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Very VERY funny old swedish comedy classic in the spirit of Chaplin!!!
anton-630 July 2001
Some scenes in this are genualy funny and Nils Poppe is a very talented comedian.

The very good actor Gunnar Björnstrand is doing a funny part as corporal Berglund who hates Fabian.

Rating: 4+ out of 5
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My 301st Review: If this was Chaplin you would ALL have seen it....
intelearts5 January 2010
This is truly one of the greatest lowbrow comedies of Swedish or any cinema. Very much like Chaplin in nearly every respect it was more than a hit: from its premier at the Spegeln Cinema in Stockholm on 15th December 1948 it ran for 48 weeks without a break.

It also sparked a series of 7 films. It's star Nils Poppe had had moderate success with several small films in the 40s but here was vaulted into Swedish super stardom. He also married his sweetheart co-star Inga Landgré.

The simple story about Fabian Bom, a man who doesn't fit into society because he follows the rules too closely, but during his national service becomes the most outstanding soldier is full of wonderful scenes and ideas and brimming with a manic energy but unlike say Norman Wisdom or Jerry Lewis this energy constantly charms rather than annoys.

One of the central and very Swedish characteristics of Fabian Blom is his good nature and innocence. Looking like Chaplin's twin brother the physical comedy and the little gestures make this a treat to watch.

If you get a chance to find this, do - it is a charming and wonderful comedy.
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