Anchors Aweigh (1945) Poster


Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Joe is dancing in the Olvera street sequence he grabs two candles, blows out the flames, then uses the candles as drumsticks hitting some glass balls and other items. The sound given off is of a hard object striking the balls showing that the "candles" are wooden fakes since a wax candle would make a different sound.


While Joe Brady is sitting at the bar as the bartender keeps feeding him glasses of whiskey, he drinks the first and second glasses while talking to Clarence. The barkeep slides him a third glass, then a fourth. However, he never drinks the third glass. It simply disappears.
When the sailors take Donald home, he states that the door is locked. However the policeman exits via the locked door.
At the beginning of the fantasy sequence Gene Kelly falls into a tunnel. When he gets up there is considerable dirt on his white trousers. A few seconds later, when he leaves the tunnel, his trousers are clean again.
The little beggar girl looks twice at Susan's picture while Joe is standing in front of the restaurant.
When Clarence is singing to the waitress in the restaurant there is a picture of Susita on the wall. When seen at a distance her head is tilted to the left but in a closeup her head is vertical.

Factual errors 

Brady wears his petty officer 2nd class chevron on his right sleeve - it should be worn on the left sleeve.
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Revealing mistakes 

When Frank Sinatra sings "Brahm's Lullaby" to Dean Stockwell he turns off the the overhead lamp. A split-second later a light is turned on to simulate moonlight in the background window.
During the opening sequence the Navy band is supposed to be standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier. As the camera pulls back it is obvious that most of the deck is simply painted on and that the "deck" ends about twenty feet in front of the band.
During the "Spanish Number" the bandit (Gene Kelly) needs to swing across from the wall he is on to the roof. There are two red curtains hanging nearby to the right. He grabs the one on the left and climbs higher on the wall. As he does the upper end of the curtain moves more to the center and elevates by about ten feet, allowing him to swing across.

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