the scene and thinks he is the one behind the robbery.
15 Jan. 1953
Trader Boggs
The Lone Ranger and Tonto come to the aid of their old friend Barnaby Boggs, who's trying to open a general store in Larabee but is being thwarted by a price-gouging merchant who doesn't want any competition.
22 Jan. 1953
Bandits in Uniform
Tonto and the Lone Ranger come to the aid of Mexican settlers who are being robbed and exploited by a self-styled American military dictator and his private army.
29 Jan. 1953
The Godless Men
A young preacher wants to build a church in Gold City, but locals who don't want him there have stolen the money from the building fund. Tonto and the Lone Ranger try to help him recover it.
5 Feb. 1953
The Devil's Bog
Tonto comes down with a bad fever, after treatment he recovers and the Lone Ranger decides to investigate to source of the disease.
12 Feb. 1953
Right to Vote
When the citizens of a town run by a gang of crooked politicians sign a petition for a recall election, the politicians see that it is stolen. Tonto and the Lone Ranger race against time to recover the petition so the recall election can be held.
19 Feb. 1953
The Sheriff's Son
When a young man is released from prison, he vows to take his revenge on the sheriff who arrested him--his father. Tonto and the Lone Ranger try to stop him.
26 Feb. 1953
Tumblerock Law
The sheriff of Tumblerock is murdered, and the witness who saw it--and who can provide the evidence that can break the power of the town's political boss--has been kidnapped. The Lone Ranger and Tonto set out to rescue the witness and bring the murderer to justice.
5 Mar. 1953
Sinner by Proxy
Lone Ranger is arrested for robbing a bank in Johnsville. It seems a man in jail for the robbery claims the Lone Ranger was his partner in the crime. The Lone Ranger works to clear his name.
12 Mar. 1953
A Stage for Mademoiselle
The Lone Ranger is on the trail of Marianne Mornay, a famous and talented singer. He has noticed a pattern that in every town she sings a series of home and bank robberies occur.
19 Mar. 1953
Son by Adoption
A young man who was adopted as a child and raised by a loving family has always believed that his real father is dead. Now the father, who is not dead but is a notorious outlaw leader, shows up, and the Lone Ranger and Tonto try to prevent his son from finding out who he is.
26 Mar. 1953
Mrs. Banker
In order to find out who's behind a rash of stagecoach robberies, the Lone Ranger disguises himself as an old prospector.
2 Apr. 1953
Trouble in Town
An unscrupulous businessman starts a rumor that the bank is shaky causing a run on the bank. The Lone Ranger attempts to stop the run and find who started the rumor.
9 Apr. 1953
Black Gold
The Lone Ranger encounters a geologist who while injured has mentioned the existence of oil in farmland around the town of Franklin. He becomes aware of a number of confidence men working the town trying to get the land very cheap.
16 Apr. 1953
The Durango Kid
The Durango Kid has broken out of jail and has sworn to take revenge on the judge who put him in jail.
23 Apr. 1953
The Deserter
The Lone Range in company with Dan and Tonto encounter a private from the army who seems to have deserted during a battle.
30 Apr. 1953
Embezzler's Harvest
A watch chain is crucial to the Lone Ranger's clearing the name and catching the killers of a man who was framed for embezzlement and then murdered.
7 May 1953
El Toro
Dan Reid, the Lone Ranger's nephew, once saved the life of notorious outlaw leader El Toro. When one of El Toro's gang goes hunting for the Lone Ranger and Tonto, Dan asks El Toro for his help.
14 May 1953
The Brown Pony
The Lone Ranger and Tonto try to help a boy whose mother plans to sell his beloved brown pony. Two escaped convicts have told her that they have evidence to prove the innocence of her imprisoned husband, but they're demanding money for the information and her son's pony is the only thing of value she has to sell.
21 May 1953
Triple Cross
The Lone Range comes across a complex situation involving a stage coach robbery. The person involved in the robbery has confessed to everything, except where the money is.
28 May 1953
Wake of War
A town is still trying to heal from the emotional wounds created by the war of the states. The Lone ranger discovers someone has a lot to gain from stirring up trouble between the Northerners and Southerners.
4 Jun. 1953
Death in the Forest
After discovering a badly wounded old man near a deserted settler's shack, the Lone Ranger and Tonto discover that the territorial governor's bodyguard has been paid to assassinate the governor by a man who wishes to control the governor.
11 Jun. 1953
Gentleman from Julesburg
The Lone Ranger and Tonto try to save a young man who has been framed for a robbery, and the way they can do it is to get the help of an old transient who bears an astounding likeness to a legendary gambler.
18 Jun. 1953
Hidden Fortune
A criminal just released from a ten-year prison sentence for robbery meets his henchman then they head for the spot where he buried his loot, only to find that a house has been build on it. The Lone Ranger and Tonto try to stop them from getting into the house to unearth their fortune.
25 Jun. 1953
The Old Cowboy
The Lone Ranger and Tonto come to the aid of an old-timer, too stubborn to admit that his eyesight is failing, who has been tricked by crooks who want his land into believing that he's responsible for the murder of a railroad agent.
2 Jul. 1953
Woman from Omaha
A woman inherits a stage line, the manager of which sabotages the business and attempts to blame a competitor so the woman will sell out cheap and the competitor will go to jail so the man can control the stage business and mail contract.
9 Jul. 1953
Gunpowder Joe
Members of the outlaw Cavendish gang just released from prison immediately resume their criminal ways and dupe an honest blaster into taking a job to free stolen loot from its location under mine rock.
16 Jul. 1953
The Midnight Rider
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are in the Shield River area in search of a daring outlaw The Midnight Rider who has staged a series of robberies against a local mine. What they discover about the outlaw surprises everyone
23 Jul. 1953
Stage to Estacado
The Lone Ranger and Tonto head for Estacado when a gold strike in the area attracts a confidence man Dan Gerber
30 Jul. 1953
The Perfect Crime
A young schoolteacher has discovered that another teacher is actually an outlaw planning to rob the bank. The Lone Ranger and Tonto learn that he plans to kidnap her to stop her from revealing his identity and his plans, and they rush to stop her abduction.
6 Aug. 1953
The Ghost of Coyote Canyon
A gang of thieves has convinced the people of Crooked Fork that a nearby canyon, which they're using for a hideout, is haunted by ghosts. The Lone Ranger and Tonto must prove to the townspeople that they're wrong, and bring the gang to justice.
13 Aug. 1953
Old Bailey
The Lone Ranger and Tonto try to help an old derelict who has been framed by gamblers for the murder of a wealthy rancher, who they killed because of a gambling debt.
20 Aug. 1953
Prisoner in Jeopardy
The stage to Deep Well is robbed. The people responsible decide to frame a freshly released prisoner who is due in town to marry his sweetheart.
27 Aug. 1953
Diamond in the Rough
While the Lone Ranger is visiting the Govenor of the Western Territory, he is asked to help cover a group of diplomats from another country on tour through the territory.
3 Sep. 1953
The Red Mark
The Lone Ranger is returning to his silver mine to replenish his ammunition when he discovers a famous criminal, Hank Durgan has been seen around Badger City.

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