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11 Sep. 1952
Outlaw's Son
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are after an outlaw who is trying to leave the gang and go back to the wife and son he left years ago.
18 Sep. 1952
Outlaw Underground
The Lone Ranger and Tonto meet up with a newspaper reporter from the East who has disguised himself as an outlaw in order to infiltrate a network that hides fugitives from the law.
25 Sep. 1952
Special Edition
The Lone Ranger gets word of a swindle being run in the town of King Creek. Money is being raised to build a gold stamping factory. The Ranger must act before the swindlers escape with the money.
2 Oct. 1952
Desperado at Large
The Lone Ranger is hot on the heels of the Kansas kid when he encounters another man "Slim Roberts" also a lawman but posing as an outlaw. They create a plan that if successful could see them accepted into the 'Kids' gang.
9 Oct. 1952
Through the Wall
The Ranger and Tonto head for Granite City to try and curtail the activities of the "Death Gang who have been menacing the town. On the way they discover a secret about the towns jail, which if used correctly could save lives.
16 Oct. 1952
Jeb's Gold Mine
Schemers try to drive out a homesteader knowing there is gold on his land. In the nick of time, The Lone Ranger learns the truth and intervenes.
23 Oct. 1952
Frame for Two
The Lone Ranger and Tonto get involved when they hear of a feud between two ranchers. The situation is so explosive it is feared the entire community may be engulfed in hatred
30 Oct. 1952
Ranger in Danger
A huge, rough killer has sworn to murder The Lone Ranger.
6 Nov. 1952
Delayed Action
After a holdup at the Three Forks National bank. Lone Ranger and Tonto are framed for the holdup by members of the real gang involved.
13 Nov. 1952
The Map
A young boy whose hobby is chemistry helps the Lone Ranger and Tonto trick outlaws who stole a map from a surveyor that shows where the railroad will come through.
20 Nov. 1952
Trial by Fire
When an outlaw family badly wounds a man in a robbery, the estranged son is accused while the outlaws' father is also wounded in the robbery which inspires The Lone Ranger to disguise himself as a doctor to get access to the gang.
27 Nov. 1952
Word of Honor
When the sheriff of Mesa Junction is murdered a seemingly innocent man is blamed. The Lone Ranger and Tonto get involved in trying to clear the young man and discover who the real murderer is.
4 Dec. 1952
Treason at Dry Creek
Tonto and the Lone Ranger set a trap for a crooked Pony Express agent who has been intercepting army dispatches and selling them to the Indians.
11 Dec. 1952
The Condemned Man
Chief Lone Eagle's son is murdered by an Indian agent. Tonto and the Lone Ranger have to find the killer in time to prevent an Indian war.
18 Dec. 1952
The New Neighbor
A selfish rancher refuses to share water with his neighbors. Tensions mount and the Lone Ranger and Tonto try to find a solution before a range war breaks out.
25 Dec. 1952
Best Laid Plans
A range war threatens to break out in Sunset Valley. The Lone Ranger decides to investigate and try to understand the complete lack of action from the local sheriff.

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