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"You're a dope, you're a lug, and I hope you don't wake up."
ccthemovieman-111 July 2007
"If I hear one more sound, I'm going to skin you alive!"

That's all Jerry needs to hear after eavesdropping on Butch's threat to Tom. Poor Butch had been trying to take a nap and been constantly interrupted by Tom making a racket chasing Jerry around the house.

The lengths Tom goes to keep things quiet, and the things Jerry does to produce noise so that the big bulldog will wake up and beat the tar out of the cat are all very funny. There are some excellent sight gags connected with the above, many defying the law of physics!

This cartoon also featured the first time I've ever heard Tom sing a lullaby to Spike, and that was funny, too. "Go to sleep, go to sleep, close your big, bloodshot eyes," is just one of the verses he sings. "You're a dope, you're a lug, and I hope you don't wake up."

My favorite "bit" was Tom's drum solo on the out-cold dog.

This cartoon, by the way, won an Oscar. I have no arguments with that.
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great Oscar winning short
movieman_kev30 May 2005
Spike the dog is attempting to sleep and if there's any commotion that wakes him up he will beat Tom the cat to a pulp. Out of this simple plot, comes one of the best Tom and Jerry shorts, as Jerry does pretty much everything in his power to get Spike to wake up so Tom can get a vicious beating. Simply great, genius in it's simplicity and utterly hilarious. And goes to show what a great addition Spike truly was to the comedic duo of Tom and Jerry. Kudos all around. This award winning cartoon can be found on disc one of the Spotlight collection DVD of "Tom & Jerry"

My Grade: A
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excellent Tom and Jerry short
MartinHafer10 June 2006
This Tom and Jerry cartoon features Spike the dog trying to keep everything quiet so his little boy can nap. But, as usual, Tom and Jerry make a huge racket trying to kill each other. So, Spike threatens to beat Tom up if the noise continues (how Jerry didn't get the blame, too, is beyond me). Despite this imminent threat of severe bodily harm, Tom wakes the pup again and again and even goes so far as tossing the puppy about and getting him covered in mud. Tom seems to definitely have a death wish. Plus, Jerry takes full advantage of this and again and again does what he can to wake the pup--knowing Tom will get the blame.

This cartoon gets high marks for being a lot of fun. Also, like all Tom and Jerry cartoons of he 40s, it has absolutely top-notch animation. While this cartoon isn't quite as original as some Warner Brothers cartoons, the animation is clearly superior. A wonderful toon.
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Keep it down!
Shawn Watson31 December 2006
Spike is stressed out and in need of a good sleep. Which is kind of hard to do when Tom is chasing Jerry, blasting at him with a shotgun and trampling over poor Spike. Threatened with silence or death, Tom backs off, but has to deal with Jerry running around deliberately making noise.

This short won an Academy Award back in 1945, but I wouldn't really say that's THAT funny. For a T&J cartoon it's pretty much in the middle. Yes, there are laughs but not Oscar material laughs and it's not too inventive. There is actually some dialogue too, further proving the awful 1992 movie wrong, but no one is credited for providing the voices.
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A well-earned Oscar for the cat and mouse!
Robert Reynolds17 April 2001
This cartoon won the Oscar and was an excellent choice! Poor Tom! The lullabye he sings to Spike is just hilarious! This is one of the better Tom and Jerry shorts and one of seven that won Oscars. The only chase cartoons that are their equal are the Coyote and Roadrunner. Not the best Tom and Jerry, but right up there. Recommended.
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One of the Best
Michael_Elliott25 February 2008
Quiet Please! (1945)

**** (out of 4)

Oscar winning Tom and Jerry short has an angry bulldog trying to sleep but Tom keeps getting blamed for Jerry waking him up. I think this is one of the best T&J shorts as it contains non-stop action and plenty of laughs including the scene where the dog gets blown up with dynamite.

Warner has released most of the Tom and Jerry shorts onto DVD but there are storms of controversy around the releases. Many of the shorts are edited so do some homework before you buy. Foreign sets are also cut. As of right now the only way to get uncut shorts is if you were lucky enough to record them off TV years ago.
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Energetic and fun Tom and Jerry cartoon
TheLittleSongbird31 March 2010
Quiet Please! like a vast majority of Tom and Jerry cartoons, is very energetic and a lot of fun. Perhaps not the very best of their cartoons, but it is great fun besides and works well on repeated viewings.

The animation, while a little more archaic than the animation in other Tom and Jerry cartoons, is still nice and colourful. Besides, I like that old style of animation. The music is quirky and memorable, and the gags come by thick and fast and work very well indeed. Spike's threats to Tom about making any noise and Tom's lullaby are other things to like, and Jerry's drum solo on Spike out cold was a nice touch. When Tom tried to get the dynamite out from under Spike, I was like "Uh oh, this is gonna get messy".

Overall, it is silly but in a hysterical way. It is also a very energetic and fun Tom and Jerry cartoon that I do recommend. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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More of the same.
BA_Harrison14 June 2008
Spike the dog is desperate for some shut-eye, but finds sleeping impossible with Tom and Jerry causing a ruckus around the house. The stressed-out bulldog warns Tom that he'll skin the cat alive if he is woken one more time; Jerry naturally takes this as his cue to try and make as much noise as possible.

'Quiet Please!' won an Oscar for best animated short in 1945, but to be honest, I cannot see why (unless, perhaps, there was not a lot of competition that year). The cartoon is admittedly funny, with the usual plethora of violent gags providing laughs mostly at Tom's expense, but it is pretty standard fare for the cartoon cat and mouse and nothing we haven't seen many times before.
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Sailor Spike just wants his peace
filmreviews@web.de13 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Wait, was that a Popeye reference? "Quiet Please!" is a 70-year-old Tom-and-Jerry cartoon, runs for 7 minutes as always with these and is certainly among the most famous the duo has to offer. Their Hanna Barbera cartoons won quite a few Academy Awards in the 1940s and this is one of the triumphant films. It all starts as always: Tom chases Jerry and causes all kinds of mayhem and noise. However, Spike is around as well and he wants to sleep, so he warns Tom that there will be huge physical pain coming his way if he won't be quiet. So, for the rest of the film, Tom not only tries to catch Jerry, but is also pretty busy trying to prevent Jerry from making any kind of noise. There were a couple funny scenes in here and I certainly prefer this one to the very famous "Can Concerto". Not among my huge favorites, but all in all, a successful cartoon and I recommend watching it.
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Spike just wants to take a nap
Tweekums8 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As this short begins Spike the bulldog lies down to have a sleep; he can't though because of Tom and Jerry's fighting... he is surprisingly tolerant as Tom accidentally hits him with a frying pan, fires a shotgun over his head and even hits him with an axe! He finally reaches breaking point and tells Tom that he'll skin him alive if he hears another sound... Jerry of course sees this as an invitation to make a racket. He does everything he can to make a noise as Tom valiantly strives to silence his attempts. Tom eventually comes up with a plan... he pours a bottle of 'knock out drops' into Spikes mouth; after that nothing Jerry can do will wake him... well; almost nothing!

I was surprised at just how amusing I found this short as Spike isn't my favourite Tom and Jerry character; here he was funny because he was surprisingly reasonable; one might have expected him to get violent the first time he was hit by a frying pan! The way Jerry tries to make a noise seemed far more malicious than usual with some of the things seeming violent even by the standards of Tom and Jerry... this of course added to the amusement! Not all the laughs came from the violence though; Tom's lullaby to Spike was pretty funny.
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