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5 Jan. 1956
Journey by Moonlight
In 1941 Havana, a French intelligence officer investigates a conspiracy with the German navy in which the husband of a woman he loves might be involved.
23 Feb. 1956
Your Other Love
The second wife of a wealthy Southerner moves with her husband to his family estate. She unexpectedly finds herself competing with his more glamorous first wife who's scheming to win him back.
8 Mar. 1956
All for a Man
Expecting an emotional reaction, a man caught kissing another woman criticizes the wife for just pressing him on their business so the wife masquerades as her uninhibited sister dissuading him from business to underline her mindset.
22 Mar. 1956
Double Trouble
Two news cameramen who use ruthless subterfuge in their rancorous competition chase a story of a brutal criminal during which one of them becomes a hostage to the criminal along with a woman for which both cameramen have designs.
10 May 1956
Behind the Mask
Dr. Stanley arrives in town and is asked by oil field owner Robles to establish a hospital for the area to which Stanley reluctantly agrees but continues to behave peculiarly.
14 Jun. 1956
An embezzler stalks a female subordinate who he has framed for the embezzlement after her failure to accept his advances and lies about a marriage to a private investigator he has hired to maintain information about the woman's location.
28 Jun. 1956
A Past Remembered
A former all-American college football player attends a 20-year school reunion. He confronts his future by lying about his past.
3 Oct. 1956
Catch at Straws
When Fred Karnes is beaten By Bill Corby and two friends for dating Bill's sister Carol, DA Sloan's prosecution is difficult because Karnes is considered low class and a traitor while Carol is quiet to preserve her family's influence.
17 Oct. 1956
Paris Edition
Curiously no one remembers that Dan Doyle has been with a man who saved his life on D-day and whom he has by chance encountered in post war Paris under an assumed name and then learns the man is a black marketeer who may be murdered.
24 Oct. 1956
Measure of Faith
A priest of a poor parish gains a benefactor but identifies as his patron his cruel Red Chinese prison interrogator and must decide whether to report the man to authorities while the man threatens to kill himself and wife if captured.
31 Oct. 1956
Black Jim Hawk
After Sam Houston as governor of Tennessee refuses outlaw Jim Hawk as a boy to save his father from hanging, Hawk vows to kill Houston but. as a result of a teacher's influence, rejects opportunity to kill Houston as President of Texas.
7 Nov. 1956
Sometimes It Happens
A successful advertising woman finds love through a mystical test from the folklore of her Welsh origin despite the skepticism and pressure to compromise from her brother and brother's wife.
21 Nov. 1956
The Menace of Hasty Heights
An escaped convict fails to impress a busy housewife.
5 Dec. 1956
Front Page Father
A newspaperman prints unfounded criticism of the juvenile crime unit and particularly of its chief officer until the gang beating of his son causes him to realize the struggles of the officer and awakens him to his own shortcomings.
19 Dec. 1956
Duffy's Man
Mr. Duffy's secretive stableman under suspicion is asked by Julie on town's behalf to leave but she alters her feelings when the man singlehandedly defends the town against outlaw Clip Hart gang's plan to use the town as getaway station.
26 Dec. 1956
Model Wife
A traveling salesman gets a surprise every time he comes home from the road, from the other fast-talking Ewings: his wife and voluptuous teenage daughter. The daughter's charity organization "The Spinsters" is appearing in a calendar, and when she's deemed too hippy for a swimsuit pose, she vows to make the cocky young photographer regret his assessment, by enrolling in modeling school.

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