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Banned !

Author: Nicholas Rhodes from Ile-de-France / Paris Region, France
31 January 2004

Tex Avery is very popular in France and supposedly all his cartoons were recently issued on a 4 DVD set. When the set finally came out, all the Tex Avery specialists here ( and there are quite a few of them ) discovered to their absolute disgust and horror that two cartoons had "deliberately" been omitted from the set without any warning from the editor !! Moreover, the editors themselves refused to acknowledge the existence of these two cartoons ( talk about a sick joke ! ) This cartoon is one of the 2 concerned !. The other is called 'Uncle Tom's Cabana'. Totally against censorship and political correctness, I was determined to see Half Pint Pygmy and found it on video cassette. Having watched it a few times, I can't for the life of me think why such a cartoon should have been banned. It's not one of Avery's funniest cartoons ( that privilege goes to Magical Maestro ). it's simply about an excursion to find the smallest pigmy in the world with the usual pursuits etc common to cartoons. In fact it's the pigmy himself who has the last laugh on his pursuers as no one ever manages to catch him !!

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Yet another sadly banned cartoon short

Author: movieman_kev from United States
20 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

George, a bear, and his big oaf of a kid, Junior (in their last appearances in a run of shorts), go after the smallest pygmy that they can find. This short revolves around the attempted capture of said pygmy. This Tex Avery directed, Heck Allen written short, sadly won't get much airplay in the least anymore because of racial stereotypes (at one point they lure the black pygmy out with watermelon). Which is a shame as the cartoon as a whole is pretty funny. But such is the way in this sadly politically correct world that we live in. Bash Catholics, Christians, white men, or heterosexuals and it's seemingly OK. But innocent cartoons for the most part are banned and white-washed. It's a shame really.

My Toon Grade: B

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Funny, but an odd cartoon, even for a Tex Avery

Author: Robert Reynolds ( from Tucson AZ
24 January 2002

This short is quite funny, but it's an odd one, even for Avery. Part of a series of shorts featuring two characters called George and Junior, most of this centers around the activity of a very small pygmy, somewhat reminiscent of Inki from the Warner Brothers shorts. Unlikely to be in general release due to caricatures, it is worth hunting down nonetheless. Recommended.

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Pygmy problems

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
3 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Half-Pint Pygmy" is an MGM cartoon from 1948, 3 years after World War II ended, so this one will have its 70th anniversary soon. The title already gives away that this one here is all about catching the smallest pygmy, an interesting little world turned upside down with animals and humans. The director (not the writer this time) and voice actor for this 7-minute movie is Tex Avery, who is still pretty well-known today. But this film here does not justify his success. I have seen better film from him and I would still not call myself a fan. Some of it is more about being noisy and wild than about it being really funny or witty. This is also a problem here. I give "Half-Pint Pygmy" a thumbs-down and do not recommend the watch.

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Roger Rabbit's octopus in Half Pint Pygmy

Author: aoxoltl from Japan
7 March 2006

Did anyone notice that the octopus from Half Pint Pygmy is the same as the one serving drinks in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"? I'd always wondered where this character came from and was surprised to find it in this BANNED cartoon. (Thanks to Japan's lax censorship guidelines, it was shown on the Cartoon Network on a Saturday morning, no less.) After viewing Roger Rabbit recently, some writers had speculated that the Octopus was generic with "Dopey's" face, but it can be clearly identified as the eight-legged creature from Half Pint Pygmy. Can anyone identify this octopus from showing up again in a prior or later cartoon?

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Half-Pint Pygmy is another hilarious Tex Avery cartoon

Author: tavm from Baton Rouge, LA
12 June 2007

Half-Pint Pygmy has to be seen to be believed but isn't that the case with most Tex Avery cartoons especially the ones he made for MGM. George and Junior search for the world's smallest pygmy. When they do, he manages to elude them for most of the short! There are all kinds of gags involving alligator bags, hiding places for various animals, hitting the wrong fellows, and who's being scared of whom. And, yes, there's a stereotypical watermelon gag for the little guy. Still, with a cartoon this outrageous, anything goes! If you really want to see this, it's for now available on YouTube. I most certainly heartily recommend it as I would for most Tex Avery cartoons.

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