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4 Jan. 1951
Letter of the Law
Jeff Niles, who is married under an alias to the daughter of a callous sheriff, is blackmailed by prison escapee Sam Slater for details of a bank in which Niles works because Niles as a boy unwittingly did a robbery with Slater.
11 Jan. 1951
Silent Voice
The Lone Ranger saves Cleve Ritchie from henchmen of Dr. Payton who has planted Stella Watson in his home to care for his grandmother post stroke so Stella can get a map to an old Spanish treasure that Cleve has found to fund the town.
18 Jan. 1951
The Outcast
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are searching for a group of outlaws who are responsible for a series of hold ups. Even with the local sheriff and Texas Rangers involved, no one has been able to catch them.
25 Jan. 1951
Mr. Trouble
The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across a railway gang thats been attacked. What appears on the surface to be an Indian raid quickly appears to be far more complex and dangerous.
1 Feb. 1951
Behind the Law
The Lone Ranger gets word that the Fulsome gang has over run the town of San Carlos, and the local sheriff refuses to act. The Lone Ranger goes to the town to find out the true situation.
8 Feb. 1951
Trouble at Black Rock
Ruthless McCarty and two fellow prisoners have escaped and are heading for Black Rock mine in which McCarty has hidden stolen gold coin but where old-timer Neeley is working a claim and has been injured in an accident that uncovered the loot.
15 Feb. 1951
Two Gold Lockets
A young man is released from prison fully intent on joining the "Carlos Marina" gang. The Lone Ranger encounters a man who had previously fought against the gang. They decide to join forces to combat this new threat to peace in the West.
22 Feb. 1951
The Hooded Men
Tonto gets caught up in a robbery conducted by the Hooded gang, who the Lone Ranger has been tracking for some time. The Ranger has a suspicion who is behind the gang, but he needs time to connect all the dots.
1 Mar. 1951
Friend in Need
The Lone Ranger gets a message from the local padre. He asks The Lone Ranger and Tonto to try and find evidence Jeff Austin, currently on death row, was not responsible for a gold robbery.
8 Mar. 1951
Crooked stagecoach express agent Mason directs two henchmen who dress as Paiute braves to rob stage shipments with valuable cargo.

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