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3 Jan. 1951
Paper Moon
Husband and wife writers in Hollywood have professional differences. His writing is unsuccessful but she sells everything that she pens. Eventually, the husband wants a divorce but he must put his plans on hold when a French orphan arrives at their home.
10 Jan. 1951
During World War II, an American G.I., who went overseas and fell in love with a French girl, returns to Kansas and a job at a filling station, all the while never forgetting his French love. When he learns that she is coming to New York, he and his pals go to meet her. In New York, he and the French girl are suspected of illegal activities concerning some jewels picked up in the war and the story of their romance in France is told in flashback.
17 Jan. 1951
The Best Years
A young girl has been made a virtual slave to her hypochondriac mother, forced to give up all of her friends to care for the domineering parent.
7 Feb. 1951
The Glass Mountain
A young woman tries to break free of the smothering rules that accompany her position in society.
14 Feb. 1951
In the upper middle class of England, a young man named Cheviot Hills is caught in a tangle of three engagements and several other promises of marriage.
28 Feb. 1951
Jane Eyre
A meek governess and her mysterious employer strike up a romantic relationship.
14 Mar. 1951
On Stage
A playwright dreams that he's the star of one of his own plays when thing take an unexpected turn. The character come to life, stop following the script, and begin ad libbing their own lines.
21 Mar. 1951
Of Famous Memory
This episode highlights the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth, from her early twenties though old age as she built England into a great world power.
28 Mar. 1951
The Silent Room
A man who hates social contact is forced to meet with a woman who is involved in a murder.
4 Apr. 1951
Yours Truly
A young actress has three suitors and must choose one from the crowed field.
11 Apr. 1951
Mrs. Dane's Defense
The plans of a young widow to remarry are in jeopardy because of rumors about her past. Mrs. Dane denies that she is the same woman who was involved in an scandal with a married man. She has plausible evidence to support her claim and she almost convinces everyone of her identity.
18 Apr. 1951
Mr. Mergenthwirker's Lobblies
Lobblies, little invisible creatures, are seen only by Mr. Mergenthwirker, a sweet little man who's pure of heart. The Lobblies insist on doing kind things for him like bringing him his slippers; those not of "pure heart" see only the slippers floating mid-air. Friends that he tells of the Lobblies insist he see a psychiatrist.
25 Apr. 1951
Brief Music
This comedy revolves around three co-eds who room together.
2 May 1951
Brief Candle
An elderly New England spinster tries to convince her great-nephew that he should get married and move into her museum of a house.
16 May 1951
The Intimate Strangers
A man and woman spend a night stranded in a railway station. In this comedy, the man ends up wooing the spinster.
23 May 1951
A Play for Mary
This comic tale is a parody of life backstage at a Broadway show.
30 May 1951
Ben Franklin
This comedy tells the story of the ambassador Benjamin Franklin's visit to Paris from 1776 to 1777.
6 Jun. 1951
A Seacoast in Bohemia
A story about the university career of a young writing genius and the difficulties he has with his teachers and fellow students.
13 Jun. 1951
An author can only stand by and watch as his first novel bombs.
20 Jun. 1951
Only the Heart
A shrewish, domineering mother forces her daughter to marry a "proper" young man and then proceeds to try and rule over their lives.
27 Jun. 1951
Merry Madness
The family patriarch, a tyrannical old hothead, becomes convinced that he will die if he ever loses his temper again. He attempts to keep a demeanor of peaceful serenity.
4 Jul. 1951
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Misadventures of a mischievous boy in 1850 Missouri.
11 Jul. 1951
Vienna Dateline
At work behind the Iron Curtain, an American newspaper reporter tries to free a United States citizen who's been captured by the Russians.
18 Jul. 1951
Zone Four
A college professor becomes involved in matters of naval intelligence.
25 Jul. 1951
Bright Shadow
An elderly man believes that his late daughter is still alive.
1 Aug. 1951
Hilda McKay
The wife of a college professor has grandiose dreams for her husband. She has plans for him to be come the head of his department, but instead, her ex-fiance gets the position. This leads her to get rid of the ex because he's now blocking her husband's career.
8 Aug. 1951
Old Doc
An older doctor is saddened that his son won't be joining with him in practice. His hopes for a father-son team seem unlikely until the son joins Old Doc on a serious case.
15 Aug. 1951
John Wilkes Booth
This unusual episode attempts to provide some insight into the president's assassin, written and performed in blank verse. The ghost of Lincoln appears to confront his murderer.
22 Aug. 1951
22-year-old Tommy Atkins who has a great fondness for pigs, the young woman he's in love with, and the father who doubts his ability to earn a living.
29 Aug. 1951
Ashes in the Wind
An old woman's family is torn apart by her lingering death--and its expenses.
5 Sep. 1951
The Easy Mark
The attitude of a young farmer in the Midwest is that you can make money by doing nothing. This makes him an easy mark for a pair of con men selling oil property.
12 Sep. 1951
The Tale of the Wolf
A lawyer gets it in his head that his wife is still in love with her childhood sweetheart. It takes losing $1,000,000 for him to learn otherwise.
19 Sep. 1951
The Wren
A city woman wants to get away from the rat race so she spends her summer at a New England boarding house. It's there that she becomes fascinated with a young artist.
26 Sep. 1951
The Climax
Children should be seen and not heard, especially when they discover that an "accident" was really a murder.
10 Oct. 1951
Seen But Not Heard
Children should be seen and not heard, especially when they discover that an "accident" was really a murder.
19 Oct. 1951
Moon Over Mulberry Street
A poverty-stricken family struggles to improve their station in life.
24 Oct. 1951
A "widow" remarries, only to discover that her supposedly dead first husband is anything but. She ends up being charged with the murder of a woman who knew all about husband number one.
31 Oct. 1951
Hour of Crisis
A small-town Vermont girl wins a beauty contest and is quickly "discovered" by a movie studio. They change her name, publicize her as the daughter of a rich gentleman farmer, and groom her for stardom. She hits it big and is seems a sure bet to win an Academy Award. When her rustic father, a justice of the peace, arrives for a Hollywood visit, a gossip columnist catches wind and threatens to expose the woman's phoney high society background.
7 Nov. 1951
A man who admits to forging a check asks the court for leniency because he did it to help a broke friend. Another man, however, is determined that he be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
14 Nov. 1951
Never Be the Same
This comedy involves a family known in the area as "those crazy neighbors." The grandma tries to stop her granddaughter from marrying the son of a bank president.
21 Nov. 1951
Dear Brutus
A man invites a several people to his house for an unusual get-together. Each will have a chance to relive a part of their life. He learns that it's not quite as amusing as he thought it would be.
28 Nov. 1951
The Fair Haired Boy
A college football star gets a dose of reality when he fails a course - even after cheating on an exam.
5 Dec. 1951
A man places great value on the concept of one's honor.
12 Dec. 1951
The Golden Slate
A man discovers gold buried in his front yard.
19 Dec. 1951
Incident on Fifth Avenue
An invisible elfin creature, a troll, teaches a hardened New Yorker about Christmas.
26 Dec. 1951
The Nantucket Legend
A New England sea captain, determined to die, changes the life of the people of his community.

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