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4 Jan. 1950
The Naborly Feeling
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11 Jan. 1950
As Husbands Go
A middle-aged Iowa housewife finds romance with a poet in Europe. She decides to be "good" and returns home to her husband, only to have her almost-lover appear stateside.
18 Jan. 1950
The Vinegar Tree
A restless middle-aged wife believes their guest is going to be the artist she fondly recalls have a romance with in her youth. She becomes upset when her daughter begins attracting his attention.
25 Jan. 1950
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1 Feb. 1950
The Old Ladies
Three women over 50, Agatha, May and Lucy, set up housekeeping together.
8 Feb. 1950
The Dark Tower
A man who has a strange controlling effect on his wife is mysteriously killed.
15 Feb. 1950
The Silent Room
A man who hates social contact is forced to meet with a woman who is involved in a murder.
22 Feb. 1950
Valley Forge
George Washington struggles to hold his hungry and freezing troops together during the hard winter of 1777-1778.
1 Mar. 1950
Mrs. Moonlight
Sarah Jones Moonlight feels she is cursed to never age, as her loved ones grow old!
8 Mar. 1950
The Nineteenth Hole
A writer is addicted to the game of golf.
15 Mar. 1950
Ladies in Retirement
A retired actress lets her housekeeper's two older sisters live with her. She learns too late that the sisters are lunatics, and she's horrified to find out that they are involved in blackmail and murder.
22 Mar. 1950
The Queen's Husband
A king outwits his domineering wife while dealing with a son who wants the throne and a daughter who's marrying a peasant plumber.
29 Mar. 1950
The Copperhead
Milt Shanks is an Illinois man who brings disgrace to his wife and son by joining the Copperheads. This is a group of residents in Northern states who are sympathetic to the South and refuse to go to war against them. His real reasons are revealed later.
5 Apr. 1950
A Doll's House
Nora Helmer has years earlier committed a forgery in order to save the life of her authoritarian husband Torvald. Now she is being blackmailed lives in fear of her husband's finding out and of the shame such a revelation would bring to his career. But when the truth comes out, Nora is shocked to learn where she really stands in her husband's esteem.
12 Apr. 1950
The Lucky Finger
An elderly woman in the Irish town of Innish has been dividing her time between the homes of her two married brothers. Things change greatly when she becomes rich thanks to winning a national crossword puzzle game.
19 Apr. 1950
Make Way for Lucia
Two jealous women compete to be civic leaders in a wealthy British resort town.
26 Apr. 1950
Black Sheep
A young man returns home and receives a somewhat cool reception. He's surprised to discover that he's not the black sheep of the family.
3 May 1950
The Fourth Step
In 1887, a young couple wants to marry but the would-be bride's father does everything he can do to prevent it. The lover come up with a plan to work around the old man.
10 May 1950
Macbeth, the Thane of Glamis, receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland. Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth murders his king and takes the throne for himself.
17 May 1950
Storm in a Teacup
A political campaign becomes focused on a little pet dog.
24 May 1950
The House Beautiful
A stockbroker with integrity struggles on his modest wages rather than cheat investors with the worthless oil stock sold by his company. His neighbor with few standards, however, soon becomes rich. Later in life, the stockbroker's son finds himself at an ethical crossroads and decides to take the high road as his father did.
31 May 1950
The Luck of Guldeford
After drugging a fellow student, a young chemistry student tosses the body into a trunk and transports the box to an old house. It's there that he gets an unexpected surprise.
7 Jun. 1950
The Doctor in Spite of Himself
Geronte, a rich nobleman, has selected a suitor for his daughter Lucille. She is not at all interested in his choice.
14 Jun. 1950
Good Housekeeping
After doing some research on her own, the wife of a college president decides that her husband is unhappy in his work. She begins to encourage him to make changes and gets timely assistance by a front-page newspaper story.
21 Jun. 1950
Noah is an elderly man of deep faith. He deals with a wife who becomes restless and three sons who are quick to desert him once they reach land.
28 Jun. 1950
The Wind Is Ninety
Don Richie, an Air Force captain who is shot down over Germany during World War II, returns in spirit form to comfort his grieving family. He discovers that his wife, mother, father, and son remember him in different ways. At first, he is unable to "get through" to them, but then the family believes that whenever "the wind is ninety" or from the East, Don will be with them in spirit.
5 Jul. 1950
Jeannie is a 31-year-old woman who has lived an isolated life, having never traveled outside of her small Scottish town. When she comes into an inheritance, she sets sail for Europe, falls in love with a good man and a gold-digging count.
12 Jul. 1950
Murder on the Nile
A murder is committed on a Nile steamer, but Hercule Poirot is on board.
19 Jul. 1950
Accent on Youth
Problems arise when a young secretary sets her sights on her successful, middle-aged playwright boss. By the time that he comes around to her advances, she's moved on to a man closer her age.
26 Jul. 1950
Mr Barry's Etchings
Barry Judson is a kindly man who settles down with his niece for a well-earned retirement. His hobbies include designing planes, growing roses--and etchings of $50 bills. Local charities are happy to receive his cash donations, but the gang of criminals who move into town are not pleased with his counterfeiting.
2 Aug. 1950
January Thaw
Herbert and Marge Gage buy an old farmhouse in Connecticut and discover that two of the late owner's heirs have a legal right to live in the house. Soon after the Gages and their daughters move in, the Jonathan Rockwoods arrive to take advantage of their relative's will. Inevitable difficulties arise when two families live under one roof. A neighbor is expecting a child and has no one to attend to her needs. Mathilda Rockwood and Barbara Gage go to help until a nurse arrives. This incident leads the two families to iron out their problems.
9 Aug. 1950
Feathers in a Gale
In 1804, a widow who couldn't pay off her bills was auctioned off. One woman finds herself in such a predicament and searches desperately for a new husband. Finding no takes, she is placed on the auction block.
16 Aug. 1950
September Tide
Studying art in Paris, Cherry Martin meets and marries a man, Evan Davies, an artist 15 years her senior. Matters become complicated when the couple goes to live with Cherry's mother in England, and Evan and her parent fall in love with one another.
23 Aug. 1950
The First Mrs. Fraser
During an ugly divorce, the husband's first wife shows him evidence of his current wife's adultery with a man she wants to marry. The newly available husband reunites with his first wife.
30 Aug. 1950
The Detour
Helen Hardy has toiled for twenty years by her husband's side on their farm. She holds out hope for a brighter future. When she gives birth to a daughter, she is determined that the child will have all the things she had done without.
6 Sep. 1950
The Last Trump
A man alienates his friends with his contempt for anyone he feels is standing in his way.
13 Sep. 1950
The Great Big Doorstep
The Crochets, a Cajun family who lives in the Louisiana bayou, are proud of the steps that they have salvaged from the river for their two-room shack which houses a family of eight. "The Commodore" is a lazy man who presumably earns his living as a ditch digger. Mrs. Crochet raises lilies in the swamp, hoping she will someday be able to sell them. They learn of the possibility of getting a larger home, one that will match their steps, if they can raise $60. They are sure of getting the money, but at the last minute their hopes are dashed when their sources prove ...
20 Sep. 1950
The Last Stop
An old woman moves into a rest home that used to be her father's house. While she's there, she discovers the actual reason behind his sudden death.
27 Sep. 1950
The Green Pack
Three men are dispatched to west Africa on a search for diamonds. After finding a rich mine, they learn that the man who hired them plans on cheating them out of their share. To preserve their stake on the diamonds, the three draw to determine who will kill their boss.
4 Oct. 1950
I Like It Here
Willie is a refugee who works as a houseman at a professor's home. He's a lovable character who enjoys interfering in other people's lives.
11 Oct. 1950
The Great Broxopp
Mr. Broxopp has become fabulously wealthy making Broxopp Beans for Babies, the most popular brand in England. Despite his riches, he is shunned by the "better people" of society. When his son becomes engaged to a wealthy, young society woman, the boy wants to change his name to something more dignified. Mr. Broxopp is pushed too far when he's asked to change his name to Sir Chillingham.
18 Oct. 1950
Old Lady Robbins
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25 Oct. 1950
Truant in Park Lane
Because of a mistake at a seance, the mind and soul of a woman's late husband is transferred into the body of an English innkeeper. The woman is quite surprised when her "husband" comes to call.
1 Nov. 1950
Dolphin's Reach
A Nazi commando attempts to kidnap an important British statesman.
8 Nov. 1950
A young girl struggles to grow up and understand the world around her.
15 Nov. 1950
The Romantic Age
A young woman is awaiting a Prince Charming, just like in the fairy tales.
22 Nov. 1950
The Romantic Young Lady
A hat comes flying through a young woman's window, followed quickly by its owner. The man is an author who's looking to hire a secretary. She's gets the job and soon is trying to transform his fiction into reality.
29 Nov. 1950
A father-son team of writers decide to do a good deed and hire an ex-con as their maid. Everyone is pleased, except for the mother who catches her son kissing the former convict.
6 Dec. 1950
Short Story
While on a cruise, an author becomes acquainted with a lovely young woman. Although nothing happens between them, the writer pens a story about their nonexistent romantic escapade. Upon reading the story, the woman believes that the author is married to an invalid wife and wishes to be rescued from his horrible life. She's more than happy to do that for him.
13 Dec. 1950
Michael and Mary
A young woman, Mary, is about to take her life at a British museum. Michael enters, talks her out of it and the two fall in love. Sixteen happy years later, the couple face a murder rap thanks to a blackmailer who's suddenly appeared.
20 Dec. 1950
The Village Green
Outside of his always unsuccessful campaigns for the Senate, Judge Homer Peabody lives a quiet life in small-town New Hampshire. That changes when an artist paints a mural at city hall that includes a woman wearing very little. The judge comes to the artist's assistance, defending him against the upset locals. Funny thing about the woman in the painting: she bears a striking resemblance to the judge's daughter.
27 Dec. 1950
Rip Van Winkle
Rip Van Winkle, a lazy American man, wanders off one day with his dog Wolf into the Kaatskill mountains where he runs into an odd group of men drinking and playing bowls. He drinks some of their mysterious brew and passes out. When he wakes up under a tree he is astonished to find that 20 years have passed and things are a lot different. This is a charming story about how America changed due to the revolutionary war, only in a different and more subtle way than ever told before.

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