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Donald Duck is put on trial by a restaurant.

As we watch the story unfold, Donald is trying to have his lunch, but it is raining hard outside. Ducking into a fancy restaurant, a waiter seats him. As he only has a nickel, Donald feels that he can use it to get a cup of coffee. However, the cup is the size of a thimble, and the charge is more than a nickel. Donald flies into a rage at this, refusing to pay.

As the waiter tries to figure out what to do, he sees Donald unpacking his lunch from his lunch box. Being sneaky, Pierre decides to charge Donald for the food that he brought into the restaurant. This leads to Donald receiving a bill for $35.99. Once again angered at the injustice, Donald flies into a rage, and the matter is taken to court.

Donald's lawyer portrays him as a victim in the entire mess, but the judge rules in favor of the restaurant, ordering Donald to pay ether $10, or wash dishes for 10 days.

Donald accepts the 10 days, but spends the entire time at the restaurant's kitchen sink destroying the dishes. The waiter pleads with Donald to stop, promising to let the whole matter go, but Donald angrily turns to him and says, 'You heard the Judge...10 days!' and continues with his 'work.'


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