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One of the best in the Allan Rocky Lane series
krorie22 May 2005
This is not only one of the best in the Rocky Lane series of westerns but the title actually relates to the story. Rocky goes undercover as always and takes the name "The Denver Kid." Nuggett is around as always as the go-between. Why Nuggett is always re-introduced to Rocky in each film is still a bit hazy to me, but the producers must have had a reason for it. And the beautiful Blackjack is there to do his part to save Rocky. This time he leads a herd of horses across the border to where Rocky actually has legal jurisdiction to deal with the outlaws. Rory Mallison as Jason Fox does a good job in a role that reminds one of the historical attempt by Aaron Burr to carve out a piece of United States territory for himself to rule as a dictator. At first, I thought Rory Mallison was the great western actor John Russell until I saw his face up close. There was one minor problem I had with the movie. Why was Emmett Vogan chosen to play Captain Stan Roberts? He was around 55 at the time and Captain Roberts was supposed to be a much younger man, in his 20's or 30's. Emmett vogan was a fine character actor but much too old for the part. If you like plenty of action and a good story for a Saturday afternoon oater, this is a film to see.
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State to State Border Patrol
bkoganbing15 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Allan 'Rocky' Lane is working for his state's border patrol which is a state to state border patrol as well as our border with Mexico and unorganized territories in the USA. Bruce Edwards, his best friend is murdered along with several other patrolmen to drive a herd of stolen horses across the border. The accused is none other than William Henry, a minor outlaw of sorts and the brother of Edwards.

Though it breaks his heart the father of both the men and the border patrol Emmett Vogan thinks that Cain slew Abel. However Rocky Lane who was Edwards' best friend in the border patrol doesn't believe it and he goes undercover to find the real murderer as The Denver Kid.

The brains behind all of this is an outlaw named Jason Fox known as The Fox and he's quite the megalomaniac. He's turned the border town of Cemetery Ridge into an outlaw haven and he's collecting all sorts of no good varmints to form an army to declare the Republic of The Fox in his area. He has a cheerfully corrupt sheriff played with real relish by George Lloyd.

Aided by pharmacist Eddy Waller, Lane does his western hero thing and makes the Republic of The Fox a stillborn proposition.

Blackjack, the coal black stallion that Lane road in his films was not as well known to the movie-going public as Trigger, but in this film even more than others helped Lane out considerably.

One of the better Rocky Lane features from Republic.
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