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Beautiful marriage of music and animation

Author: Popeye-8 from Nebraska
22 May 2000

A true classic from the normally overrated TOM and JERRY series, features the MGM animation staff at its finest...the scene where Jerry 'ice skates' with the table decoration dolls may be animation's finest hour. Also, the scene where the subway windows flash by will make you believe that animation's true geniuses were NOT at Disney or Warners. A must-see cartoon.

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Very different, but one of the most beautiful

Author: SnorrSm1989 from Norway
20 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved Tom & Jerry as a child--even more so, I think, than the short films of Disney and Warner Brothers. Like pretty much any kid who grew up with TV, I'd gladly embrace almost any kind of animation show to entertain me, but there was something special about this cat and mouse; particularly the original Hannah-Barbara shorts from the 40s. Though I do watch these things much less often than during childhood, I enjoy them perhaps even a bit more now; not only do I still find them funny, but they downright impress me. To create and establish two personalities so fully-rounded and endearing, while essentially neglecting the availability of spoken dialogue, is incredible. The "dialogue" of Tom & Jerry is the wide variety of facial expressions, body language and, not to forget, wonderful music. Coyote & Road Runner adapt a similar formula but aim for rather one-dimensional slapstick in comparison; their personalities are nowhere as nuanced (even complex) as Tom & Jerry. Don't get me wrong, I liked Road Runner a lot too while growing up, but one doesn't truly need to see more than one short to get the picture. Tom & Jerry, on the other hand, provided many different and unexpected twists in their stories (in the first decade or so, anyway).

One example of such an "uncharacteristic" Tom & Jerry-short is MOUSE IN MANHATTAN. Tom is barely involved in the story at all, as Jerry has decided to leave their farm for a life in the big city. We follow his struggles in this new way of life, as he is almost run down by many a car and later on mistakes a little doll for being a real lady. In Tom's absence, the humor turns out less cruel than usual; we may not laugh at Jerry's naive mishaps in the same way we do when Tom screams out loud in pain, but it's still very funny in a more tender manner. The soundtrack is particularly wonderful; much like in the films of Charlie Chaplin (who composed music to his own films), the melodies in Tom & Jerry do not necessarily strive to match the action in the films by being "funny," but often evoke a somewhat romantic touch. I'm not sure if the smaller kids would enjoy MOUSE IN MANHATTAN as much as some more fast-driven Tom & Jerry-shorts, but to me it's certainly a favorite. Very charming and even beautiful. (This review has since been somewhat revised and updated, Jan. 2013)

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Brings to mind "Rhapsody in Blue"

Author: b_cozen from Los Angeles, California
18 December 2001

This is a beautiful cartoon. Instead of following the usual chases of Tom and Jerry, "Mouse in Manhattan" follows Jerry Mouse as he gets tired of the country and opts for big city life. The animation and music recalls the Fantasia 2000 feature of "Rhapsody in Blue" (especially when Jerry is dancing with the dolls). Both are absolutely stunning. I was smiling throughout the whole cartoon; my favorite "Tom and Jerry," just above "Heavenly Puss." A triumph.

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The Grass Is Always Greener.......

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
19 December 2006

There are no chases in this "short," which is a little strange only that the cartoon was part of a DVD that advertised Tom & Jerry's "greatest chases."

This is simply of story of Jerry running off to the big city. He sees Tom sleeping one day and leaves him a note that says: "Dear Tom, This country life is getting me down. I'm off for Broadway and the bright lights. Goodbye forever, Jerry."

Well, "forever" doesn't turn out to be long as the mouse finds out the glitz and glamor also has a lot of dangers that the quiet country doesn't have. This turns out to be a good moral lesson about "the grass being greener...."

There is some really nice artwork here. You really get the feel of New York City back in "the old days." Kudos to the animators here.

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Class Act

Author: martin63 from USA
28 September 2001

Those who choose to write off the Tom and Jerry series as a violence orgy should be directed toward any television playing this little jewel, which is practically a solo endeavour for the rodent half of the duo, and which suggests that Jerry's finest moments of dancing may not have been with Gene Kelly. See this one. Own it if you can.

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Lovely cartoon

Author: Antzy88 from Thatcham, United Kingdom
5 August 2001

Jerry, bored with life in the country house where he and Tom are staying, leaves a note under Tom's paw while he is sleeping, saying that he is leaving to check out the city life... This cartoon is more charming than funny, although there's enough of the latter to please loyal fans. Scott Bradley's music is among the best he has done in the series, and some bits are quite sweet. Check it out!

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Bright Mice, Big Kitty

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
20 December 2006

This cartoon has T&J living a quiet life out in a cosy country cottage. Tom is bored with country life and decides to leave for the Big Apple one night. Writing a goodbye note to Tom, he catches the next train to his new, exciting life.

When he gets there he discovers that Manhattan is not so inviting to small rodents. Everywhere he goes, from Grand Central to posh dinner parties, he is tormented with the rude idiosyncrasies of big city life. Eventually landing in a dirty alley, he is run out of town by an army of hungry stray cats.

Back the cottage, the still sleeping Tom (who does nothing else in this cartoon) has not yet read the note, which Jerry promptly tears up before going back into his mouse-hole. Better the Devil you know huh?

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One of Tom and Jerry's best ...

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
18 June 2010

And this is coming from a big fan of theirs, honestly I loved Mouse in Manhattan. It is not their funniest or zaniest, but visually it is by far one of their best. Plus I love it, because it was one of my all-time favourite cartoons when I was a child. At 18, I still adore Mouse in Manhattan for several reasons. It has a very nice and simple story, and while it isn't laden with humour like Yankee Doodle Mouse for example there is some nice strong humour abundant. And the sentiment was there too, not cloying in any way but actually quite moving in spots. The soundtrack is gloriously upbeat and rousing, while the animation, with the colours, landscapes and backgrounds is drop dead gorgeous. Also Tom and Jerry are both on top form here. Overall, in my opinion this is one of Tom and Jerry's best. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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Mouse in Manhattan

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
30 December 2015

Mouse in Manhattan (1945)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

This is one of the lesser Tom and Jerry shorts as it pretty much has the mouse going solo. The short starts off with Jerry leaving a note saying that the country life has him bored so he's off to the big city. Once in the big city he enjoys what he sees but soon realizes that it can be scary. As I said, this short pretty much has a brief appearance by Tom at the start and end so it's basically a showcase for a solo Jerry. The end results aren't bad but there's no question that there aren't too many laughs and at times you can't help but wish the cat was around to jack up the action. I will say that the animation is extremely good and I really liked all the details during certain scenes including the skyline when Jerry is dancing on the table.

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On the Town

Author: mmallon4 from United Kingdom
20 October 2014

Tom & Jerry where a defining part of my childhood. I could spend hours watching T&J shorts on Cartoon Network when I was younger, and to be honest, this is my favourite, was then, and still is now.

Mouse in Manhattan is not a traditional Tom & Jerry short at all, no carnage, no chases. It begins with Jerry leaving his life in the country in favor of the bright lights and Broadway of New York city (Tom only appears in the short at the beginning and end). The rest of the cartoon involves Jerry's escapades in the Big Apple. What makes Mouse in Manhattan perfection however is the music. The orchestrated version of "Manhattan Serenade" is timed perfectly with Jerry's actions. It is so heart renderingly beautiful, as well as just fun to watch. As a kid, I would always get excited when this short came on TV. Tom and Jerry shorts always evoke nostalgia in me, but Mouse in Manhattan just evokes that feeling to a far greater degree.

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