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Borrowed Trouble
After schoolteacher Abbott breaks the windows in Mawson's saloon because it is too near the school, Dink Davis' henchmen hold her hostage in Mawson's cabin to frame Mawson as means to remove him as a competitor.
False Paradise
A swindler sells worthless land to a professor and when the land proves to have a rich silver lode, the swindler tries to regain ownership by nefarious means and the collusion of a dishonest banker.
Strange Gamble
An anonymous letter and counterfeit bill brings Hoppy and gang to a Mexican border shanty town where they find a ruthless town boss that uses an idle mine outside of town for a counterfeit operation.
Unexpected Guest
California, at a will reading, learns he shares with six others an inheritance in which the survivors share equally as any of the others die and murder ensues so Hoppy begins an investigation despite being told the estate is worthless.
Hoppy's Holiday
Needing supplies Hoppy and gang go to Mesa City and find a big celebration about an irrigation project and that the project promoter is a crook but not before California is blamed for bank robbery because of a switch with the robbers.
Fool's Gold
At the request of an army officer friend, Hoppy goes to retrieve the officer's deserter son from an outlaw enclave where he learns the son is being forced by the ringleader to take part in scam to take gold in cavalry disguise.
Dangerous Venture
Hoppy helps an archaeologist friend pursue an expedition by promising the area tribe that there will be no looting of burial places but for gold an expedition member betrays them with a gang that rustles castle disguised as tribe members.
The Marauders
Hoppy's gang takes refuge from a storm in a deserted church; in the middle of the night they find playing the organ a daughter of the deceased pastor who is almost killed by a falling beam and find oddly in the morning a wrecking crew.
Sinister Journey
When repeated sabotage occurs in Tom Smith's railroad yard, Hoppy and gang are hired to investigate undercover while suspicion falls on Smith's son-in-law Lee who the real culprits attempt to frame.
Silent Conflict
Hoppy and California must avoid angry, suspecting ranchers to find Lucky who has been hypnotized by snake oil salesman Doc Richards to deliver to him the proceeds of the Cattleman's Association sale made by Hoppy.
19 Sep. 1952
Guns Across the Border
Hoppy and Red are asked to investigate missing shipments of rifles. Their efforts to find the guns before they reach the hands of Mexican revolutionaries are hampered by a sharp-shooting lady marshal.
25 Sep. 1952
The Knife of Carlos Valero
When a young Mexican is framed for murder, Hoppy and Red hide him from a lynch mob and attempt to trap the real killer.
26 Sep. 1952
The Trap
Hoppy tries to help a reformed criminal, the fiancée of a wealthy rancher's daughter, when his former associates try to blackmail him into robbing the cattlemen association's safe.
1 Oct. 1952
Alien Range
Hoppy and Red try to help an immigrant family fight a rancher and a crooked lawyer who are attempting to drive them off their land.
28 Oct. 1952
The Feud
Hoppy and Red find a severely wounded man who mentions the name of neighboring ranch owner in his dying breath. Hoppy decides to investigate and finds the murdered man and the nearby rancher had been engaged in a on-going fight over water rights that sometimes led to bloodshed. When Hoppy meets the accused rancher's lovely young wife, he isn't so sure that the man isn't being framed for the murder.
28 Oct. 1952
Ghost Trails
Hoppy and Red investigate a series of robberies where the bandits ride a short ways and then seem to disappear in thin air.
28 Oct. 1952
Marked Cards
A boy asks Hoppy to investigate the death of his father who was killed after being accused of cheating at cards. At first Hoppy can't find a motive for the crime, but when the boys mother dies under mysterious circumstances, he begins to suspect the boy's legal guardian of plotting the murder.
1 Dec. 1952
Don Colorado
When Red is hurt in a fall, Hoppy has his hands full chasing his amnesiac friend and preventing a pretty woman from losing her copper mine to unscrupulous men.
1 Dec. 1952
Black Waters
An Indian agent asks Hoppy to help persuade an Indian chief to reveal the location where crude oil can be found on the land's surface. The country will be opened to settlement and unless the tribe agrees to contract with oil companies before homestead claims can be filed, an outsider might grab the land and prevent the Indians from earning income from the oil wells.
1 Dec. 1952
Blind Encounter
While in Mexico on business, Hoppy and Red agree to help a blind woman's son who is falsely accused on murder.
10 Dec. 1952
The Promised Land
Red uses $1000 of Hoppy's money to invest in scrub land, because he hears of an irrigation ditch being dug to bring water to the worthless tract. Cassidy investigates and learns that the developer is using Hoppy's name to promote the swindle.
12 Dec. 1952
The Vanishing Herd
The U.S. Army asks Hoppy to investigate when a herd of horses desperately needed for the Spanish-American War is stolen from the ranch who was supposed to supply the herd. The ranch workers insist the horses were rustled by Mexican bandits, but the Mexican authorities claim that no herd of horses crossed the U.S.-Mexican border, legal or illegal.
26 Dec. 1952
Black Sheep
The Twin Forks ranchers are looking forward to a good year with plentiful rainwater and lush grass to fill their cattle's bellies until a sheepherder threatens to move his stock onto the range to compete for forage. Hoppy must work fast to prevent a range war between the cattlemen's association and the interlopers.
31 Dec. 1952
Lawless Legacy
While searching for a missing calf, Hoppy and Red are shot at from ambush. They quickly capture the would-be drygulchers, who turn out to be a couple of hungry kids riding cross-country to claim their inheritance. Hoppy isn't too concerned about the misunderstanding - the youths paid for the calf, after all - until he learns that the money he was paid with is counterfeit.

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