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Scent-i-mental Over You
TheLittleSongbird7 January 2013
I have always been a fan of Looney Tunes. Pepe LePew is not one of the best characters in my estimations, but he is amusing and endearing enough. Likewise, I do think there are better Pepe cartoons out there, in terms of gags and story there is not much that could be classified as ground-breaking and while the last 2 minutes or so are great Scent-i-mental Over You for me is only mildly amusing. However, the animation is of elegant simplicity, ideal for the type of cartoon and the setting. The music has a lot of lush charm, and there are some really cute moments throughout. Pepe handles himself very well, and it was refreshing to have a character different to Penelope yet with similar character qualities to her and almost as likable. Mel Blanc excels as usual. All in all, unexceptional but cute and worth the watch. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Pepe Le Pew is always good for a few laughs...
Neil Doyle25 March 2009
Although the laughs are usually based on a single joke, with Pepe relentlessly seeking a mate and finding that he is quite irresistible, these Pepe Le Pew cartoons were stylish fun from the Chuck Jones factory of cartoons.

There's not much to be said for the plot which had been used in countless other Pepe films, but as usual there are chuckles to be had in how Pepe's love struck antics get him caught up in one silly situation after another.

Animation is standard for this type of cartoon. Recommended only for those who succumb to Pepe's Charles Boyer accent and his rascally ways.
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Funny if you like Pepe!
bob the moo8 November 2003
A small, hairless dog feels left out when she sees all the other dogs in thick coats of fur. She goes inside and borrows a part of her owner's fur coat and goes out. She doesn't notice that the coat makes her look like a skunk and all the other dogs run from her - however this very thing draws Pepé Le Pew like a magnet!

I'm not a big fan of the cartoons involving Pepé, they all seem to be the same gags and Pepé himself is not a flexible enough character to really keep repeating the same stuff over and over again, he is a little too much of a one trick pony. However viewed infrequently his stuff can be good - and it had been a while since I watched one his shorts when I saw this one. The basic plot starts well, the gags where the little dog first comes out in her fur is funny - including a scene where dogs gather round a bookshop because of a poster advertising `A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'! Once Pepé comes in, it still works and he does his usual stuff quite well.

The little dog and Pepé are both interesting and amusing characters in this short, and the ending is actually pretty funny (although does beg the question as to why the little dog didn't take that action at the very start of the cartoon!).

Overall this is an enjoyable cartoon for fans of the character. I'm not a big fan but I still quite enjoyed the mix of sight gags and the odd cleverer joke.
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Nice Short
Michael_Elliott4 April 2009
Scent-imental Over You (1947)

*** (out of 4)

There weren't too many Pepe Le Pew shorts, perhaps because they're all based around a single joke, but that one joke was usually good enough to get some laughs and smiles. This time out a hairless dog puts on some fur, which makes it look like a skunk so needless to say the other dogs stay away from her. She finally gets some unwanted attention when Pepe sets his eyes on her and won't let go. It would be hard for me to watch the Pepe shorts all together since they are one-joke-films but when viewed on their own they aren't too bad. There's nothing ground breaking here, be it animation wise or even comedy wise, but there's still several cute scenes that will put a smile on your face. One of the highlights comes towards the end when Pepe gets the dog trapped inside his apartment where a little twist happens.
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A funny early Pepe cartoon, with a nice twist.
At last, Pepe le Pew stops chasing cats! Actually, he'd only chased a cat in a single cartoon prior to this, so that really isn't relevant. I guess he didn't like dogs as much to quit them forever.

The plot is simple: A female Mexican Hairless dog is treated with scorn by the other breeds, in luxurious and thick coats for the winter. So the Hairless gets a coat that fits her nicely, but is unaware that it makes her look like a skunk, driving off her friends and attracting Pepe le Pew the skunk, who has a rather, ah, strong scent.

The starting is funny, and shows a bunch of dogs looking at a poster for a book titled 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'. I didn't get that when I was five, but now, at eleven, I do. As always, you have to look out for Pepe's funny lines. He constantly spouts elaborate and romantic (though the dog doesn't really pay much attention) French stuff, while oblivious to the dog's struggles to free herself from his grasp. Some people think Pepe's cartoons are repetitive, and that if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all, but the fact is that each cartoon does a great job with the same story, and the bulk of one short unfolds in a different way than the other. But I admit that most of the skunk shorts are part of a big whole, which is equal in quality. But some are unique, and stand out in the memory, and this one of them. Why? Because of a great ending. (And I agree with another commenter, why didn't she try that before? Maybe she still thought she looked like a dog, and Pepe was after her for no reason.) Anyway, if you like Pepe le Pew, or if you think he's repetitive and are looking for something different, then I recommend Scent-imental Over You.
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If you thought ODOR-ABLE KITTY was creepy . . .
Edgar Allan Pooh5 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
. . . this 1947 Pepe Le Pew outing from two years later ups the queasy quotient close to a quart. At least the anonymous tom cat in KITTY was bigger than Henry the Skunk (a.k.a., Pepe), and a male, to boot. Hank's Hanky Panky threats were merely implied in KITTY--not realized. Tom's utter reluctance to consider inter-species (and intra-gender) mating certainly raised the "Yuck!" Factor for viewers, but they sensed all along that Tom would take care of himself in the end. KITTY was abhorrent primarily for its possibility of leading little ones astray. SCENT-IMENTAL OVER YOU realizes the darkest fears raised by KITTY. Rank Hank's focus now is making a female dog less than half his size gag. His unwanted attentions remain unrelenting, as he adds kidnapping and locking his victim inside a hidden room (similar to recent cases uncovered in California, Utah, Cleveland, and elsewhere) to his list of serial sex crimes. At the end Henry\Pepe anticipates and takes advantage of Stockholm Syndrome, as he reveals that he's a skunk in a dog suit in a skunk suit, cleverly trying to make his victim identify with him. It's surprising Warner Bros. next cartoon "friend" wasn't Sneaky Snake!
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"I am stupid, no?"
utgard1425 December 2014
A small Mexican hairless dog puts on a fur coat, not realizing it's a skunk pelt. This frightens all the dogs she was trying to impress away. But guess who it attracts? That's right, Pepe Le Pew. Pepe pursues the poor little dog who just doesn't understand what's going on. This is an early Pepe short. If you've seen one, in many ways you've seen them all. Pepe is a very one-note character but it can be an amusing note. This one is pretty good but not great. The animation is nice, the writing is good, and Mel Blanc's voicework is terrific. But it lacks a little something. I think it's due to the object of Pepe's affection being a dog instead of a cat. This is the only time that happened, by the way. Often in the shorts I've seen, the hilarious reactions of the cat to Pepe's romantic overtures are the funniest parts. That's missing here.
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