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13 Aug. 1951
The Power of Leonis
The Captain, in his continuing quest for explorations, lands on Torion. But unfriendly natives use a potent hypnosis-like power to immobilize him. The ruler of Torion agrees to release him from the paralysis on the condition that he remains permanently on Torion.
3 Sep. 1951
The Space Hawk
The Captain and Video Ranger learn that the infamous Space Hawk and his assistant have set up a base on a peaceful world where the residents have legislated that violence is illegal. Dr. Pauli learns that ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs indicate the unnamed planet 1-X-7 is the location of a hugely destructive force. Meanwhile, Dr. Kodiak has nefarious plans for control of the dark side of Earth's moon, and the Captain is summoned by the ruler of Metispherous, a planet where the oceans are inexplicably beginning to rise. Captain Video faces a life-or-death battle on the ...
18 Feb. 1952
In the Clutches of the Klaw
The Klaw uses creative new technology to abscond with the Captain's friends and allies, and abandon them on Mercury.
3 Mar. 1952
The Captain's longtime craft the X-9 crashes on an asteroid while on a passenger-transport mission to the colony for rehabilitated prisoners on Ganymede, and the damages are determined to be beyond repair.
24 Mar. 1952
Birth of the 'Galaxy'
A newly-discovered, erratic comet appears to be on a collision course with Pluto. The crew aboard the Captain's new ship the 'Galaxy' mutinies en route, and the efforts to destroy the errant comet are thereby disrupted.
21 Apr. 1952
Operation Micromail
Members of an organized gang work to destroy a fledgeling interplanetary micromail system between Earth and the distant outer planets of the Solar System.
16 May 1952
Operation Venus
Venus is the next destination of the 'Galaxy', as the Captain and Video Ranger are assigned to calm a worsening rebellion among native inhabitants, one that the Solar Council fears could spread and ignite a space war.
7 Jul. 1952
Space Race
Twenty-five spaceships compete in a race to determine which ship and crew will represent the North American Federation in the upcoming Interplanetary Olympics.
25 Jul. 1952
The Threat of the Rogue World
A wandering planet with a powerful magnetic field becomes a threat when it crosses the space lanes.
22 Sep. 1952
The Green King
Captain Video discovers a race of mutant plantlike humanoids on Jupiter's moon Iona.
12 Jan. 1953
Spartak Returns
Ranger Craig, a rookie with the Video Rangers, discovers and helps defeat a plan by Prince Spartak and his colleague Princess Arura who have both contrived a deceitful plan to invade the Earth's moon by using the pretext of visiting on a peaceful mission.
11 May 1953
Adventure on Phobos
The Video Rangers face crisis on Mars' moon Phobos, as the secret weapons laboratories there are targeted by thieves.
18 May 1953
Black Planet Academy
The Captain and Ranger are summoned by Prince Spartak to the Black Planet to establish a Video Ranger Academy. Soon, however, a Martian research laboratory reports the theft of powerful weapons, and this diverts the Captain's attention to investigate the implications of the crime.
28 Sep. 1953
Operation Treachery
The traitorous Marcus Gayo arranges for a doppelganger of the Video Ranger to board and sabotage the Galaxy while in flight.
2 Nov. 1953
I, Tobor
The giant robot Tobor comes under the control of a young girl who is determined to use the subservient machine against the Video Rangers.
21 Dec. 1953
The Talisman of Power
Two small cubes hold powerful intelligence that could be used to gain world dominance.
The Star Smugglers
As news reaches Planet City that the Outer Planets have seceded from the Solar Alliance, the Captain expresses his belief that one individual is behind the action. He dispatches the Video Ranger and Holmes to patrol the Jovian asteroids, and through an intercepted coded message learns that an intergalactic insurrection is imminent. En route to the troubled area, he learns of a scheme to discredit the Ranger who has strayed from his mission. His resultant dishonorable discharge is only a ruse to infiltrate the rebel action as a supposed ally, but he is taken captive as...
4 Jan. 1954
The Invisible Saboteur
A dangerous criminal uses scientific knowledge to his own ends and becomes a major threat within the Solar Alliance.
1 Feb. 1954
The Plunder of Orca
The heirs of an infamous space pirate continue the desperate search to gain possession of vast treasures looted from the planet Orca.
15 Mar. 1954
The Man from Tomorrow
The prediction of a spaceship disaster caused by space pirates becomes reality. The blame passes onto Captain Video, who faces disgrace.
12 Apr. 1954
The Enemy from Within: Part 1
The Video Ranger's mother institutes a search for her lost son Hal, the Ranger's brother.
7 Mar. 1955
Doctor Pauli's Planet
The Doctor eludes a trap set by the Captain, abandons his henchman and threatens Commissioner Charles Carey, who finds safety with the Captain. Pauli seeks refuge on Neptune but is pursued by the Video Rangers and meets his doom.
14 Mar. 1955
The Swordsmen of Lyra
In the final series episode, the Solar Alliance learns that the Feral Empire is planning a galactic war. Meanwhile on the forbidden planet of Lyra, explorers uncover a deposit of uranium, and the Captain and Video Ranger depart for Lyra with an advance plan to mingle in disguise upon arrival. However, they are discovered and captured. The false King Mergo releases the still-disguised Video Ranger, while the Captain discovers a quasi-Elizabethan culture on Lyra. But Duke Philips discovers the Ranger's true identity, and Baron Tilist is ordered to exterminate him. The ...

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