Miracle on 34th Street (1947) Poster

Plot Keywords

santa claus parade
lawyer christmas
drunken santa department store
commercialism psychologist
thanksgiving gift
the end nursing home
christmas spirit personnel psychology
lifting female in air window display
psychological testing gimbel's department store new york city
pretending reference to pontius pilate
love romantic kiss
lifting someone into the air delusion
newspaper headline imitating an ape
deceit district attorney
mental illness courtroom
hit on the head with a rock house
business consumer relationship skepticism
adult child friendship mother daughter relationship
psychiatric evaluation employer employee relationship
fat boy lump on head
christmas gift father son relationship
filmed on location urban setting
macy's department store new york city defense lawyer
personnel management gerontologist
letter to santa claus cynicism
fired from the job character appears in newspaper
imagination intergenerational friendship
little girl cigarette smoking
reference to calvin coolidge marching band
letter precocious child
pipe smoking sanity hearing
child witness new york city
faith single mother
post office older man young girl relationship
cafeteria manhattan new york city
brooklyn accent civil rights
courtroom stunt girl
long island new york maid
senior citizen spinning newspaper
competitor friendly rival
court hearing judge
cane x ray machine
kiss on the forehead holiday season
mental institution christmas eve
optimism piano
afi competency hearing
medical malpractice department store santa
digit in title lawyer client relationship
unsubtitled foreign language montage
free spirit mail
trial mother son relationship
hit on the head joy
macy's thanksgiving day parade christmas tree
old man little girl relationship street in title
apartment living mall santa
press young girl
new job benign delusion
reference to benjamin franklin reference to george washington
pipe villain
divorcee number in title
surprise ending

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