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Season 1

4 Oct. 1949
Riley visits the company doctor after swallowing a small fish bone. The doctor finds he's suffering from tonsillitis and needs an operation immediately. Riley over reacts and turns the situation into a life and death struggle despite the reassurance of family and friends. Riley goes to the extreme of even preparing a will and testament. The surgery is canceled at the last second and he is returned to his room. He then has to go through the emotional trauma of the operation again when the surgeon arrives to complete the treatment
11 Oct. 1949
Babs and Simon Step Out
Riley's insistence that Babs has nothing to do with Simon comes between him and Babs. He forbids her to see him, then when she sneaks around behind his back, he chases Simon off. Both his wife and daughter are very upset with him.
18 Oct. 1949
Egbert's Chemistry Set
Riley and his neighbor Gillis debate which of their sons has the most talent after learning of a special father-son meeting at the local high school. To compete against Gillis' boastful claims, Riley needs to find Junior's talent so he can aid the boy in becoming successful. At the meeting Gillis give an impassioned speech about the abilities of his boy. Riley senses he is going to be made to look a fool, till an unlikely accident shows his son not only to be talented but also a hero.
25 Oct. 1949
The French Professor
Riley discovers a letter written to his daughter in French, investigating he discovers it is from her teacher who Bab's has a huge crush on. Riley is outraged at the thought of such a relationship, and the situation spirals down further when he is told Babs has invited the man for dinner. Riley begins to feel threatened by the teacher's French charm till Riley discovers something that turns the man from a rival to bonded friend
1 Nov. 1949
Nervous Breakdown
Peg becomes angry when she hears Riley has bought a divers helmet to go with a colony of bees he has also purchased. A friend suggest Peg may be suffering a nervous condition and Riley has to finds ways to help her relax. Peg sees Riley's behavior in a similar light. Both begin to display increasingly erratic behavior. Finally a doctor is called and has decide who really needs the help
8 Nov. 1949
Assistant Manager
Bab's is complaining she needs a new coat. This causes Riley to begin wonder about his lack of progress at the plant and his abilities to provide for his family . At the plant Riley miss understands a message from the management and thinks he's been given a big promotion. When he realizes the mistake he doesn't know how to tell his family
15 Nov. 1949
Riley's Birthday Gift
Riley takes a long distance call from his mother in Brooklyn, and is reminded it is his birthday. He gets into a complete funk when he thinks his son had forgotten to buy him a gift. A complex series of plans are hatched to help fix the situation, however it becomes apparent that Junior might have a surprise for everyone
22 Nov. 1949
Riley, Gillis, and Vanderhopper, Inc.
Riley discovers his daughter is dating Simon Vanderhopper a boy with big ideas and ambitions. Through a misunderstanding Riley thinks the boy is rich, and cooks up a business proposition to take advantage of the situation. After Riley sends a letter of resignation to his boss, the real situation is revealed and the outcome is one nobody expected
29 Nov. 1949
Junior Falls for Teacher
Peg is concerned by Junior's behavior. The boy is picking at his food and seems completely distracted. Riley discovers Junior is in love with his teacher, meeting the woman he begins to fear he is having the same reaction. Fearful of the ramifications he confronts Peg with his concerns, both are pleasantly surprised to discover the truth
6 Dec. 1949
Night School
Riley is helping Junior with his homework, while he is working on his own night school assignments. Later during a test Riley is accused of cheating and expelled from school. It is discovered a fellow student, Tony has written a confession admitting he was the real cheat. Everyone is puzzled by Riley's behavior, why did he remain silent to save Tony. The answer surprises them all and changes Tony's life forever
13 Dec. 1949
Prom Dress
Babs is upset that she has not been invited to a high school dance. Peg blames Riley, accusing him of chasing any boy off who take an interest in their daughter. Riley finds her a suitable date in Jeff, as well as a dress. Helene, Babs long time social climbing rival reveals the truth about the dress then steals Babs' date. Riley's daughter is inconsolable till learns something about Jeff that makes the night a success
20 Dec. 1949
Junior's Birthday Party
Riley plans for Junior to have a birthday party, but when his friends start calling to cancel, Riley fears he may once again fail his son.
27 Dec. 1949
The Boarder
Riley is concerned about a lack of money and considers taking in a boarder. A suitable applicant is found, but suspicion falls on the man, Mr. Ferguson after it is thought he resembles the chief suspect in a bank robbery. Riley sets out on a course of action to keep his family safe and remove the mysterious man from the house. Who Ferguson is surprises everybody, and makes Riley even more nervous
3 Jan. 1950
Peg's Birthday
Even though Peg's friend and children fear Riley forgot Peg's birthday, she is sure Riley would never forget the special day. She's very happy when he comes home with a present, but what she doesn't know is that he didn't exactly buy the gift.
10 Jan. 1950
Junior Drops Out
The Rileys are concerned that the icebox has broken down and the landlord is refusing to replace it. Junior announces he wants to quit school. Riley allows it thinking the boy will be sick of work pretty fast want to return to school. Babs discovers the real reason for Junior's changing opinion, can Riley uses the information to get the boy back to school.
17 Jan. 1950
Riley's Firstborn
Riley invites a fellow worker from the plant, Hal, who has been absent- minded at work to his home. Hal admits he is nervous about becoming a father. He is impressed by Riley's confidence and attitude to children till Peg tells him how Riley reacted to the news and what happened when Riley tried to get a raise from his boss.
24 Jan. 1950
Riley is hounded into signing an insurance, which means he has to under take a medical examination. Riley become concerned when the results are not as positive as he expected.
31 Jan. 1950
The Gambler
Riley becomes concerned when he catches Junior gambling on a small scale. Riley tries to teach him a lesson about gambling, but as only as Riley can do, the lesson goes horribly wrong.
7 Feb. 1950
Acting Lessons
Babs and her boyfriend have foolishly spent their money on an acting school con. Riley and Gillis are determined to go to the phony school and demand the kids' money be returned, but they didn't expect the teacher to be a gorgeous blonde.
14 Feb. 1950
Valentine's Day
Riley is in a complete flap when he realizes he's forgotten all about Valentines day. To make matters worse he has no money to purchase Peg any gift or card.
21 Feb. 1950
Home Sweet Home
Peg puts increasing pressure on Riley to consider a move to a new house. She has become increasingly frustrated over the general disrepair and constant breakages going on.
28 Feb. 1950
South American Job
Riley comes home distraught because he has been passed over at the plant for a promotion. The situation is worse when he realizes it is his neighbor, Gilles that got the promotion.
7 Mar. 1950
Riley's Quarrel
Jim Gillis' wife announces she is leaving him. Without anywhere to live she asks the Rileys if she could stay with them. After they agree, she reveals her mother is coming into town and will need somewhere to stay with them as well. Riley realizes he needs to fix the issue and very quickly.
14 Mar. 1950
Junior and the Bully
After Junior runs away from a fight at school, Riley decides he needs to teach the boy self defense. His mother is outraged and Junior is caught with a decision no matter what he does, he will disobey one of his parents.
21 Mar. 1950
The Banned Book
Riley becomes concerned when he reads a book has been banned in a Boston school district. Investigating, Riley discovers Bab's has been instructed by her teacher to read the same book.
28 Mar. 1950
Five Dollar Bill
Money goes missing and Riley thinks Junior is somehow involved despite the boy's protests he knows nothing. Riley agonizes over what to do for punishment. He does not want to loose the boy's love but sees the imperative to maintain discipline. A visit from a neighbor adds further information and Riley is not so sure about his course of action.

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