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2 Jan. 1957
Fear Has Many Faces
A police detective troubled by memories of the Korean War has his already fragile mental health tested when he starts receiving calls from a man he had to kill in the war to preserve his unit.
23 Jan. 1957
The Penlands and the Poodle
A troublesome Poodle upsets the marital bliss of a young couple.
6 Feb. 1957
The Connoisseur
A painter and his American wife who enjoy an unconventional life style in Europe want their daughter to marry but the father questions his daughter's conventional leanings and develops some regret about the life he has chosen.
27 Feb. 1957
The Man Who Beat Lupo
Count Da Salvaggio has fought as a professional swordsman under the alias Lupo to hide his nobility and now must find a way avoid a forbidden duel with his unsuspecting American friend whose fiancée he has stolen.
6 Mar. 1957
Broken Barrier
When coerced by his disapproving girlfriend, a cynical man reluctantly goes to see his estranged father after receiving a letter from his envied brother stating the father is dying.
3 Apr. 1957
When a newspaper reporter losses a note from a potential Russian defector in a meeting with his estranged newspaper reporter daughter, the daughter vengefully publishes the story without considering the consequences to the defector.
17 Apr. 1957
A well-to-do female casino owner seeks to separate a man from his wealthy wife to abandon him as revenge for the man allowing his parents to annul their youthful marriage and arrange a marriage to his present wife.
24 Apr. 1957
Footnote on a Doll
Following her turn as the nation's First Lady, Dolley Madison's life continued to be colorful. As a widow in Washington, she's invited to a tea party by Beatrice Trent, the spiteful wife of a senator who's convinced Dolley prevented her husband from getting an ambassadorship. Determined to humiliate the former first lady, she invites Dolley's alcoholic son from a previous marriage to disrupt the festivities.
1 May 1957
Strange Disappearance
When a playwright of declining fortune persuades an old lover and a popular actress to do his new play, his quarrelsome, jealous wife disappears and, when the clues point to murder, the man's alibis are oddly contradicted by the facts.
15 May 1957
The Gentle Deceiver
Hobo Duke by power of suggestion convinces a small town he is an eccentric millionaire and begins to change the attitude and fortunes of the town.
22 May 1957
Miller's Millions
Irony ensues as a humble bank treasurer's defalcation of a reserve fund for philanthropic purposes causes him to be perceived as a rich heir which perception requires he continue the embezzlement to avoid detection.
29 May 1957
A woman with a hatfull of hope, newly released from a psychiatric facility, keeps making embarrassing gaffes after she moves back onto the Cartwright family's ancestral ranch. She can't believe that her recovering mind is playing tricks on her, though her psychiatrist assures her that no one can remember everything, she's becoming forlorn. The psychiatrist has a bonanza on his hands, because the woman is wealthy, a wiz at business, and in love with him. Is suave, arrogant Dr. Gregg playing diabolical tricks on her, or is she experiencing hallucinations due to overwork...
12 Jun. 1957
Cross Hairs
After a dock foreman is murdered because of his knowledge of thefts, a hired gunman moves across the street from the assistant foreman to execute a hit but the wife recognizes the gunman from a police photo after a neighborhood encounter.
19 Jun. 1957
New bride Alison Stevens keeps making costly gaffes after she unexpectedly moves into the Stevens family's ancestral home. She blames each screw-up on her disabled brother-in-law Russel, a pianist who's long been cared for by the groom, Bruce Stevens. Is Russel playing diabolical tricks on her, or is she cracking up in the lonely, unfriendly surroundings ?

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