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The Big Show-Off was a nice surprise of a comedy for me starring Arthur Lake, Dale Evans, and Lionel Stander
tavm13 July 2015
In between the hiatus of the Blondie movie series, Arthur Lake made several films independent of them of which this was the only one I found online. Co-starring Dale Evans-yes, the partner and future wife of Roy Rogers-this is a mistaken identity plot involving wrestlers and also has some music like the song "There Is Only One You" which Ms. Evans wrote and sung here and would also eventually perform on "The Roy Rogers Show" on TV a decade later. Also in this picture is Lionel Stander-the future butler Max on "Hart to Hart"-as the nightclub owner employer of Lake and Ms. Evans and their best friend. All I'll now say is this was quite funny for an obscure movie. So on that note, The Big Show-Off is worth a look.
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shy pianist pretends to be masked wrestler to get the girl
kmv423 December 2011
after a miserable day at work I watched this 1945 film and my mood immediately lifted. How can you go wrong with Arthur Lake (during his period of playing Dagwood in the Blondie series)and Dale Evans (sans her hubby Roy Rogers)making a delightful duo. He's a shy pianist at the club where he teams with Dale, a singer. He can't get the girl and is the butt of jokes from George Meeker (as sleazy MC). But his boss Lionel Stander likes him (Max from Hart to Hart)and helps him in his plan to pretend that he is really the manly masked wrestler!!! that Dale admires so that she will fall for him. Lots of fun and mistaken identities abound. Especially liked two of the song numbers- Dale singing Hoops My Dear to a background of chorus girls with hoola hoops (got to be a first!!)at the nightclub and Dale singing (her own composition)at the music school where the musicians all wander in from their various rooms to join in. Also liked the cartoon drawings over the credits they got Lionel Stander's crumpled features to a T. Don't think to hard about this one just enjoy it, I certainly did.
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Arthur Lake and Lionel Stander Make a Good Comedy Duo
Jay Raskin25 November 2015
This is kind of a one gag film with pianist Arthur Lake pretending to be a masked wrestler known as "the Devil." This could easily be a plot on a half hour situation comedy. Veteran Director Howard Bretherton, who started in silent films, does a good job of keeping the plot moving, keeping it amusing and finishing it in less than an hour. You have two fine character actors in bumbling Arthur Lake and tough guy with a heart of gold Lionel Stander. They are both playing characters in their comfort zone. It is nice to see Dale Evans without hubby Roy Rogers here. She gets more of a chance to act and show her comic side than in most of the Roy Rogers Westerns she was in. She's really quite charming, coming off kind of like Joan Blondell. You're not going to write home to the family about this one, but it does put a pleasant goofy smile on your face for an hour.
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