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16 Jul. 1951
Episode dated 16 July 1951
Bulgar, the Third Lord of the Three of Ceres, is behind the kidnapping of Earth's premier scientist. Captain Video and the Ranger set out to capture him.
13 Aug. 1951
The Power of Leonis
The Captain, in his continuing quest for explorations, lands on Torion. But unfriendly natives use a potent hypnosis-like power to immobilize him. The ruler of Torion agrees to release him from the paralysis on the condition that he remains permanently on Torion.
3 Sep. 1951
The Space Hawk
The Captain and Video Ranger learn that the infamous Space Hawk and his assistant have set up a base on a peaceful world where the residents have legislated that violence is illegal. Dr. Pauli learns that ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs indicate the unnamed planet 1-X-7 is the location of a hugely destructive force. Meanwhile, Dr. Kodiak has nefarious plans for control of the dark side of Earth's moon, and the Captain is summoned by the ruler of Metispherous, a planet where the oceans are inexplicably beginning to rise. Captain Video faces a life-or-death battle on the ...
17 Sep. 1951
Episode dated 17 September 1951
Secrets revealed in ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics describe the existence of an extremely destructive force, and Dr. Pauli of the Astroidal Society journeys to Planet 1-X-7 to harness it for his own purposes.
1 Oct. 1951
Episode dated 1 October 1951
Dr. Kodiak plans to set up a base on the dark side of the Moon, and Captain Video sets out to block this threat to Earth.
3 Dec. 1951
Episode dated 3 December 1951
The planet Metispherous is suddenly and inexplicably threatened by massive flooding, and Captain Video's help is sought to assist in solving the crisis.
19 Dec. 1951
Episode dated 19 December 1951
Dr. Clysmok, the sinister ruler of Marine City, threatens Captain Video with death on the ocean floor.

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