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  • Twenty years after his triumphs as a freshman on the football field, Harold is a mild-mannered clerk who dreams about marrying the girl at the desk down the aisle. But losing his job destroys that dream, and when he finds a particularly potent drink at his local bar, he goes on a very strange and funny rampage (with a lion in tow).

    - Written by Kathy Li
  • 1923. Based on one specific game winning incident on the college football field, somewhat feckless Harold Diddlebock is offered a job by E.J. Waggleberry at his advertising firm after Harold graduates from college. Harold believes this offer will set him up for life. After Harold graduates, Waggleberry does offer him that job, an entry level accounting one from which Harold believes he will quickly climb the corporate ladder. Fast forward twenty-two years to 1945: Harold is still in that entry level job. Waggleberry fires him due to his ineptitude. Harold is not as much disappointed in his professional career, or lack of one, than he is in no longer seeing on a day-to-day basis Miss Otis, a graphic artist at Waggleberry's with who he is in love. Each of Miss Otis' six sisters had her job before her, and Harold loved each of them when they had the job, something all seven sisters knew and know. Harold was never financially able to ask any sister to marry him at the time. Harold leaves Waggleberry's with among other things close to $3,000 he has amassed in the company's savings. Seeing his roll of money, a down on his luck gambler named Wormy is able to convince teetotalling Harold to have his first ever drink to drown whatever ails his soul. Several days later, Harold awakens from his hangover in his bed in the home of his sister Flora, having only vague recollections of what happened since he was fired. His own suit is missing - he wearing an outlandish suit its origin he doesn't know - as is the $3,000. He slowly is able to piece together some of the events of the past few days, he now needing to deal with the aftermath of his gambling and spending spree, one purchase in particular even more outlandish than the suit and it an "asset" he might have a difficult time liquidating, that is unless he was really paying attention to all those advertising ideas in his twenty-two years at Waggleberry's...

    - Written by Huggo


In 1923, college freshman Harold Diddlebock (Harold Lloyd) is brought into his college's football team where he scores the winning touchdown for his team (as told in 'The Freshman')...

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