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9 Jan. 1950
Judgment Reversed
A man is framed by a political boss for a murder he didn't commit. His daughter asks for help from an honest judge and they uncover a web of extensive political corruption.
20 Feb. 1950
Graven Image
An average guy has the misfortune of being a dead ringer for a wax figure that has a curse attached to it.
27 Feb. 1950
Portrait of a Dead Man
A judge expires while having his portrait painted. A pair or art dealers try and convince the artist to finish the project.
6 Mar. 1950
The Strange Case of John Kingman
A patient at a mental institution has scientists dumbfounded with his knowledge of atomic bombs and their formulas. As the doctors attempt to "cure" the man, they come to realize he's actually 160 years old.
27 Mar. 1950
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
A young man's dream woman, created solely by his imagination, comes to life in the form of a murder victim. She comes back to spite the man responsible for her death.
10 Apr. 1950
The Faithful Heart
A heartbroken woman refuses to believe that her sweetheart has passed away.
17 Apr. 1950
A Toast to Sergeant Farnsworth
Three survivors of an Okinawa platoon gather for a reunion. Their sergeant was accused of turning his back and running from the Japanese enemy.
1 May 1950
The Gloves of Gino
A pair of gloves left behind by a murders seem to possess supernatural powers. When a shy little man puts them on his hands, he turns into a smooth-talking operator with a desire to commit crimes.
15 May 1950
The House That Time Forgot
A young couple buys a long-abandoned house and discovers why it's been empty for so long: its former occupants from 1939 are still inhabiting the home.
22 May 1950
Following a plane crash, an Air Force captain is ignored by everyone he comes into contact with. They act as though he was as invisible as a ghost.
29 May 1950
How Love Came to Professor Guilda
A nuclear physicist is pursued by an invisible being described as "a soft, shapeless, mindless lump". The blob falls in love with the scientist and begins caressing and fondling him, even when he's giving lectures.
5 Jun. 1950
The Heart of Jonathan O'Rourke
Jonathan O'Rourke wills his heart to science so, within an hour of his death, it is removed from his body. The heart surgeon places the organ in a machine to study its beating and is shocked when it continued to throb even when the device is turned off. Even stranger, O'Rourke is still alive!
12 Jun. 1950
The Determined Lady
In a macabre farce, a conniving old widow fakes her own death in a plan to outsmart her crooked attorney. When she unintentionally actually dies, she comes back as a spirit to make sure her estate goes to her niece, not the shady lawyer.
4 Sep. 1950
Benuili Chant
The person in possession of a magical Arabic parchment is able to ascertain the thoughts of another. A ruthless businessman uses the document to capitalize on the genius thoughts of the company president, leaving said president with no ideas of his own left to use.
9 Oct. 1950
Just What Happened
A man stands trial for murdering another man by throwing him out a window.
30 Oct. 1950
The Martian Eyes
An odd professor claims he can spot Martians, who masquerade as humans, using a pair of infrared glasses he wears. Only then can you see the third eyeball in the middle of their forehead. He relates his wild theory to a photographer sitting by him in a bar--and the man believes him. While playing around with infrared film, the photographer says he's snapped a shot of a man with three eyes. The two team up to convince authorities of their find.
4 Dec. 1950
Beware This Woman
A woman experiencing poltergeist activity in her home secures the services of a reluctant, non-believer in the supernatural, scientist to resolve her problem.
11 Dec. 1950
18 Dec. 1950
The Men on the Mountain
A group of WWII soldiers are trapped by the Japanese on a mountain top in the Philippines. The spirit of a deceased solder returns to help his friends escape the trap.
25 Dec. 1950
Songwriter Charlie has suffered with writer's block" since he and his wife moved to the country. Betty wants them to sell the house to pay the bills, but Charlie doesn't want to part with the family estate. His late ancestor, Jasper, isn't thrilled with the idea either.

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