La Terra Trema (1948) Poster

Plot Keywords

fish fishermen
boat sicily
mortgage debt
sicilian sea
running away fishing
cactus man dancing with man
law cigarette smoking
storm alarm
jetty mother daughter relationship
singer honor
underwear whistling
cannizzaro sicily drowning
kiss gossip
storytelling volcano
crying drink
smuggler rowing
sticking out tongue undressing
bicycle brother sister relationship
chalk umbrella
neighbor wealth
cannery boat christening
baby catania italy
boycott dancer
donkey trezza sicily
pride family relationships
fruit vendor fishing net
bailiff capo mulini sicily
priest uncle nephew relationship
hope rain
santa marta sicily sergeant
children love
co op farmer
money watering plant
lire rabbit
basel spezia italy
billiards jail
sister sister relationship island
greed roof tile
wine hand cart
singing bus
mackerel courage
food watching
face slap conceited
scarf knife
village baroness
clarinet fish merchant
anchovy common good
flash forward amalfi coast
banker father daughter relationship
photographer illness
celebration following
hospital arrest
map roof repair
shaving hunger
sailboat poverty
acitrezza sicily spitting
drinking barrel
washing tangerine
caulker drunkenness
octopus dock
starvation postcard
tears night fishing
bread carabinieri
mirror cleaning house
father son relationship eviction
grandfather granddaughter relationship seduction
mason money scale
bricklayer lantern
voice over narration fight
fisherman necklace
beach towing
widow police
song suffering
south italy brawl
church bell salt
running dancing
neorealism carpenter
cement looking for work
mother son relationship revenge
husband wife relationship harmonica
rowboat foreclosure
arrogance herring
card playing dog
death of father death of son
based on novel

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