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Season 2

12 Sep. 1949
Kyra Zelas
Kyra Zelas is a very unusual girl, the doctor diagnoses her as being in the final stages of tuberculosis, when young Dr. Scott gives her an untested injection which miraculously heals her, leaving everyone surprised.
19 Sep. 1949
The Rival Dummy
Gabbo, a ventriloquist meets a pretty blonde and asks her to become his assistant. He is a hit at the Palace, an old vaudeville theater, Pepe his dummy objects and refuses to perform. Pepe speaks and moves without the assistance of Gabbo and Gabbo helpless destroys the dummy with an axe.
26 Sep. 1949
The Outward Room
A mentally disturbed woman tries to lead a normal life.
3 Oct. 1949
Mrs. Moonlight
A bride makes a wish on her wedding day to never look a day older than she does at that moment. Her wish becomes a curse as everyone and everything around her ages and she stays as youthful as ever.
10 Oct. 1949
The Light That Failed
A war artist, Dick Helder, follows the British army into battle and experiences many difficulties and internal struggles while providing some outstanding descriptions of the desert and desert warfare.
17 Oct. 1949
The Storm
During a stormy night, a woman alone in a country house discovers a dead body in her basement and is terrorized by an intruder.
24 Oct. 1949
Battleship Bismarck
Two weeks after its maiden voyage on May 13, 1941, the battleship Bismarck was spotted, torpedoed and sunk by the British in the North Atlantic. This was a crucial point in World War II for the Germans, taking more than 2,000 lives.
31 Oct. 1949
Concerning a Woman of Sin
A literary agent seeks to represent the author of a sensational new screenplay and is surprised to find out that the author is only nine years old.
7 Nov. 1949
The Husband
A woman fears her late husband Connor has returned to haunt her.
14 Nov. 1949
Two Sharp Knives
A small-town police chief captures a man wanted for murder in Philadelphia. But something stinks about the murder rap, the wanted poster and everything else.
21 Nov. 1949
Of Human Bondage
A young man finds himself attracted to a cold and unfeeling waitress who may ultimately destroy them both.
28 Nov. 1949
At Mrs. Beam's
At the height of the Bluebeard panic, a mysterious young couple from Paris raise fears at a London boarding house.
5 Dec. 1949
Henry IV
A wealthy eccentric Italian gentleman believes himself to be 11th-century Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV.
12 Dec. 1949
Jane Eyre
After a harsh childhood, orphan Jane Eyre is hired by Edward Rochester, the brooding lord of a mysterious manor house, to care for his young daughter.
19 Dec. 1949
Mary Poppins
A nanny of special talents is hired by George Banks, an old-fashioned London banker who is trying to raise his two naughty children.
26 Dec. 1949
The Inner Light
An English home for the blind is disrupted by a visiting scientist who supposedly has a miracle discovery for curing specific cases of blindness.
2 Jan. 1950
Set in the French Riviera, this romantic love triangle occurs when the daughter of a wealthy Parisian widower vacations at the villa.
9 Jan. 1950
Beyond Reason
A young wife is confronted with circumstantial evidence that her husband is trying to kill her.
16 Jan. 1950
Give Us Our Dream
A widow named Mrs. Marsan lives in an apartment complex and pries into her neighbors' personal affairs. She is happiest when unsuspecting lovers argue and she can focus her opera glasses on them. Her innocently disingenuous nosiness helps to bring about a marriage between two cripples, a therapeutic romance for a depressed war widow, a happy ending in a sordid triangle affair. Even her death from heart trouble helps a friend, radical and fanatic, somehow learns a lesson in elementary humanity.
23 Jan. 1950
The Rockingham Tea Set
A young nurse's romance is blighted by a spirit.
30 Jan. 1950
Father and the Angels
The story of a minister whose church is sandwiched between a firehouse and a brewery and who desires to build a new house of worship in a better place.
6 Feb. 1950
The Loud Red Patrick
A widower bringing up four daughters must deal with their eventual rebellion.
13 Feb. 1950
Flowers from a Stranger
A psychiatrist's wife battles her own deteriorating emotional state when she receives a box of flowers from a stranger.
20 Feb. 1950
The Wisdom Tooth
A clerk fantasizes himself as a young freckled faced vital boy unlike his present persona, a pale and pulseless man and has the boy in him stir to life the courage to tell his boss off and ask his girl to marry him.
27 Feb. 1950
The Willow Cabin
A young British actress falls in love with a married American surgeon and devotes herself to his happiness.
6 Mar. 1950
The Dreams of Jasper Hornby
A wounded robber hands his loot to Jasper Hornby before dying. The rest of his gang begins a door-to-door search for the money.
13 Mar. 1950
The Dusty Godmother
A reporter for a major newspaper and his wife divorce. The court awards custody of their child to the wife.
20 Mar. 1950
The Survivors
Peter Decker returns from the American Civil War with a grudge against his neighbor, an army brigade troop leader. The showdown takes place according to the rules of the Wild West, where guns settled all conflicts but those rules are slowly being replace by civilization, and the rule of law.
27 Mar. 1950
A Passenger to Bali
Captain English permits Mr. Walkes to board his ship bound for Bali, only to learn Walkes is unwelcome at virtually every port - forcing English to endure his increasingly unwelcome guest.
3 Apr. 1950
The Scarlet Letter
In the seventeenth century, in Massachusetts, a young woman is forced to wear a scarlet "A" on her dress for bearing a child out of wedlock.
10 Apr. 1950
Walk the Dark Streets
Janice Morel is an aging actress who works in a run-down nightclub. One night she's discovered naked in her hotel room, knifed to death.
17 Apr. 1950
Torrents of Spring
A man falls in lust with another, abandoning his beloved Gemma in favor of a fling. Unhappy and unfulfilled with his decision he seeks out his beloved Gemma once again.
24 Apr. 1950
The Horse's Mouth
A somewhat vulgar but dedicated painter searches for the perfect realization of his artistic vision, much to the chagrin of others.
1 May 1950
Miracle in the Rain
Wartime romance about a lonely man and woman who meet one rainy afternoon in New York.
8 May 1950
A Wreath of Roses
Camilla feels lonely and insecure that her husband is more interested in painting than spending time with her. Camilla steps into an unlikely affair with Richard Elton, a dangerous liar.
15 May 1950
The Ambassadors
A man sent to Paris to retrieve a woman's son from his corrupt life there is profoundly changed by the city.
22 May 1950
The Room Upstairs
A hard-boiled private eye receives a call from a small-town policeman who suspects an auto accident which involves the daughter of a prominent citizen is connected with the finding of the body of a young girl in the river.
29 May 1950
The Man Who Had Influence
Business mogul's son David Grant uses his father's power to extricate himself from problems - until implication in a woman's death tests David's willingness to avoid responsibility.
5 Jun. 1950
The Taming of the Shrew
Brutish, fortune-hunting scoundrel Petruchio tames his wealthy shrewish wife, Katharina.
12 Jun. 1950
Zone Four
A former OSS officer, Chris Jackson, is now teaching at a small university. Just as he's named head of the history department, an OSS agent asks him to rejoin. His services are needed by the government in "zone four."
19 Jun. 1950
There Was a Crooked Man
Otis Block is found dead in the boarding house where he lived. Although one of his fellow boarders is undoubtedly responsible, their collectively eccentric personalities make the solution of the crime a difficult problem.
26 Jun. 1950
My Granny Van
Orphaned at a young age, George, one of twelve siblings went to live with his grandmother, a woman with tremendous spirit and natural dignity in the wild west, which inspired George to become a writer of those less fortunate.

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