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The Cisco Kid, One Rogue who thinks fast on his feet

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
10 October 2007

For one who grew up on Duncan Renaldo as the gallant Cisco Kid, Gilbert Roland was something of a revelation as a more of a roguish Cisco. Still because Gilbert Roland was an old favorite of mine among those famous character players of old Hollywood, I enjoyed Robin Hood of Monterey on its own terms.

Cisco's on the way to the home of an old caballero friend, Pedro De Cordoba and his new wife Evelyn Brent. But on the way he finds riders from the ranchero chasing DeCordoba's son, Travis Kent. Cisco has Kent pretend he's dead and finds out he was wanted for killing his father. Kent tells Cisco of the quarrel he and his father had.

Turns out that Cisco knows Brent from way back, she's quite the adventuress, a sort of South American spider woman. She's intriguing with De Cordoba's cousin Jack LaRue to take over the ranchero and won't let anything including Cisco stand in the way.

Roland's Cisco thinks pretty fast on his feet. He has to because in the short 57 minute running time, Roland has a couple of tight squeezes. Of course he's aided and abetted by his faithful companion Pancho, played in this case by Chris-Pin Martin. Martin's a bit more help than Leo Carrillo was with Renaldo. Still Pancho isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Of course Roland solves the mystery even to the satisfaction of Nestor Paiva who plays the slow witted alcalde of the local town. Here's a hint; forensics has a lot to do with deciding what really happened to DeCordoba.

Robin Hood of Monterey is your average B western from Monogram and of course Gilbert Roland is always a delight in any film.

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One of the better ones...

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
12 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For the most part, the Cisco Kid films that Monogram made with Gilbert Roland were all pretty poor. Much of the problem were the scripts--which were often lackluster at best. Fortunately, this one is an exception. While it's not great, it is pretty good and worth seeing.

The film begins with a father and son having an argument and a gun is drawn. A shot rings out and people assume the son killed him. However, the dead man's new wife is the one who actually shot him--but no one other than the Cisco Kid seems able to notice this. And so, most of the film consists of Cisco trying to avoid the stupid Alacalde (Spanish for 'mayor') and trying to prove the young man innocent. In the end, Cisco uses a well thought-out trap to prove who the murderer really is and all is once again well in the world.

I think one of the reasons I liked this one is that the mayor was a pretty funny character. He had a lot of great moments and offered nice comic relief. Also, the plot was better than usual and actually kept my interest. Worth seeing but not exactly brilliant.

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Cisco vs. The Black Widow!

Author: ( from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
31 May 2007

"Robin Hood of Monteray" was an entry in Monogram's Cisco Kid series starring Glibert Roland as Cisco. In an effort to spice up the series we see the welcome return of the Pancho character in the person of veteran character actor Chris Pin-Martin. Gone is Cisco's gang and his former partner "Baby".

The plot of this one concerns evil stepmother Maria Belmonte and her "cousin" Don Ricardo Gonzoles (Jack LaRue) to take over the rancho of Don Carlos Belmonte (Pedro de Cordoba). Don Carlos son Eduardo (Travis Kent) overhears the plot. Maria and Don Ricardo frame Eduardo for the murder of the old man. Eduardo is engaged to servant girl Lolita (Donna Martel).

Cisco and Pancho listen to Eduardo's story after rescuing him from pursuers and decide to help. Cisco discovers with the help of the local Alcalde (Nestor Paiva) that the bullet that killed Don Carlos came from a derringer and not the gun that Eduardo was found with.

While trying to prove Eduardo's innocence, Cisco manages to get himself arrested and "executed", then.............................

As with most of the films in this series, this one was plagued with a weak script. It does have, however, a better than normal supporting cast. Chris Pin-Martin makes an affable Pancho, Nestor Paiva as the bumbling Alcalde steals the picture. The sinister Brent and veteran heavy LaRue have little to do unfortunately. And there was minimal action as well.

Weak low budget "B" oater.

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Cisco against Evelyn Brent is nearly over-matched.

Author: Leslie Howard Adams ( from Texas
20 May 2006

If one overlooks the fact that O. Henry's "Cisco Kid" was an Anglo-gringo and not a Mexican, then one can say that Warner Baxter's and Gilbert Roland's portrayals of "The Cisco Kid" were those that came closest to the character, as written by Mr. Porter.

Unlike the Cisco Kid portrayed by Duncan Renaldo in the United Artists films (and the later TV episodes), Roland's character had more than just a few vices---cigarettes, tequila-quaffing and skirt-chasing most of the females in sight (married or unmarried)---and Gilbert Roland, in his usual Gilbert Roland using his Gilbert Roland image for Cisco---brought a different image to the B-Western hero. (Duncan Renaldo, playing Cisco in the Monogram series before Roland took over the lead, also played his Monogram-version of Cisco in the same vein but Duncan Renaldo, at his best, was far removed from being a Gilbert Roland in screen presence.)

This entry finds Eduardo Belmonte (Travis Kent) overhearing his new step-mother, Maria (Evelyn Brent), and her lover, Don Ricardo Gonzales (Jack La Rue)---a match made in film Heaven---plotting to take over the Belmonte rancho on the night of the fiesta given by her husband, Don Carlos Belmonte (Pedro De Cordoba.) Eduardo offers Maria money if she will depart the hacienda premises, but she refuses (why take a little when you can have it all?)and then accuses Eduardo of making love to her. The old Don doesn't take kindly to his son hitting on his step-mother and attacks him in a rage. The lights go out, the father is killed and Maria blames Eduardo, who escapes from the house, chased by Ricardo's men.

The Cisco Kid (Gilbert Roland) and Pancho (Chris-Pin Martin)rescue Eduardo, who has been shot, and hide him while they investigate. Cisco discovers that bullets from Maria's gun, a handy little derringer of the type favored by Evelyn Brent characters, are the same type that killed Don Carlos. But the Alcaide (Nestor Paiva) arrests Cisco and Pancho, and Cisco is "supposedly" executed by a firing squad, but IS NOT shot and escapes by a trick.

And now Maria and Ricardo are in real trouble with Cisco on the loose.

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