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Will New Oscar Voters Be Bold Enough to Embrace Popular Films?

Will New Oscar Voters Be Bold Enough to Embrace Popular Films?
Everyone is curious about how Oscar voting will be affected by the Academy’s new members, with 1,700 individuals (or 23%) invited in the past three years.

For me, there’s only one important issue: Do they like popular movies?

Careful, this is a trick question, because “popular” is hard to define, especially when it comes to Oscar.

This year, worldwide box office was led by “Beauty and the Beast,” which earned $1.2 billion. The global top 20 also includes awards possibilities like “Logan,” “Dunkirk” and “Wonder Woman.” There are other 2017 films that make you feel better at the end than you did at the start, including “The Big Sick,” “The Disaster Artist,” “Downsizing,” “Call Me by Your Name” and “Get Out.”

But what are their Oscar chances? In the past 15 years, Oscar voters have leaned toward dark material.

For most of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ 90 years, popular films got regular Oscar attention. Among the many
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‘Pottersville’ Review: Michael Shannon Is Mistaken for Bigfoot in One of the Worst Christmas Movies Ever Made

  • Indiewire
‘Pottersville’ Review: Michael Shannon Is Mistaken for Bigfoot in One of the Worst Christmas Movies Ever Made
Here’s the only plausible explanation for “Pottersville,” a nearly unwatchable — but inexplicably star-studded — new Christmas comedy which is making a brief pitstop in select theaters before spending the rest of eternity in the storage room of your local Walmart: A veteran producer at the Hallmark Channel was at the end of his rope (for the purposes of this hypothetical scenario, let’s pretend said producer was “Pottersville” director Seth Henrikson, whose sparse IMDb credits leave plenty to the imagination). Frustrated by a career spent churning out festive — and weirdly horny — shlock like “A Very Merry Mix-Up,” “Matchmaker Santa” (featuring Lacey Chabert), and “A Boyfriend for Christmas” (the story of an infatuated girl who wastes her 20s waiting for Santa Claus to come down her chimney), he finally broke.

Some scholars argue that it was the 2007 Melissa Joan Hart / Mario Lopez vehicle “Holiday in Handcuffs” that pushed him over the
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5 Best And Worst Theatre Experiences!

If you usually visit the theatre, it is almost a sure bet that you have had both a positive and negative experience at one point or another. Personally, I don’t understand why anybody would pay for a cinema ticket only to talk all their way through a film, when they could have easily just gone to a bar to talk each other’s ear off for a couple of hours.

Thankfully, my cinematic adventures in the theatre have been an enjoyable ride for the most part. Whether that was due to a film being so good that it had the ability to totally immerse me in it’s world or seeing a movie with an upbeat crowd of people, well, there are numerous considerations I could have picked from. In this piece I’m going to be talking about five theatre experiences that turned out to be memorable for both worthwhile reasons,
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15 Movies You Can Stream on Amazon Prime to Kick Off Your Holidays Early

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Amazon has thousands of holiday films to queue, but for many of them, you have to rent or purchase in order to watch. However, some movies come included with your Amazon Prime membership - and we're here to help you find the best ones. From well-known flicks like Miracle on 34th Street and Scrooged to some obscure gems like The Wizard's Christmas and Jingle Hell, there's a little something for every member of the family. Related'90s Movies That Will Bring Back the Magic of Your Childhood Holidays
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Producer Jc Spink’s Death Ruled Accidental Drug Overdose

  • The Wrap
Producer Jc Spink’s Death Ruled Accidental Drug Overdose
The death of movie producer Jc Spink has been ruled an accidental drug overdose by the Los Angeles Coroners Office. Spink, who shepherded titles like “The Hangover,” “We’re the Millers” and “A History of Violence” with partner Chris Bender, was found dead at his West Hollywood home in April. His autopsy report indicates his death was accidental and cited “multiple drug intoxication.” Also Read: The Big Heart of Jc Spink Remembered by Hollywood's Players Originally from Philadelphia, Spink was one half of Benderspink, the management-production company that he founded with Bender. The college pals were assistants at management-production company Zide-Perry Productions before striking.
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Now Casting: Play Kris Kringle in ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ + 3 More Gigs

It’s never too early for a bit of Christmas magic! A Midwest production of “Miracle on 34th Street” is searching for its Kris Kringle, plus several other lead and supporting roles. There are also opportunities for lead roles in a short film, YouTube variety series hosts, and background actors in Amazon’s “Red Oaks!” “Miracle On 34Th Street”The musical based on the film of the same name is casting principal and supporting roles. Male and female talent aged 18–65 are needed to fill several roles, including the lead roles of Kris Kringle and Doris Walker. There is an open casting call on Aug. 1 in NYC. Rehearsals begin Oct. 16 and the show runs Nov. 3–Dec. 23 in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Competitive salary, Emc points, travel, housing, and meals will be provided. “Htttg”Several actors are needed to fill lead roles in “Htttg,” a short film that “examines family dynamics and how we communicate with others.” One male and one female actor, both ages 35–48, are sought for the lead parent roles. There are also lead roles available for a young male actor ages 14–18 and two fraternal female twins ages 14–18. The
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36 Hours

Long before movies routinely created ‘worlds’ with their own twisted fantasy logic, only a few paranoid thrillers, usually odd genre items, tried out twisted stories of deceptive ‘hidden realities.’ Like an extended Twilight Zone entry, this lively James Garner war pic morphs into a bizarre conspiracy worthy of Philip K. Dick. If only it weren’t so “L-a-o” — Literal And Obvious.

36 Hours


Warner Archive Collection

1965 / B&W / 2:35 widescreen / 115 min. / Street Date April 11, 2017 / available through the WBshop / 21.99

Starring: James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Rod Taylor, Werner Peters, John Banner, Russell Thorson, Alan Napier, Oscar Beregi, Ed Gilbert, Sig Ruman, Celia Lovsky, Karl Held, James Doohan.

Cinematography Philip H. Lathrop

Art Direction Edward Carfagno, George W. Davis

Film Editor Adrienne Fazan

Original Music Dimitri Tiomkin

Written by George Seaton, Carl K. Hittleman, Luis H. Vance from a story by Roald Dahl

Produced by William Perlberg

Directed by George Seaton

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On this day: Vivien's Oscar, Kevin's Bacon, Carter's Write-Down

On this day in showbiz history

The Story of Miss Lonelyheart from Péter Lichter on Vimeo.

1913/1914 Did you know that Detective Doyle (Wendell Corey) and Miss Lonelyhearts (Judith Evelyn) from Rear Window shared a birthday? Now you do! (Uff, I love Rear Window so much)

1942 Rings on Her Finger, a screwball comedy starring Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney opens in theaters

1948 Gentleman's Agreement wins Best Picture at the 1947 Oscars but the enduring statues from that year are surely Edmund Gwenn's Supporting Actor win as Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street and the Cinematography and Art Direction wins for the astounding Black Narcissus. What a picture! 

1952 Vivien Leigh wins her second Best Actress prize at the 1951 Oscars for A Streetcar Named Desire. Absent from the ceremony, Greer Garson accepts for Vivien...
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18 Days Until Oscar. Nominations for Minors

Sal Mineo & Natalie Wood at the Oscars for Rebel Without A Cause (1955) one of only two years wherein two minors were nominated. The other is 1973As Sunny Pawar (Lion) can attest this Oscar season, being a cute kid with a preternatural gift in front of the cameras can only get you so far. A little further if you're a girl but still, the point is: it's not easy to be Oscar nominated when you're a minor. Think of the famous or iconic minor performances that Didn't snag nominations: Natalie Wood in Miracle on 34th Street, Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet, Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap, Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, Evan Rachel Wood in thirteen, Jacob Tremblay in Room and so on. 

On this 18th day before the Oscars let's quickly survey all the actors who managed a nomination before their 18th birthday!

There are 21 of them
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Sherlock, and the musical highlights of Sherlock Holmes

Sean Wilson Jan 16, 2017

From the BBC's Sherlock, through Disney, Hans Zimmer and Young Sherlock Holmes: we salute the music of Mr Holmes...

Few characters have enjoyed as much reinvention as Arthur Conan Doyle's sleuth Sherlock Holmes, an enduring icon who is as much bound up with the history of cinema (and indeed stage, TV and radio) as he is with literature. Indeed, adaptations of Holmes stories stretch right the way back to the earliest days of film at the start of the 20th century. Fittingly enough given Holmes' penchant for a violin serenade, the musical scores to his adventures are as richly varied as the outcomes to his mysteries are unexpected. Here are Holmes' musical highlights, from Buster Keaton through to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sherlock Jr. (1924)

Not, strictly speaking, a Sherlock movie but as the title implies, the legacy of the character casts a long shadow over Buster Keaton's silent classic.
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Last Chance to Watch These Movies on Netflix Before They're Gone on Jan. 1

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While there are a ton of movies coming to Netflix in January, there's also a long list of titles leaving for good. Movies like Bring It On and Sixteen Candles will be gone, along with seasons of Flip or Flop and Saved by the Bell. You better get a move on, before it's too late! Related:12 Exciting New Shows That Will Have You Glued to Netflix All Through 2017 Expiring Jan. 1 30 For 30: Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks 30 For 30: No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson 30 For 30: The Day the Series Stopped 30 For 30: Jordan Rides the Bus 30 For 30: Without Bias 30 For 30: Once Brothers 30 For 30: Bernie and Ernie 30 For 30: Requiem For the Big East 30 For 30: The Price of Gold Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman Angry Birds Toons Season 1 Bewitched Blade 2 Bring It On
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Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas: 2016 Edition

I’m guessing that you, just like most of us, have always had seasonal favorites when it comes to movies that attempt to address and evoke the spirit of Christmas. Like most from my generation, when I was a kid I learned the pleasures of perennial anticipation of Christmastime as interpreted by TV through a series of holiday specials, like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and even musical variety hours where the likes of Bing Crosby and Andy Williams and Dean Martin et al would sit around sets elaborately designed to represent the ideal Christmas-decorated living room, drinking “wassail” (I’m sure that’s what was in those cups) and crooning classics of the season alongside a dazzling array of guests. (We knew we were moving into a new world of holiday cheer when David Bowie joined Bing Crosby for
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The mystery picture on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation's DVD cover

Daniel Langrish-Beard Dec 20, 2016

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation has an odd picture on its DVD cover: a picture of a scene that seemingly nobody has ever heard of.

I’ll set the scene for you. I was invited round my friends Jane's house for Christmas cocktails and Christmas films. On the day I realised that I had forgotten to bring any promised DVDs with me. Thus, I nipped into a local supermarket to pick up some cheap DVDs, so I didn’t look like I’d forgotten.

I picked three films in the end: Miracle On 34th Street (double feature with 1947 & 1994 versions), Nativity (never seen) and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Jane hadn’t seen Christmas Vacation, so we popped that in the DVD player.

I had a look at the cover, as it was different to the cover I had at home. Then I saw it - a picture of a
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The Top 10 Holiday Movie Villains

  • Cinelinx
Holiday films are meant to celebrate the spirit of the season. They wouldn’t really be all that interesting without a villain who wants to ruin it. We pick 10 of the best.

Holiday movies often teach lessons about the importance of sharing, helping others, giving thanks, etc. One method these storied films use to highlight the importance of the ideas they promote is by featuring someone who doesn’t follow them. This person is someone who may even hate those ideas. So much so that they try and prevent people from practicing them, or exploit those that do for their own benefit. These characters are the villains of holiday movies, and without them, the lessons being taught would not have as much impact. These are our picks for the 10 best holiday movie villains.

10. Granville Sawyer - Miracle on 34th Street

Worst Thing They Did: Attempted to commit Santa Claus to
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The Twelve Days of Classic Christmas Movies – vote for your favourite!

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Cai Ross

Christmastime is here. Presumably you already have chestnuts roasting on an open fire, a turkey and some mistletoe, and your first screaming argument about who’s cooking for who and where. ’Tis the season for such timeless traditions, and along with a collective craving for manifestly ill-judged food combinations and a moratorium on our disapproval of comedy knitwear, classic Christmas movies are now a vital part of the great yuletide experience.

But what precisely is a classic Christmas movie? Timeless vintage offerings like Holiday Inn and Miracle on 34th Street are stuffed from titles to credits with all things Christmassy, yet you’ll also find films like Casablanca and The Great Escape on many festive film lists, which have nothing more to do with Christmas than Cannibal Holocaust.

Even the single greatest ‘Christmas Movie’ of all time, It’s a Wonderful Life has a pretty tenuous connection with the Holiday Season,
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You Won't Believe What the Kids From Your Favorite Holiday Movies Look Like Now

You Won't Believe What the Kids From Your Favorite Holiday Movies Look Like Now
It's that time of year: the fireplace is burning, your plaid pajamas are on, and you've got Netflix streaming your favorite holiday movies of all time! Whether it's Miracle on 34th Street or Christmas Vacation, Love Actually or Elf, most of these festive flicks are filled with Santa Claus-loving little kids who we can't help but acknowledge are pretty darn cute...except they probably aren't kids any more! As we started flipping through the films, we got to wondering: where are these child stars now? One thing lead to another and...voila! Macaulay Culkin: He played Kevin McCallister in 1991's Home Alone (and then again in the film's sequel). Today, he's rocking long...
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10 Not-Quite-Christmas Films

10 Not-Quite-Christmas Films
Every new December is a chance to dust off old copies of holiday classics and bask in the warm glow of nostalgia and yuletide cheer, preferably with a warm drink in hand and cozy slippers on feet. The list of go-to Christmas films is ever-growing, from familiar classics like Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life to more recent fare such as Elf or Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever.

However, repeated viewings may leave once-beloved films feeling as stale as leftover gingerbread cookies, not to mention the familiar themes, settings and tropes shared by so many "quintessential" holiday films....
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30 Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Christmas Movies

  • PEOPLE.com
30 Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Christmas Movies
We can’t blame you for thinking you know all there is to know about your favorite beloved holiday flicks. After all, annual 24-hour marathons and Netflix access make it almost too easy to unintentionally learn every heartwarming and hilarious line.

But even the most diehard Christmas movie fanatics still have secrets to discover, from just how much actors went it took to bring storybook characters to life, to the cameos you might have missed even on your 10th viewing.

1. Now a beloved classic, It’s a Wonderful Life was a total box office flop when it was released in
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Hollywood Flashback: In 1981, Natalie Wood Died of a Mysterious Drowning

Hollywood Flashback: In 1981, Natalie Wood Died of a Mysterious Drowning
The Hollywood Reporter on the Thanksgiving-weekend drowning death of Natalie Wood. Though only 43, Wood had been acting for nearly four decades. She was 4 when she appeared briefly in 1943's Happy Land and 7 when she made Tomorrow Is Forever with Orson Welles (who said Wood was a natural actress — "so good, she was terrifying"), and at 8 she co-starred in the Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street.

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Newswire: Here’s what’s coming to Starz in December

  • The AV Club
Just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, Starz has released its latest list of availability for the Starz App streaming service. December’s offerings are a pretty mixed bag, but it’s not like there’s ever a bad month for Wayne’s World or new episodes of Blunt Talk or Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Starz also has a list of the holiday movies already in its library, in case a viewing of Miracle On 34th Street (1994) or The Santa Clause 3 will help you make your way through the holiday blues.

For anybody hoping to take the edge off the recent election results with some populist sentiment, meanwhile, a number of Michael Moore’s documentaries are making their way to the service (plus Canadian Bacon). Or if you just want a heart-warming story about a bad-haired homunculus who’s repeatedly thwarted in his efforts to kill off all life ...
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