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B-Grade with some A-Grade production values.
jeffnamber131 July 2005
Basically a drama about Midget Racers (small, sleek single-driver race-cars with normal-sized V-8 engines that helped to kill many drivers in their era) and the hotshot son of a great driver who died behind the wheel. The only way I saw this is because I got a 35mm print of it in a film collection I bought. I don't know if it's public domain or not, but it's fairly entertaining. The lead actors are all no-names, but they look good and can act just enough to make it work. The Midget Racer footage is the highpoint, but sometimes the use of stock footage gets pretty bad (the grains and contrasts don't match up at all). It would be a 4 or 5 B-Movie without the higher production values, but the sets look A-Grade and lift it a couple points higher. Not a must see, but not a waste of time, good 40s fun.
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