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2 Oct. 1952
Life, Liberty and Orrin Dooley
When Orrin Dooley, returning from war, is rejected by a woman for his ignorance, he enters grade school under his G.I. benefits where the woman betrothed to the insensitive principal is the teacher.
9 Oct. 1952
23 Oct. 1952
Birth of a Hero
Spinster, workaholic banker Kate Osgood, held captive in her house by a man who intends to rob her bank, decides, despite the suspicions of an enamored doctor, to hide his actual intentions when the man saves her from a fire she starts.
6 Nov. 1952
Edge of the Law
Harry Cummings must flee after wounding in self defense at a poker game a high ranking criminal whose desire for revenge interferes with Harry's plan to use his winnings to marry his hometown sweetheart.
20 Nov. 1952
11 Dec. 1952
Crossed and Double Crossed
A stranger attempts a swindle in shabby Florida Keys inn by interesting the owners and patrons in an inherited treasure map that he knows leads to a junk hoard but falls for the owner's restless sister.
25 Dec. 1952
Heart of Gold
James Lindsey insists his children Fitzjames and Violet face reality when Christmas fantasies are strong, but when their snowman comes to life and starts providing magical experiences, his sense of reality is shaken, until his wife Helen reminds him of his own magical experiences.
8 Jan. 1953
It Happened in a Pawn Shop
When two struggling people, a musician and young woman, make a deal in a pawnshop to resolve their individual financial shortfalls, an attraction, complicated by the woman's licentious landlady and overbearing suitor, ensues.
22 Jan. 1953
The Sermon of the Gun
A former gun-slinger turned preacher takes up his guns again to save his flock.
29 Jan. 1953
Adventure in Connecticut
Arriving in America, Antonin and granddaughter Vlasta learn that their sponsor is deceased, so they escape the immigration authorities to try to persuade the sponsor's son to take his father's place, but the son is resistant to do so.
5 Feb. 1953
The First Born
A remarried father tries to convince his son to love his new step-mother. It's a tough task because the boy has fond memories of his fun-loving late mother. Matters are complicated when the new wife becomes pregnant and needs the boy's care. Major inroads are made when the wife helps save the child's injured dog.
5 Mar. 1953
Madame 44
A woman saloon owner in California, known as gunslinger "Madame 44," is tried and acquitted for murder after defending herself from a claim jumper. Later, passing for respectability in New Orleans, a suitor threatens to expose her past.
19 Mar. 1953
The Bet
A wealthy man, whose poor friend has stolen the man's fiancée, bets the friend a fortune that the friend can not spend ten years in solitary confinement, which bet the friend accepts, despite the love of the woman.
26 Mar. 1953
Double Exposure
A dedicated but bumbling assistant press photographer inadvertently documents political corruption.
16 Apr. 1953
Allison, Ltd.
A wealthy fashion woman, poor in youth, faces a dilemma as to whether to extract her long desired revenge on a man with whom she eloped in her youth but who allowed his rich family to annul the marriage for a débutante he wants to leave.

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